Deep Respect to the Heroic Korean People’s Army

Dedicate to the 75th founding anniversary of the Korean People‘s Army
( February 8.2023)

Very happy founding day, army of the Juche road!
Very happy birthday, army of the socialist world!
You have devoted, martyrs’ fountain!
You are the hero, on this living planet!
You are the strongest, most scientific!
You can defeat, all kind of imperialists!
Living in the heart of, all working class!
Blooming in the soul of, universal mass!
Love is boundless, for the fatherland!
Revolutionary army, earth’s 1st in rank!
 World is jealous, seeing your might!
Land and ocean, making sky bright!
You are the red sun, poor of the world!
You are the hope, of winter and cold!
 Sky became smoky, for  many years!
You got victorious, without death fears!
There are lots of, our common enemies!
I also want to serve, as a Korean Army!
I never found, just like the Korean army!
Patriotic, devoted, civilized, and lovely!
I have great support, dear Korean army!
I always praise you, my heart beat  army!
Deep respect to you, from my side!
I will be with you, in the justice fight!
Best wishes to you, from Nepal country !
Live millions years, Korean people’s army!
Live until the earth exists, invincible army!
Written by :Bhupendra Bishwokarma 
International official delegate for KFA  


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