Government favors India and America more than China

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There are different opinions about the government formed after the election. India believes that this government has become pro-Chinese because it is led by the Communist Party. Due to the fact, that the person he put forward was not elected as the Prime Minister, America also seems to be close to India’s thinking. However, the government is not as pro-Chinese as they say.

With the formation of the government, China did two things. The first was to open the long-closed customs point. The second was the survey of the Kerung-Kathmandu railway line. The expert team sent by China for the survey is currently working in Nepal. Not only these two incidents but also the activeness of the Chinese ambassador to Nepal, Chen Song, made India and the US frighten. India was thinking of making the Chairman of Maoist Pushpa Kamal Dahal as the Prime Minister. America was in favor of Nepali Congress Chairman Sher Bahadur Deuba.

The activity of the power centers that were thinking of not giving the key to power to the hands of UML president KP Oli had also increased before the result of the election. However, the result did not come according to their hard work. Initially, the US was more apprehensive about the formation of a government under the leadership of Dahal. However, the situation has changed within a month of the formation of the government. Looking at the faces of the ministers participating in the government, there is a majority of those working in favor of America.

After the government, the election of the Speaker and Deputy Speaker was held. Devraj Ghimire, who works for India, was elected Speaker. Ghimire did the work of misusing Manmohan Adhikari’s vote to pass the Mahakali Treaty in UML’s internal voting. The Mahakali Treaty was passed due to the internal voting of the UML. This treaty decided to hand over the water rights of the Mahakali River to India completely. Indira Rana Magar, who is close to the Europeans, has been elected as the Deputy Speaker. She is a proportional MP from the National Independent Party. Rabi Lamichhane, Chairman of the Independent Party and Minister of Home Affairs, was an American citizen until some time ago. The work of establishing him in Nepal was done by the then Prime Minister KP Oli, who made him the director of the Prime Minister’s Program with the people.

The two power centers are increasingly freed from suspicions that this government is close to China. America wanted to keep both Dahal and Oli out of the government. India wanted to keep Oli out of the government. Although the government has not been formed according to the ideas of both, India and America are still not sure about this government because of UML Chairman Oli. The faces in the cabinet seem to have built a base for trusting them. So, this government seems to will work more in favor of India and America than China. Just for show, the Chinese card is also a matter of priority for this government.

Maoist decisive in the presidential election game!

Speaking in the House of Representatives on January 21 about the election of the Deputy Speaker, veteran leader Chitra Bahadur KC put forward the concept of a comfortable president. His analysis revolves around the presidency. Not only all parties but also the power center need a comfortable person in the presidential election to be held within 11 February.

Pushpa Kamal Dahal, chairman of the ruling party United Maoists, is also in favor of a comfortable president. Even the opposition alliance led by the Nepali Congress is thinking of putting forward a comfortable person as the president. In the middle of the ruling coalition, the position fell to the UML. UML president KP Oli has remained silent on the presidential candidate so far. However, internally, he is preparing to be the candidate for the presidency.

By increasing the number of aspirants within the UML, Chairman Oli will find a way to become a unanimous presidential candidate. This representative assembly of Oli is the last. Oli has been moved forward in the midst of estimates that the chances of the presidency will decrease after the next five years. The current President Bidya Devi Bhandari will open her mouth not only to the party leaders but also to Prime Minister Dahal in the next few days regarding Oli’s candidate.

On January 21, President Bhandari reached the house of Nepal Labor Peasant Party leader Narayanman Bijukchchhe and indicated that she would be active in politics. On the other hand, if there is a dispute about the presidential candidate within the UML, the UML may even put forward the former communist leader Bijukchchhe, who does not have a controversial image. Bijukchchhe is a good friend of China and North Korea.

As the possibility of getting the presidency is weakening, the opposition alliance led by the Nepali Congress, there is also the possibility of moving forward former Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. Nominating Dr. Bhattarai would put moral pressure on the Maoists to vote against the candidate put forward by UML. Dr. Bhattarai also led the work of taking Maoist Chairman Dahal to Gorkha amid the possibility of losing from Chitwan. He left the area he had won in the previous election to Maoist Chairman Dahal.

Being a former Maoist leader, the Nepali Congress is estimating that due to Dr. Bhattarai’s candidacy, the Maoist voters may be divided. Dahal, who has been close to India for a long time, left Maoist after the formation of the constitution of 2015. Dr. Bhattarai, who left Maoist and practiced alternative politics, is now at leisure. Because he stood in favor of MCC at the time of MCC pass, even America has been looking at him as its well-wisher. During his tenure, there was a failed attempt to sign the SPP agreement with the US. He has an important role in getting Nepal involved in the MCC agreement.

India and the United States as the common candidate of the opposition alliance If Dr. Bhattarai is promoted, the Prime Minister will be under moral pressure. There will be great confusion to support for him. The Congress is thinking that it is possible to get the post by creating a situation of confusion. However, looking at the current situation, the issue of the presidency depends on the decision made by the Maoists. It seems that whoever the Maoists vote for will win the presidency. Therefore, the issue of how to put Maoists in a moral pressure is now becoming important.

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