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२१ सोमबार, फाल्गुण २०८०11th December 2023, 11:01:09 am


०९ मंगलबार , माघ २०८०एक महिना अगाडि


Madhu Khare, Virginia USA : - - 

A child’s captivating smile is precious! 
The gentle fingers touch is Priceless. 
Mommy’s sari pallu gives baby security. 
Tiny steps learning to walk refreshes us.

I see virtue in child’s each endeavors. 
Music is always healing and virtuous. 
It rejuvenates veins & artery. 
Its soothing melody relieves Stresses.

I see virtue in good and bad situations, 
Learning process is indeed virtuous. 
Experience is the key to gain confidence, 
Virtue is necessity to attain Success.

Willful indignation and possessiveness, 
Condemns the virtue with vengeance. 
Drop by drop and step by step efforts, 
Fulfill the circle of genuine successions.