End child labour and child abuse

Bhavishya paudel, 
Deep boarding school, Class -8----
Child labour is the practice of engaging the children in economic activity, on a part or full-time basis. Child labour is one of the main hurdles of development of a country and its people, mentally and socially. Child labour is an issue not only for the children but the society. The future of children is destroyed by it.
Child abuse is very similar to child labour, except it involves the abuse of children instead of children workforce.
A child can't imagine being afraid of his own teachers, his relatives or even his own parents! The person whom the child trusts the most, with whom he/she shares everything he/she knows, has and does. An average human can't imagine being beaten everyday in their lives. A human can't hide his own scars and pains. Yet that is what many children go through everyday. Chlirden are the gifts of gods, they are the closest we have to a real angel. Child abuse isn’t just about bruises, black eyes, or broken bones, it is more than that. A single word, sentence can hurt a child mentally and devastate his dreams. Children are more than what we think. They're our backbones, our future economy depends on them, yet how are we treating them? In bricks factories, in furnitures, in household works of other people. Millions of children are lacking in primary education and depriving their childhood in our country, which is a terrible warning. These children don't get the opportunity to live a healthy life since they are not delighted physically, intellectually and culturally in their childhood. Poor children are more inclined to be involved in childlabour as they are overpowered by parents to make some money to financially help their famiy at a very tender age alternative of enjoying childhood and living a healthy and happy life. The causes of child labour and abuse include many points such as, lack of education, extreme poverty and unemployment, violation of laws and codes and lack of child rights. When they suffer from diseases, there is no one to support them. 
There is pain in their eyes. No-one for shelter them when it's too cold, rainy or storm. Their dreadful memories and lives are heard by no one. They are beaten daily, they suffer daily and they cry daily. Understanding the normal and abnormal psychological patterns of a child can help parents understand how to best communicate and connect with their child, teach their child coping mechanisms for managing emotions, and help their child progress and thrive in each new developmental stage. But such kids don't have anyone to connect with. 
Hence we should try to put an end to this monstrosity of child abuse, labor and trafficking. We should try to become the voice of the unheard child, the eye of the unseen and ears of the unheard kids. There are hundreds of kids in the roads, we should try to help with what we can. Our small help can change their lives or behaviours. Not every violent kid is violent by itself, there is a reason behind it. They are tired of screaming for help. So we should help them from every single part of our heart.

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