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०२ आइतबार, बैशाख २०८१4th April 2024, 11:53:07 am

Who Involvement of the murder plots of Sikh leaders

१९ सोमबार , चैत्र २०८०१२ दिन अगाडि

Who Involvement of the murder plots of Sikh leaders

Kuldeep Singh- - - - 

India shared findings of its investigation with the United States about murder attempts of Sikh leader in New York. As per New Delhi, rogue operatives were involved in alleged plot to kill Sikh separatist leaders. India told the US that a special panel was set up to investigate a foiled plot to kill a Canadian-American Sikh separatist in New York which concluded that it was the action of rogue government operatives. Surprisingly, India is trying to cheat and deceive the courts and intelligence agencies of the United States and Canada, that asked India to undertake criminal investigations about two prominent incidents, took place in Canada and New York in 2023. In the last week of November 2023, the Biden Administration unearthed a plot to kill some Sikh leaders in the United States. The prominent among those Sikh leaders was Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, (a separatist Sikh leader), the Indian RAW officials planned to assassinate at New York on the executive orders from New Delhi. Earlier US intelligence provided secret information to the Ca-nadian Government about the killing of Hardeep Singh Nijar, who was killed in Canada in June 2023 by Indian RAW.

In connection with the killing of pro-independence (Khalistan Movement), leaders, RAW has undertaken a wider planning. This planning includes post-ing of RAW agents in the Indian Embassies of various European States, United States and Canada, wherever there is presence of Sikhs community. It is worth mentioning that there was a massive migration of the Sikhs after In-dian Government launched a military operation for the genocide of Sikhs fol-lowing the killing of former Indian Prime Minister, Indira Ghandi in 1984. Fol-lowing the murder plot of Gurpatwant Singh Pannun in New York, US intelli-gence agencies clearly identified and traced footprints of Indian RAW agents behind the assassination attempts of Sikh leaders in the US. As per US me-dia, “A foiled plot to assassinate a prominent Sikh separatist leader in New York, just days after another activist’s killing, was meant to precede a string of other politically motivated murders in the United States and Canada.”The US intelligence confirmed that, along with Hardeep Singh Nijar, RAW agents had planned to kill at least four prominent Sikh leaders in June 2023.

Owing to timely surveillance and intelligence, the United States was able to foil killing of Sikh leaders in its various cities and also and informed Canadian Government to take necessary measures for the protection of Sikh leaders. As disclosed by British newspaper, the target this time was Mr Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, General Counsel’ of the “Sikhs for Justice” Movement. The In-dian Government was infuriated with him since he along with thousands of workers is working for Independent Khalistan. Moreover, he asked all Sikhs not to travel by Air India. He was wanted by the (in-)famous India’s National Investigation Agency (NIA). Earlier, killing of Sikh leader, Hardeep Singh Nijar on Canadian soil attracted international attention and deep anger of Sikh community. Indeed, he was killed by RAW through secretive means, since he was an advocate for the independent state for Sikh community; Khalistan as a separate homeland for Sikhs. He along with many others was working for the internationalization of Khalistan Movement.

The movement started in the 1990s, just a few years after the massive geno-cide of Sikh community in the so-called Secular India. The Sikh community was massively killed by Hindus and state machinery of India to the level of genocide after two Sikh security guards killed the then Indian Prime Minister Mrs Indira Ghandi on October 31, 1984. Despite massive persecution of Sikhs in India, they decided not to surrender to Indian powerful military might. Rather, they formally organized them and decided to have their own home-land, thus starting a political and social struggle for their right of self-determination. While there was an ongoing Sikh Movement against Hindu rule in India, the Sikh Diaspora devised a wider strategy of pursuing the interna-tional community to recognize their right of self-determination by having their own homeland with the name of Khalistan. In order to achieve their legal right, over the years Sikhs have transformed their movement at global level.

The US-based Sikhs for Justice (SFJ) organisation has already mobilized itsself for the conduct of Referendum in the US with the sole objective of a separate homeland for Sikh with the name of Khalistan. Indeed, Sikh’s Refer-endum for their independent homeland; Khalistan had entered into its conclu-sive stage which India could not digest and planned the killing of Sikh leaders all over the globe.

Killing of Hardeep Singh Nijar in June 2023 was, in fact, the beginning of this nefarious Indian campaign. The right to self-determination is ingrained in international law, including the Charter of the United Nations.

In 2023, the US and Canada had taken very serious action against the plot of killing prominent Sikh leaders in their countries. US intelligence officials have visited New Delhi with solid proof that Indian RAW is involved in the killing of Sikh leader in Canada and plot of killing the Sikh leaders in the US. Indian BJP Government under Modi is misleading the world and US that Rogue offi-cials may be involved in these assassination attempts of Sikh leaders. On their part, Sikh community is of the view that, international community should support them in their right of self-determination since Sikhs have principally decided to have their own home land. Indeed, Indian RAW has planned world-wide covert assassination plots to target Sikh leaders, demanding independ-ent Khalistan.

Against the backdrop of international intrigue and clandestine machinations, the Sikh community’s fundamental aspiration for self-determination encounters perilous hurdles, with Indian RAW facing damning accusations of masterminding a far-reaching and deadly campaign of targeted assassinations aimed at silencing prominent Sikh leaders championing the cause of an independent Khalistan.