Whispering Conspiracies

Ali Sukhanver--
 “I shall burn Shah Rukh Khan alive” said Guru Paramhans Acharya in a video clip recently gone viral on different social media platforms. Guru Paramhans is a seer in Ayodhya and ‘enjoys a very bad’ repute with reference to the hatred against the Muslims and other minorities in India.  The root-cause of Guru’s pain and agony is ‘Pathaan’ an upcoming movie starred by Shah Rukh Khan and Deepika Padukone; no doubt two of the most popular actors of the Bollywood industry. Though the whole movie ‘Pathaan’ seems a source of agitation for Guru Paramhans Acharya but his main focus seems on a particular song ‘Besharam’ in which Shah Rukh Khan is wearing a green costume and Deepika Padukone a saffron bikini. This song is very much viral on the social media now-a-days. Paramhans says that the selection of these two colors is symbolic; the saffron colour represents the Hindus and green is representing the Muslims. He has raised his objection that the ‘coming soon’ movie is propagating jihad and he has termed Shah Rukh Khan as a ‘jihadi’. 
Another BJP MLA from Maharashtra Ram Kadam has also objected to the Shah Rukh Khan-Deepika Padukone song. Ram Kadam said in his recent tweet that anything that “disrespects Hindutva” will not work in Maharashtra. Same type of message was conveyed to the makers of Pathaan earlier by BJP minister Narottam Mishra in a public statement. He had criticized Deepika’s saffron costume and SRK’s green costume and asked the makers to change it. He added that if the changes are not made, Pathaan’s release in Madhya Pradesh will be threatened. He further said, “I feel the title of the song ‘Besharam Rang’ is also objectionable in its sense.”
Most of the BJP leaders raising illogical objections on Pathaan and the song Besharam Rang have a long history of spreading hatred against the Muslim community and other minorities in India. Guru Paramhans is the same person who two years back had threatened to take ‘Jal Samadhi’ if the country was not declared a Hindu State by 2nd Oct 2021. ‘Jal Samadhi’ is something like suicide in which a person ends his life by immersing himself in water. Now this is the beginning of 2023, India has yet not been declared a Hindu State and Paramhans is still alive and making hate speeches against the minorities in India. Same is the case with Narottam Mishra. On 10th April 2022, he played a very horrible role in escalating the tension between the local Hindu and Muslim communities in the city of Khargone, Madhya Pradesh. According to the details, a Ram Navami procession was organized by a Hindu nationalist organization allied to the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party, somewhere around 5:00 pm. That was the exact time when Muslims were gathering for evening prayers at the neighbouring Jama Masjid. As planned by the instigators, some miscreants started pelting stones from the both sides. It all resulted in burning of vehicles, houses, shops and imposing of curfew in the area. Instead of calming down the people, Narottam Mishra started blaming the Muslims for the whole disaster. Siding with the Hindu agitators, he warned the Muslims during his talk with the NDTV, “If Muslims carry out such attacks then they should not expect justice.” It must also be kept in mind that Mishra is Madhya Pradesh Home Minister too. Such horrible extremists are no doubt a continuous threat for the peace and calm of every society and the role of political parties standing behind such characters is also questionable. India does never lack people with a sensible, balanced and moderate mental approach. That is the reason today that many NGOs are trying to convince people to boycott the Party which is supporting such ‘Gurus’ as Paramhans Acharya.
As far as art is concerned, it never belongs to any religion; it is a very vast canvas which invites and allows every artist to paint a picture according to his own skill and talent. Be it the Hollywood, Bollywood or the Lollywood, the actors are never recognized or appreciated with reference to their religion. So many times a Hindu actor has to play the role of a Muslim Scholar and so many times of a Christian priest. Same is the case with Muslim actors. In Karan Johar is no doubt a great name in the list of Hindu Film Directors. His super-hit movie ‘Ae Dil Hai Mushkil’, was released in 2016. Most of the actors and actresses in that movie were the Hindus and they all played Muslim characters. For maintaining the serenity on the face of the world around us, we must discourage such narrow-mindedness and prejudice as Art is something above all such petty matters. And by burning the precious Shah Rukh Khan alive, Guru Paramhans Acharya would get nothing but more disgust, more animosity and more hatred along with a death-sentence. 
It is a bitter fact that some extremist miscreants in India have always tried to pollute the ‘unsecular’ anatomy of the Bollywood by oozing out the venom of their narrow-minded prejudiced mental approach. All over the world, Art and Artists never restricted to some specific religious philosophy. We can say, Art and Artists are always secular. India is a Hindu majority country but its film industry always seems dominated by the Muslim actors, actresses, directors, poets, musicians and writers. From Irfan Khan to Naseeruddin Shah and from Javaid Akhtar to A. R. Rahman and Shabana Azmi, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, Farah Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Shah Rukh Khan and Sanjay Dut, the list of Muslim artists is very long. Certainly credit of this dominance goes to the talent and skill of these artists but we cannot negate the positively unprejudiced rather impartial behavior of the Indian audience in making them popular and dominating in the Bollywood industry. Keeping aside the religious philosophies they follow, the Indian people have always proved themselves true lovers of art by appreciating the Muslim artists. The extremists in that society try all their best to generate hatred against the Muslim and other minority-artists but they never succeed in achieving their petty goals because the sensibly moderate Indian society, comprising of the Hindus, Sikhs, Christians and the Muslims, has always turned a deaf ear to their whispering conspiracies.

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