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२१ सोमबार, फाल्गुण २०८०11th December 2023, 11:01:09 am

one of the vital Institutions in their Communities

११ सोमबार , मंसिर २०८०३ महिना अगाडि

one of the vital Institutions
in their Communities

Ms. Judy Khosrofian - - - 
Advisory Board Member,  Washington Virginia

I was so happy to know that Nepal does not celebrate Independence Day but Nepal celebrates democracy day. Just after a few days of celebration of Indian Independence Day last 14 August 2023, Professor Dr. Uttam Karmacharya told me about Nepal after meeting him several times in our Dulles South Senior Center Virginia. I was so proud of Nepal and Nepalese people like Professor Dr.  Karmacharya who is so proud of Nationalism and Patriotism.

I came to know that he has been to the USA and visited some states earlier, but he has not joined any Senior Center of the USA as an elderly person. This year we are very fortunate to see him joining the Dulles South Senior Center 24950 Riding Center Drive, south riding VA 20152 five days a week from Monday to Friday. Because of his friendlier-friendship and expertise in keeping public relations with people of different nationalities , he has become very close not only to the members of the senior center but also very familiar to the staff and advisory board members participating in different activities. I found him very impressed with Polynesian show led by the Alola Ladies & Dulles South Ukulele group as impressed as from other weekly activities. My mother Ms. Siew Chang has been so impressed with his personal honor and respect of his heartfelt greeting style as and when we meet each other in the Senior Center as I used to carry my elder mother aged 90 older in a wheelchair inside the center.

Within few weeks of his registration and in several meeting, we came to know that Professor Karmacharya was very interested to share and disseminate all possible activities of the DSSC VA in Nepal as a consultant advisor of three different elderly care organizations of Nepal soon. Therefore, he requested me to write an Article of this Center with its outstanding activities.

We are very happy to know that he is drafting a booklet entitled " Development and Promotion of Elderly Care Concept and Promotion in Nepal with Special Reference to Highlights and Exemplary Memorial Days with   Dulles South Senior Center Virginia " Hope my article will be equally useful to publish in his upcoming booklet also .


Dulles South Senior Center and all other senior centers in Loudoun County, Virginia are vital institutions in their communities. Senior centers go beyond being gathering places for the senior community. Senior centers help aging adults enjoy the company of their peers and participate in activities that are healthy and fun. These facilities provide seniors with everything they might need in one central location. They offer various programs and activities, resources, and social engagements. Participating in a senior center creates opportunities to enhance one’s physical and mental health, chances to meet people in their own age group, and become involved in different groups and activities. I am a member of the Dulles South Senior Center (DSSC) and I am writing to highlight some of the many benefits that are offered.

1.     Health, Fitness, and Wellness programs. DSSC offers several fitness programs that include Chair Yoga, Tai Chi, Line Dance, and Dance Fitness classes. Members benefit from these fitness activities to maintain a healthy and thriving lifestyle. Physical fitness improves balance, memory and concentration. There are also rooms for billiards, ping pong, volleyball, and board games. DSSC also provides blood pressure screenings and hearing tests on a monthly basis. During flu season, the local hospital provides flu shots for members at the senior center.  

2.     Transportation services. Some members do not drive and DSSC provides transportation for a minimal fee. Participants are picked up from their homes and brought to the center, and are dropped off to their homes on the return trip. This service allows those to come to the senior center and participate when their adult children and family members cannot provide transportation.

3.     Shopping trips. DSSC offers monthly shopping trips to local stores for those members that cannot drive and would like to shop to purchase needed items for themselves.  

4.     Educational and arts programs. On a regular basis, the senior center invites medical professionals to educate and inform members on various health topics. The topics include arthritis pain, muscle pain, fall prevention, and more. The center offers different art classes, such as knitting and crochet, quilting, and origami.  

5.     Special events and programs. The senior members of DSSC come from many different countries and represent many nationalities. DSSC recognizes and supports all holiday celebrations that are associated with different countries. Here at DSSC, we celebrate the major American holidays, Asian holidays, Hispanic Heritage Month, and Indian holidays.

6.     Volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are very important to the senior center as they are needed in order to maintain the center’s operation. DSSC rely on volunteers to carry out the center’s activities. There are volunteers who are dance instructors, English instructors, kitchen workers, front desk helpers, and more. Volunteers are also there to support the senior center participants.

7.     Meal program. DSSC provides daily hot lunches for the members. The meals are nutritionally balanced to ensure that members get a healthy meal. The cost of the lunch is paid by the members in the form of a monetary donation. The Loudoun County Government subsidizes the meal program in order to keep the cost low for members.

8.     DSSC Advisory Board. The Advisory Board is the organization that supports and promotes senior programs offered through DSSC. The Board serves as an advocate for senior members and can make recommendations and assist the DSSC staff in planning, financing, developing and implementing senior functions and activities. The Advisory Board consists of current DSSC members and they have meetings once a month.      
In conclusion, senior centers are a vital part of every community. They help the senior population achieve a good quality of life, social interaction, and overall life satisfaction.  
During our meeting we are fortunate to exchange important documents as our memories to keep in touch in the future for the promotion of Senior Citizens of  different countries to develop international understanding and cosmopolitanism.