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०४ शुक्रबार, श्रावण २०८१17th April 2024, 11:33:48 am

China's turmoil has increased in Nepal

०६ बुधबार , असार २०८१एक महिना अगाडि

China's turmoil has increased in Nepal

In 17 years after 2008, 9 governments became communist. Prachanda - 3 times, Madhav Nepal, Jhala Nath Khanal, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai, Khil Raj Regmi (free in Prachanda’s review) KP Oli - 3 times, the government runs on one side. But because of the vested interests, the communists continued to like a broken glass and Connected to Chinese Favicol continiously.

When the Indo-American axis was seen as an alternative to communist dictatorship and corruption, the workers’ democratic empowerment agenda entered. US activism can speak even if India’s traditional power is weak. Democracy, human rights and people’s rights began to be strengthened by looking at Nepal directly from the United States. Equality analysts say Deuba is the best choice for the United States. Deuba has been made the head of the government for the sake of self-interest.

Local elections were held on May 13. The election results show a strong democracy. Communists like the Maoists and the Janamorcha have also gained momentum in support of the democrats. The election think tank has become discouraged. That is why Nepal’s parliamentarians are blaming the growing American activism in the House of Representatives. The communists are silent at this time that the MCC should not be passed. Has the communist changed their mind? Analysts say - are they categorical?  The so-called communists are neither Chinese nor Nepali. They are authoritarian and selfish. The truth is that those Institutions close to China are Arniko Society, Cultural Net, China Educative Council, Nepal China Commercial Council, Himachal Par Commercial Wing, Nepal China Friendship Association, Youth Organization, Nepal China Socity, Nepal China Media Forum, Nepal Journalist association, cultural council, Nepal China Study Center, Nepal China Mutual Operative Society, Muslim Dolakha Lumbini etc. Are spread all over Nepal. Like other countries, Chinese informants are spread all over the country.Every information the embassy knows, Beijing understands. Nepal's geopolitics has turned into a conflict. Leaders have lost the ability to keep Nepal in non-alignment. The postmortem of the leader’s character says that if the corrupt communism does not turn into a course of perpetual democratization, Nepal may fall into a quagmire. Now the misfortune of communists and other leaders swimming in the pond like Romanian Nicolae Ceausescu has begun. He who is a true democrat can see well. The so-called democrats and communists who snatched bread from the poor are more and more likely to have an accident. The so-called democrats and communists who snatch the bread of the poor are causing accidents. There are signs of the dawn of democratization due to looting. But China seems to be propagating that Nepali leaders became American.The communists did not understand that communism does not work in Nepal like in China. Other parties also did not understand that Nepal will not succeed by imitating anyone. Nepal needs Accountability to the people socialist politics. The communists, accustomed to the power of Nepali communism and the desire of the strong people’s supreme government to go to power, to stay in power, to appeal to China and China to intervene time and time again, have understood the value of moral, humane and open society. For three decades, the footsteps of communist Jyoti Basu of communist India’s West Bengal are being heard to give unintelligible results.China’s interest is why the US visit to Nepal is increasing? Jaya Ujra, Deputy Coordinating Minister for Civil Rights, Democracy, Human Rights and Tibetan Affairs and After jaya, China also showed more interest in Charls Flins visit. It was also suspected that Ambassador Sridhar khatri had meet  Defence Secretary Lindsay Ford. China has intervened by saying not to interfere. China says that the US has imposed diplomatic force on Nepal. In fact, There is an Indian Army in Nepal. China has deployed troops along the northern border. Nepal is a joint military force in many military exercises. It is a continuation of military training, study, excercise study. Not only the North and the South, but all the groups of friends in the world have a balanced attitude. How can a year-long development partner 75 be wrong? Nepal cannot crush China or break other friends by pleasing India. Democracy is strengthened only with the support of all, the people can prosper.

It is through the misuse of change and democratization that Nepal’s politics has become a pool of immorality and corruption. Is the leadership swimming in the same pool? There has been so much erosion of policy, ethics, conduct and character in the system of governance that not only basic education of all kinds including education and health, but also the judiciary has been brutally politicized from the national priority. 

Who will correct? On this question, human rights activists, socialist internationalists, socialists, world banks and democrats have taken a policy of taking interest and increasing cooperation on how to rid Nepal of the scourge of corruption. This issue is related to the distant future of Nepal and the extremely hungry, naked, Nepali. If China had been a reliable ally, the palace massacre could have been stopped, the monarchy would not have been abolished, and the communists would not have been so corrupt. Democrats would be accountable to the people. The agriculture and enterprise economy would not have reached the peak of remittances. Nepal would not become a neighbor’s market. Nepal would not be in debt. Was to become productive. A resource-rich country would not be miserable.

