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०४ शुक्रबार, श्रावण २०८१17th April 2024, 11:33:48 am

Why did not run the Chinese Planes?

१० शनिबार , चैत्र २०८०४ महिना अगाडि

Why did not run the Chinese Planes?

Under the political pressure of the Chinese government, Nepal Post made a twenty-point decision. For this, in November 2011, the ship technology video found in Grant went to China. 2012 df Aviation Industry Corporation of China (AVIC) Agreement was made for 2 56 seats MA 60 and four 17 seats Y12. MA 60 and one Y 12 e worth Rs 2.94 billion as gift in 2014. Rs3.72 billion with a soft loan provided by China's EXIM Bank. This is a 20 years loan. The first 7 years will be exempted. It was announced that a new era would begin in Nepal's aviation sector.

In 2014, one 17-seater Y12e aircraft and one 58-seater MA60 arrived in Kathmandu.

Chinese ships were not considered suitable for Nepal. Earning 218.7 million 99 thousand 850 Chinese yuan loan and paying 1.5 percent interest became a dream. Nepal Air has lost more than 8 billion due to grounded Chinese aircraft for 3 years.

Since 2020, they have been stored as they cannot be used. One vessel was initially wrecked, the other 5 were sold for scrap. Nobody bought it. US based Aviation Asset Management Inc. see it, he also did not buy it. Since 2012, Nepal has fallen into the debt trap of Exim Bank of China. China refused to take China back.

These Chinese ships have not yet been sold to junk yard price. Chinese ships worth 6.66 million with grants and loans have become a burden for Nepal.

Where was the Chinese ship sold?

Zimbabwe bought one XIAN MA 60 in 2006. It has been frozen without being able to operate. The Chinese airplanes bought by Cameroon, Lavas and Eritrea Air have been grounded since 2019. Since 2020, AirCarto has landed 4 ships in Cameroon. A ship has been stranded in Tajikistan since 2018. MA 60 aircraft purchased by some African and South American air forces are not in good condition.

Meanwhile, the Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China (COMAC) has only delivered two aircraft, a pair of ARJ21s, to a foreign airline. Indonesia-based TransNusa took delivery of its two COMAC turboprops, registered as PK-TJA and PK-TJB, in December 2022 and June 2023, respectively. Since then, the airline has praised its ARJ21s, with its CEO Datuk Bernard Francis saying he was open to the idea of welcoming the COMAC C919 to its fleet in the future in August 2023.

Brunei's GallopAir, which has a Chinese shareholder, is going to buy the company. 15 ARJ21 and 15 C919s.

But China-based Shaanxi Tianju Investment Group owns the Singaporean company trying to sell the planes to Bangladesh along with Nepal, Bangladesh rejected it.

Why did not run the Chinese Planes?

According to the committee formed under the chairmanship of former Rashtra Bank Governor Dipendra Bahadur Chhetri, there is discomfort in the supply of spare parts, lack of payload on the ship, inability to arrange drivers, lack of business and technical studies, lack of after sales support, buying under pressure. As a result, Nepal has to bear the debt burden

Nepal finds itself grappling with the consequences of its decision to procure Chinese aircraft, which has cost the corporation billions of Nepali Rupees. NAC, the government flag carrier with a history spanning over 60 years, has remained in a prolonged state of debt.

This seems like a totally April Fool material.

  • dr. binita