Everything that's wrong with Nepali education system.

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school- Class -8 :---

Nepal, in terms of global standard of education, is considered a "underdeveloped"  country in terms of standard of living. Now as we know, 'standard of living is the level of income, comforts and services available, generally applied to a society or location, rather than to an individual. It is still relevant because it is considered to contribute to an individual's quality of life.'(from wiki) 

My title however doesn't mean that there are no institutions in our country, nor that there are no pedagogues. Yes, there instutions and pedagogues but the infrastructure that's available for us to is very limited. What I mean by this is there is huge segregation between governmental schools and private schools. The schools are largely run by private sector in urban areas while small amount of governmental schools are found in urban areas as providing as good quality education as private schools. It is because while governmental schools enforce license system to their teachers, private schools don't. Private schools also have a slightly higher scceptance rate than governmental schools. The proper funding by government to these schools in rural Nepal gives no chance for better development of children in those regions. It doesn't help but only creates more problem for the teachers as well as students. Because, primarily the teachers won't get their salary on time which discourages their will to teach the students. Though it isn't any fair for the private sectors because many people in Nepal believe in physical forms of punishment. Also, the lack of competition by government schools causes private schools to swell up their fees for students without any obstruction.  If we look to foreign countries, there is a system of providing a strict enforcer and enforcement of created rules which just doesn't work very well in Nepal, most of the things are done in a unsystematic way.

When the students learn that this is the norm and a habitual culture from their education system and community as a whole, it will only put bad impression about systematic enforcement of a disciplinary act. So we students must put a idea on our forehead that this just isn't a ideal system and we vow to change it. 

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