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२१ सोमबार, फाल्गुण २०८०11th December 2023, 11:01:09 am

Threat to Maldivian sovereignty emanates from India claims President Muizzu

०५ शुक्रबार , माघ २०८०एक महिना अगाडि

Threat to Maldivian sovereignty emanates from India claims President Muizzu

-US-China reconcile for the Global Good-

“Everything we hear is an opinion, not a fact. Everything we see is a perspective, not the truth.”
-Marcus Aurelius.

N . P. Upadhyaya (Aryal)

Kathmandu: India’s gloomy past, that of the continued slavery, let’s us admit, trained the Indian bureaucrats on how to twist the arms of the bordering smaller neighbors in a manner that would finally yield the contiguous countries to obey to the dictates of the “Goliath” that India is, after gaining conditional independence from the Britishers.

The arm twisting continues unabated.

Frankly speaking the Nehruvian doctrine is almost equivalent to what the USs Monroe doctrine was already in place the day the British East India Company quit the South Asian vast landmass.
The Nehruvian guideline is the new variant of the Monroe doctrine.

Pundit Nehru and his bureaucratic-administration became East India Company for the smaller countries of this South Asian region more so Nepal was kept independent but not allowed to breathe freely.

The Strong Indian bureaucracy:

India is run by the British trained bureaucrats yet.

The bureaucrats are taken as the permanent government in India. The change in politics means less for the Indian administrative system.

It is efficiently run by the bureaucracy.

Enters P. C. Alexander:

Padinjarethalakal Cherian (P. C) Alexander was an Indian Administrative Service officer of 1948 batch who served as the Governor of Tamil Nadu from 1988 to 1990 and as the Governor of Maharashtra from 1993 to 2002. He was considered as a candidate for the post of the President of India in 2002. (Source: (Wikipedia).

Alexander had the single distinction to have worked under both, mother and son, Mrs. Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi as principal secretary.

He has authored a book called “My years with Mrs. Indira Gandhi”. However, Alexander’s team with Playboy Rajiv Gandhi apparently not went well.

When some Indian media men asked Mr. Gandhi as to whose friendship he enjoyed during his office tenure, Mr. Gandhi replied that “the Bureaucracy were his nearest friends and foes”.
This perhaps explains that Mr. Gandhi and Alexander did not fare well.

This also hints at the fact that Alexander must have sensed wrong in Mr. Gandhi.

Was it the Bofors scandal of 1987?

Rajiv Gandhi is talked to have amassed billions and billions of dollars as kickbacks.

Later, we knew in Nepal that P. C voluntarily resigned as he was not awarded the post of President of India as Mrs. Sonia Gandhi too was a Christian.

At that time Italian lady was talked to assume the post of the Prime Minister of India and thus the Prime Minister and the President must not be from the same Christian religion.

The veteran bureaucrat says that his chances for being awarded the post of the President of India was ditched by those who were close to him and admired Alexander.

The arrogant Kunwar Natwar Singh, Brajesh Mishra and K. R. Narayanan were the “three idiots” who ditched Alexander’s likely Presidential post.

Of the three the first Natwar Singh played the main villain.

His main grievance is against Natwar singh, for having taken the lead role in the Congress campaign against the candidature as President even though Alexander had done him no harm, writes the Business Standard, June 14, 2013 quoting Alexander.

He was cheated by those who were all from the Foreign Service.

I have faint knowledge that once in the early 1990s, P. C. Alexander came to Kathmandu and had made a lecture on his expertise.

It is said that P. C. Alexander’s new dangerous variant (OMICRON) is S. Jay Shanker as this arrogant person just on January 04, 2024, landed in Kathmandu and threatened the entire Nepali administration including the just promoted lady Foreign Secretary, Mrs. Sewa Lamsal-who is no less educated than the puffed-up and repulsive Indian Minister Shanker. This erratic Indian national must understand that Nepal’s new foreign secretary is a lady who has graduated from Oslo University (Norway) which demands the Indian national to understand the gravity of her knowledge in International Relations and Diplomacy.

Shanker just is a JNU graduate which produces recruits for RAW- and most of the JNU products are sent to Nepal to control the Nepali administration from within.

Notably, the JNU products are the ones who spy for India and make rigorous efforts for the “dissolution” of their own motherland into the former Slaves of the East India Company.

In a way, the JNU products act like Sikkim’s traitor-Kazi Lendhup Dorje who in tacit collaboration with Madame Indira Gandhi helped the latter the annex his own motherland Sikkim.

Later the Sikkimi traitor Lendhup died an unsung death.

