Who is first ?

Jagadish Pradhanang -
True is always true yesterday, Today and Tomorrow also. Tomorrow will be seen from our blood relation only. The sun, Moon, Earth, Sky, Air and water needs for living and nonliving. It's called the eye of Nature. The aged of person are changing the way of views in a morning, in a day, in a evening nd in a night. But the Sun, Moon, Star, Earth, Sky, Air and Nature never change. Yet time is always power than human being. 
 All r not a same to think except political person. We can't progress the country and highly development of mind without political person. So political mind are main branches of root for the country for the people. As a matter of fact it will be show about his own personal views. 
All political person will  never successi in a life without money. Money brings a great enemy, real friend, real family, real society with progress of science. Its a second nature of man. Time is GOD. Time never come back always first. Who is first who have more power of mind. Changing the mind, changing the world only brings by political views. Of course we are part of political. Political is a main branches of well education nd well mind also. Now try to understand who is first who is last. Our all want's of  necessity nd country development means strong for economic. We are fill the thrill of joy in a society nd all family to family whenever the economic will be strong. Family is a part of political with part of world society also. 
World are one men are one but way of ambition ( wants ) are different. Since some years we r more progressing earth to sky by our highly education. Really well education and experience r part of mind. Imagination is also part of ambition ( wants). Tell us who is first who is last ? Time is always first but never come back. Our well doing nd misdoing are come back in long run of life. That's called the history. History are changing in a life according to moving of time. Time is always right always first but never come back after the past ( death body ). Present shows the right path of future if we are able to well understand about the valuable time. Future is not uncertain but depend on present sharp of mind. Present, past nd future are connected in a human life day by day.
 Memory beings revenge people to people with do the something in a way of life for the Nation, for the society, for the star lighting of personal life and all lovely family. Time is moving but we are let about our own life. Now tell himself who is first and last ? Time is always moving but never stop and come back after the death time. Death is air which is always moving in the earth to sky. We can fill but mostly never control. It's called seen and unseen almighty power of GOD. Time is GOD. So that at any moment moving here and there. Everyone knows who is first and who is in the long run. But careless shows the proud of property. May be it's called iron age of time. Time is moving but never moss. When our mind will not moving that's time symbol of near to death in a human life. It will better to write something poem, story nd about own events what u hapoend, what will be as a imagination also. These r the story after the death. Who will be look about our tomorrow life history ? Our past of life history as a lighting star in tomorrow if anyone go through to pay attention. Now find out who is first who is last in the earth.

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