History of Pradhanag.

 Pradhanag ( Malla ) cast King of Bhaktapur, Nepal. Nepa is called in Newari language. At that time there was a 24 King before Shah King Prithavi Narayan Shah. There are a lot of cast nd some different language but Bhaktapur Pradhanag, Malla cast are own language are top of Nepal. Pradhanag, Malla is a top of cast in great Nepal. There are lot of temple and attractive palace in Bhaktapur, Kathmandu and Patan Lalipur. King Mandev, Ansubarma, Lichhibe, Malla and Birnikram Shah King not now in Nepal. Changing the time, Changing the time According to rule of Nature. Changing the mind, Changing the Family, Changing the Friends, changing the Society, Changing the World, Changing the Political rule, Changing the power of person, Changing the Body power, Changing the Climate, Changing the science formula, Changing the everything except the Sun, Moon, Star, Sky, Water, Rain, Air so forth and so on According to rule of Nature. Pradhanag Malla Newar King are too famous in all over Nepal. They have already been making amazement Palace, Historical God and Goddess temple with more Festival Culture. Pradhanag is only one nearly related of Malla King of Bhaktapur. There are 55 windows Palace, 99 Garden place, 5th stored Temple, Nawa Durga Bhawani Temple, Datraiya Temple, Chagu Narayan Temple, Suryabinaya Temple, Indrayani, Temple, Barahi Temple, more pounds, more sources of water nd Garden place also. Bhaktapur is a small city but neat nd clean also. There are more culture in Bhaktapur. I am proud of Pradhanag, Malla King nd Family. Malla King has already been death but immortal Soul. There are big statue of King Bhupendra Malla front of Taleju Temple in Lal Darbar Art Gallery. Nepal is only one independent country.

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