Back to the main story:

The ruffian Indian national, Foreign Minister, created ugly scenes upon his arrival right at the International Airport as he was told by his accompanying sleuths (could have been India posted Nepali sleuths at the foreign ministry itself) that the same day a Chinese Communist Party deputy secretary of the standing committee of “Yunnan province” Mr. Shi Yugang was landing in Kathmandu for official talks.

Listening to this posted sleuths whisper, the highly repulsive Indian national, the former erratic Indian bureaucrat, Mr. Shankar lost his temper and blasted at the ministry officials as if they were his subordinate-Indian national.

Nepal is not the fiefdom of erratic elevated Foreign Minister:

At time when Shankar and his parents and grandparents were reeling under the British and the continued Mughal slavery, Nepal stood tall in the world as a sovereign and independent nation.
Let’s guess that Shankar’s elderl-family men had felt the brunt of the British slavery and that is why he-the erratic and highly ad-nauseating Indian national blasted at the ministry officials stating why the Nepali foreign ministry bureaucrats dared to invite the Chinese dignitary that would clash with his own meetings in Kathmandu.

Indian FM is Persona Non Grata: This erratic Indian national has inbuilt allergy with China, I guess.


A highly emboldened Maldivian President Mohammad Muizzu upon return from China, January 8-13, 2024 made the world known that Maldivian sovereignty has a continued threat from India.
This is true as Nepal too feels its sovereignty threatened by India-the menace across the border. “We may be small but that doesn’t give you the license to bully us”, says Muizzu. The energetic President comparatively in the South Asian region, Muizzu reminded India that his archipelago was not in the backyard of any particular country” and that his country actively working to reduce dependence on procuring essential commodities from a single nation”.


The fact is that he neither can dream challenging China nor has the ability to do so.

At best he has himself at times admitted that India for several reasons can’t compete with China.

For his broken knowledge on China, Shankar must understand that it is the benevolence of China that the latter has not yet hit India hard better at the border a la 1962.

The inferiority complex ridden Indian national in effect is the puppet of the Japanese regime from the country he has initiated marital ties.

This way he has already secured or say ensured that he will spend his retired age either in Japan or in the US wherein his son is a recognized citizen.

Had Nepal been in possession of a competent foreign minister, he would have already declared Mr. Shankar as a persona non grata henceforth.

Unfortunately, Narayan Saud is Nepal’s foreign minister who is, it is talked and almost proven, is half Indian.

Saud visibly trembles when he faces the Indian terror machine as much as the elevated Foreign Minister trembles as and when he comes across the Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

The reason is clear as Shankar’s son is a US National and thus while talking on the US, Shanker restrains himself for obvious reasons.

Shanker is a rickety bureaucrat turned political personality because of the immense inferiority complex that he is in his possession which is perhaps of his miserable and gloomy childhood.
The manner he terrorized Nepal’s entire administration because of the Chinese presence on the same day must be remembered as to how the miserable slavery of the Indians is haunting the entire bureaucratic machine of the Indian regime Shanker is no exception.

Thus Nepal’s administration is being effectively controlled by India could be guessed appropriately.

Some even say that the sitting Prime Minister Prachanda will preside over the dissolution of Nepal during his Premiership for which he was trained and indoctrinated by the Indian regime beginning Atal Behari Bajpayee to the Christian queen Lady Sonia Gandhi-the one who imported Fascism in India.

Bajpayee was a fraudulent-charlatan Indian Prime Minister. He wore masked face ever.

China is permanent threat to India:

India’s obsession/anger with China dates back to 1962 war that awarded an insulting and humiliating defeat to India and in the process of the shock Pundit Nehru died.
Lately, India’s irritation towards China increased when Tandi Dorje sneaked into Beijing and met Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi, last October 23, 2023, and approached Wang to establish diplomatic ties with Thimpu.

Beijing gave a positive nod which is what irked India which then summoned the immature Bhutani King to Delhi sultanate.

He was admonished by the Indian officials, we heard so in Kathmandu.

And very freshly, the unbalanced/unstable Foreign Minister Shankar when knew that the Maldivian President Mohammad Muizzu was all set to visit China, January 8, 2014, Shankar fumed at Male but poured his anger in Kathmandu.

Madame Foreign Secretary Sewa Lamsal would have obliged the nation had she dismissed the joint meeting as Shakar had demanded out of anger prior to the Joint meeting.
His anger was due to arrival of the Chinese secretary from Yunnan.

Lady Lamsal is hereby suggested not to get threatened by the rickety minister across the border as he appears to me, an unbalanced, unstable and highly inferiority complex ridden Indian national-conveniently taken as the puppet of Japan.

Albeit she has to keep a distance with the Bhutanese and Lalita Nivas crook birds (human traficckers) who have inched closer to Indian nationals and treat them as “RAKHI BROTHERS”.
Mr. Khand and his wife and lady N. P. Saud may bring in troubles for her in the days ahead.

