Children's day, really a special day or not?

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school
Class -8
Children are considered as a gift to the family. Elder people have bright hopes in them, politically and socially. Children are regarded as torchbearers of the future. Everybody is soft, ethical and good towards children that they see in the streets. But is it really the truth? People with bigger power enjoy exploiting the cheap labor that poor children serve. Kids are regarded as emotionally, mentally and physically happy but deep inside, every children has a trouble that is hurting them. 
We regard kids going to schools in Nepal trouble free, but are they really? Are they the rainbow that we perceive them as? Is what we think of them the truth? Out of every 10 students, 8 are tortured mentally and physically directly and indirectly. Young kids who are very innocent and dependent have seen things nobody wishes to see, even in schools. They have experienced and seen selective empathy occuring amongst themselves. While they are discriminated or disregarded from class for not doing a small thing, they witness teachers giving excuse or empathy to the students they like. Children are supposed to be happy souls, not being a candidate of future factory workers. Nepal alone has over 2 million child labourers who fullfill around 15% of the total workforce. Is this childrens day? Every year thousands of children are trafficked as slaves to India. Is this happiness? Many poor parents send their kids as labourers to feed them, while many people with power are doing anything but helping them. They have money for their personal use but not for the future of the country. While law on children's rights exists, they dont apply in our country or many abusers pass right between this law. If you have money, you have power. Poor kids in Nepal have no future except if rescued or sponsored by foreign people. The left out poor kids only have darkness in their eyes.  
They see a beautiful future ahead, which later becomes a thorn. Many kids in rural Nepal have no choice but to sell themselves to feed their siblings and parents. They have the option to choose from, either work in somebody's house in Nepal you've never known in your life only to be tortured by them. But they rethink the other option, which is to be exported to india and never see their known ones again. These options follow the saying "to choose from rock or a hard place" which neither of them want but they have to choose one. Their dreams, crushed along with the hard rocks they mine. Life is tough for everyone but for these kids, there's no word. Having to choose hard options during childhood is not easy. These childrens are compelled to live below poverty line all their lives. The kids that we see in disney movies and cartoons versus the kids that are working and breathing hardazous air inside factories have difference as vast as the universe.
It is said that children are the future of society. Children are our greatest asset, and they are the ones who will decide the prosperity and growth of the nation. We must teach moral values and education to them. We should stop buying from children on streets and public transport, and never allow employing children as domestic help. We should educate the children that child labour is malpractice set to ruin humanity.
 While we are known about child exploitation, we aren't able to take action. This abuse is happening within our children and ourselves.  We should raise alarms and concerns to misused and exploited children. We should be a voice and fight the injustices suffered by our children. Then only are we able to celebrate a real colourful and bright childrens day. 


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