We have not been able to solve the problem of Bhutanese refugees since 1989. The Nepali leader could not even meet the Bhutanese king.  The United States has accepted more than 80,000 refugees since 2008, allowing them to move to other countries. Since the Dalai Lama fled Tibet to India in 1959, Nepal has sheltered 20,000 Tibetans. There are about 60,000 Tibetans in Nepal, including his children. They are safe, they are protected. The United States has made laws for them, and the question of Deputy Foreign Minister Jaya Ujra’s meeting with the Tibetans directly has been raised as being against diplomatic dignity.There is no interference in the small nations, but the meeting of the powers is not an issue between the two countries. We have to endure some things in the diplomacy of the world power, we have to correct the weaknesses.  The United States may be trying to understand the plight of Tibetan refugees. Nothing is clear on the surface. Yes, Nepal’s geography is important to the world. China is becoming a world power, India is a big economic market. Even yesterday, Nepal was in the eyes of the world. The importance of geopolitics in Nepal has increased due to the increasing polarization and competition of the powers. Earlier, the foreign minister of the Oli government had signed the Indo-Pacific Strategy as a partner. Prime Minister of the five-party coalition government and Nepali Congress president Sher Bahadur Deuba has also taken the same highway. That is, the destination cannot be reached by walking on a path other than democracy. IPS (MCC) Nepal has requested for energy and road expansion plan. The US plan is to reduce poverty, alleviate the energy crisis, and increase employment by increasing investment and economic development. However, China understands that IPS is an American strategy to encircle China. Meeting with Tibetan refugees and legislating for Tibetans is a dangerous US decision. According to China, the Prime Minister’s wife, Dr. Arju Rana, is an old and trusted friend of the United States. The reason why US Deputy Secretary of State Ujra meet Dr. Arju in secret is mysterious. So far no such concrete conspiracy has been seen.The SPP has been halted due to Chinese influence and communist protests. Currently, the government has decided not to join the SPP. Nepal should focus on economic and democratic development, not strategic ones.

China considers the Army Chief Prabhu Ram Sharma's visit from Lebanon to the as strategic. There will definitely be talks on military cooperation, military assistance, Training and the changing global security environment.This is natural.

China is skeptical- Why welcome South Asian security expert Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense Dr. Amy Sirait to the Pentagon?  China is curious. Sharma is also scheduled to meet with the US Joint Chiefs of Staff and the Chief of Staff. China’s interest is in how the Pentagon determines the role of the Nepal Army in the IPS. US belief that no plan can succeed in Nepal without the support of the Nepal Army, which summoned Gay Wangdi in the Khampa Rebellion of September 1974. In the area where the Khampa rebellion took place, Jomsom, Kesang, Mustang, Nepali and US military exercises are currently underway in the same area. China further understands that most of the US and European programs targeting Nepal’s northern border are related to a conspiracy against China. The eagle-eyed scene in China is that during the forthcoming visit of the Prime Minister and the Chief of Army Staff to the US, a memorandum of understanding on military cooperation, which was proposed five years ago, will not be signed.According to Chinese experts, Balendra Sah, Mayor of Capital, is a member of the US Youth Congress. He is also a pro-US youth activist. Balendra also has close ties with Congress General Secretary Gagan Thapa, who is considered close to the US. That is why he met Chief of Army Staff Prabhuram Sharma directly after taking oath. Only then have they met the UML president and the Nepali Congress president and prime minister. Mayer Balendra wants to send a message that he wants to move forward with the military as a US-backed candidate.

China is more interested in the Prime Minister’s visit to the United States and the US military SOFA agreement that will be signed at that time. (SOFA- Status of Forces Agreement- establishes the rights and privileges of US personnel present in a country in support of the larger security arrangement.) In addition to this, there may be an agreement between the two countries. This agreement is also understood as a multinational investment.

During the visit, US officials are under pressure to reach an agreement. China seems to view the SOFA, SPP and Tibetan refugee issues as components of the MCC. Meanwhile, Defense Security Instructor Carrie Kristin returned on May 28, 2022, after meeting with the Prime Minister and the Chief of Army Staff. Those who understand diplomacy within diplomacy say that the United States is trying to help in the security of Nepal, including democratization, and the government has welcomed it.

In addition, the President of the United States made it clear on February and December 9, that he was in a state of shock. Democracy doesn’t happen by accident. We have to defend it, fight for it, strengthen it, renew it. The third chapter of the Summit for Democracy will be held this year. The Prime Minister of Nepal is invited. Proponents and opponents of the MCC agreement are Barshaman Pun, Pradip Gyawali, Bishnu Rimal and Pushpa Kadel. Ghanshyam Bhusal, Yubaraj Gyawali, Mukunda Neupane, Krishna Gopal Shrestha, Ashtalakshmi Shakya, Bharat Dahal, All are silent about MCC. The answer to the question of why their throats are dry seems to be included. The MCC is now institutionalized by Parliament. Through this, the end of communism or any kind of dictatorship in Nepal and the beginning of democratization has been interpreted and analyzed. India is silent on the MCC issue. India’s silence on the MCC, which has benefited from Nepal by using communism as a means to nurture, nurture and destabilize communists, can be believed sto have reduced the intensity of communist or any other form of terror or dictatorship in the region. American Nepal policy can be understood as an institutional democratic development in Nepal, a communist fertile land. It is understandable that China’s impatience has increased due to the ineffectiveness of the communists.