Of all the Bhutanese scandal lady is highly dangerous. Or else her downward-slide that has just begun will damage her sturdy personality.

Where is Ganga Dahal-the undeclared foreign ministry official:

Madame Lamsal diplomatic acumen shall be tested as and when Ms. Ganga Dahal shall enter into the foreign ministry. She is undeclared, unauthorized, and a most likely a posted “sleuth” of the Indian administration inside the Foreign Ministry in order to drain important information from the said office.

Madame Lamsal will have a tight rope walking indeed. She must locate first the RAW men and keep a distance from them in the ministry.

Her forced infiltration, Ganga dahal, into the Foreign Ministry was a planned trick to bypass the authorities when her father, the India indoctrinated Prachanda, took him at the PM Modi’s one-on-one talks in Delhi last June.

And the sitting Nepali FS, Mr. Poudyal quit the post unquestioned for which he should have been held accountable and responsible.

It was a grand escapade indeed. However, he remains answerable yet.

The outgoing restrained and sober Foreign Secretary Bharat Raj Poudyal was smart enough that he came out clear from the unwarranted penetration that he allowed for Ms. Ganga Dahal.
We wish him a grand success for his new diplomatic assignment in Canada.

But he should have clarified why he tolerated Ms. Ganga Dahal while Prachanda met the Indian PM Narendra Modi in June last year.

As the Captain of the Nepali Foreign Ministry he should have responded.

(At the personal level, Mr. Poudyal is thoroughly a gentleman-Upadhyaya).

Signals of fresh US-China reconciliation:

Here is a good news for China. The news is that the US has freshly hinted that henceforth, the US shall not recognize the Taiwanese Independence.

The Reuters dated, January 13, 2024 reports that the U.S. President Joe Biden said on this Saturday the United States does not support the independence of Taiwan, after Taiwanese voters rebuffed China freshly and gave the ruling party a third presidential term.

The Hill dated January 13, 2024, hints Biden’s fresh stance reinforces the “One China policy” in recognizing Beijing’s claims that Taiwan is historically part of the mainland. The U.S. has committed to informal relations with Taipei.

However, puzzling is that US Secretary Blinken on the contrary says “We congratulate Dr. Lai Ching-te aka William on his victory in Taiwan’s presidential election. We also congratulate the Taiwan people for participating in free and fair elections and demonstrating the strength of their democratic system”.

Be that as it may, this observer sees the fresh U turn of the US from Confrontation to reconciliation that may have been the net result of the San Francisco meet last November 15, 2013, wherein President Biden and President Xi Jinping has a Summit meet.

No wonder, India bend Nepal’s PM Prachanda too just the other day in Kathmandu told a gathering that Nepal doesn’t recognize Taiwan and that Nepal sticks to “One China Policy”.
Big setback to India.

Muizzu claims India is a threat to Maldivian Sovereignty:

A highly emboldened Maldivian President Mohammad Muizzu upon return from China, January 8-13, 2024 made the world known that Maldivian sovereignty has a continued threat from India.
This is true as Nepal too feels its sovereignty threatened by India-the menace across the border.

“We may be small but that doesn’t give you the license to bully us”, says Muizzu.

The energetic President comparatively in the South Asian region, Muizzu reminded India that his archipelago was not in the backyard of any particular country” and that his country actively working to reduce dependence on procuring essential commodities from a single nation”.

Muizzu appears fuming upon his return from China which allows us to guess that China is firmly behind the Maldivian President.

But is China so reliable?

At least China is not a reliable partner of Nepal. 

As if enough were not enough, President Mohammad Muizzu in a grand departure from having or maintaining cordial ties with India, said, as per the Associated Press, January 15, 2024, that he wants the Indian military personnel stationed in his archipelago nation withdrawn by March 15, 2024.

Abdullah Nazim Ibrahim-a presidential aide told reporters that Muizzu proposed the removal at a meeting with the officials of the Indian Embassy in Male and other visiting Indian officials.
If a tiny Island nation of the size of the Maldives could dare to challenge the Elephantine menace in the South then why Nepal trembles as and when it confronts with India-the puppet of Japan.
“Indian PM Modi is a clown” so said a Maldivian minister who now stands suspended.

Concluding remarks: With the US-China reconciliation efforts begun, the world politics appears heading for the Global Good.

But is that Okay for India? Perhaps not.

Pakistan in the news:

The news that stealth fighter jets are being bought by Pakistan in good numbers from China is ear pleasing in that it will then provide regional stability to South Asia.

(More on Pakistan next issue)).

With Pakistan close to have a new government next February and with the Maldives challenging India openly, why Nepal should not join the club that exposes India? China is in the move? It is time to act in unison. That’s all.

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