HE Ambassador Dean Thompson Arrived

Security Specialist Dean Thompson at the Ambassador-
America has appointed Dean Thompson as the new ambassador to Nepal. Who is Thompson¿ This topic seems to have become a topic of much discussion in diplomatic circles.
He is a person who studied public policy and national security strategy from the National Defense University. He is a ministerial career Foreign Service employee. Thompson, who has been studying South and Central Asia for 2 years, has also worked at the American Consulate in Kolkata, India. An expert in crisis management, information resource management, Thompson has a special interest in the Bengali language of India. During the growing conflict between North and South Korea, he has been in South Korea and fulfilled the responsibility of ‘Secretary of Defense on Defense Issues’. Those who understand Asia and when world powers are present in Nepal’s geopolitics should understand the importance of security expert Thompson’s appointment in Nepal.
How to make Nepal’s declining world credibility credible due to the failure of politics, and the leadership that is sloppy everywhere¿ This is a pressing question before the Nepali leadership. When MCC and SPP have been openly or secretly accepted by Nepal, a national debate is necessary to protect the pride and identity of Nepal and to use friendship and cooperation in favor of more countries and people while maintaining independence. This is the time when the party leaders who share the dream of democracy, human rights and prosperity will show their competence.
“It is an honor to serve as U.S. Ambassador to Nepal. I look forward to working with the leaders and people of Nepal to ensure that the successes of the next 75 years of the U.S.-Nepal partnership surpasses the last." 
- Ambassador Thompson

Trudeau says - Journalism is the front line of democracy October 14, September 30. - Acting US Assistant Secretary for Global Public Affairs Elizabeth Trudeau) visited Nepal for 2 days. Explaining the purpose of her visit, she said - the question is about Nepal and Nepali people. We are not only about the American policy of the people of the world, We try to understand what they are thinking about the current major issues, food security, climate change, etc. This is the purpose of my visit.
Nepal is a long-standing partner of the US, so this visit is important.
We work in partnership with Nepal. America supports democracy, youth, minorities, women and media. We must take care of the vibrant society in Nepal. America is happy to share in this. America is happy to contribute to the global ecosystem.
America does not see Nepal as a country that we use as a balance. We want to learn more and get involved with Nepal as an important country as a partner. The main problem is the flow of wrong information. Misinformation disables democracy. While protecting freedom of speech, the United States must fight against misinformation. It has to be solved. This is the problem of every country. How does one know that the information one is receiving is true¿ It is a civil right to know the truth. It is everyone’s responsibility to share only the truth. Social media should also be responsible. Before sharing, you should know that the information is true.
Regarding how Nepal will fight against misleading information, she said- Is Nepal learning from America¿ Our youth, students who are highly active on social media, should become an environment where they believe in correct information.
I cannot believe that there is no misleading news in Nepal. Journalism is the front line of democracy. Journalists are those who speak the truth and tell true stories. Who do accurate accounting of the government. This is necessary. America’s journalists have a responsibility to hold governments and corporations and individuals accountable and to ensure that citizens have the information they need. Journalists are really front line people.
Speaking openly in Nepal, sharing ideas, sharing ideas, not only as partners with us, what I have seen in Nepal is the vibrancy, people want to do better. I think there is a lesson in this for people all over the world.

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