DIU-Our Party’s Historic Root and Origin of Independent Era

Recorded in the sacred annals of the glorious Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) is the immortal feats of the great leader Comrade Kim Il Sung who formed, in his teens, the Juche-type vanguard organization that would serve as a historical root of our Party and revolution – a brilliant example of revolutionary party building as well as the start of the era of independence.
The formation of a new-type vanguard organization, the Down-with-Imperialism Union (DIU) by the great leader ninety-six years ago on October 17, 1926 became the starting point and historic root for the cause of building a Juche-type revolutionary party. This also served as a historic event that opened up a new era when our people began to reject flunkeyism and dogmatism to advance our revolution by themselves.
The Workers’ Party of Korea could be invincible for a long period of time since its foundation. This is attributable to the program and the principle of independence maintained by the DIU which later served as the guideline of our Party for its construction and activities, as well as to the DIU tradition of unity centered around the leader and that of comradeship, the inexhaustible source of power for our Party.
Thanks to the noble ideals of the DIU put forward by President Kim Il Sung and his original lines maintained throughout each and every stage of the revolution and construction, our people could achieve brilliant victories in the building of a new country after liberation, in the three-year-long Fatherland Liberation War, post-war reconstruction, two stages of social revolution, and in the great struggle for socialist construction, thus establishing a dignified, Juche-oriented socialist state.
Under the leadership of President Kim Il Sung, our Party – having its historical roots in the DIU – has developed into the Juche-oriented revolutionary Party that leads the revolution along the road of victory, and under the leadership of General Kim Jong Il, our Party has fully demonstrated its invincible might as the organizer and guide of all victories of our people, despite unprecedented manifold hardships and difficulties. Today, our Party is unfolding a magnificent new era in building a powerful socialist country under the leadership of respected         Comrade Kim Jong Un who is yet another outstanding great man.
Our Party, based on the ideal of the DIU, shapes all its lines and policies as well as those of the state in accordance with the demands and interests of our people and the specific conditions of our country, and implements them by mobilizing the inexhaustible strength and the wisdom of the popular masses.
What the DIU held as its program made a great contribution towards the accomplishment of the independent cause of humankind as it had become the revolutionary line and fighting program accurately reflecting the requirements of the times when not only our people but also the peoples of colonized countries turned out in the nationwide anti-imperialist national liberation wars.
A foreign figure, therefore, said as follows: The banner of unity and independence against imperialism put forward by the DIU is the banner of eternal victory of the WPK, all the successes achieved by the WPK are unthinkable apart from the tradition of the DIU, such a great tradition is being carried on in the more strengthened form by Comrade Kim Jong Un, and the world progressive people are greatly encouraged by the Korean people’s struggle who perform miracles and innovations to advance as ever along the road of their choice despite the stifling attempts by the allied imperialist forces, thus turning out in the struggle for realization of the cause of independence against imperialism.
We will, in the future, too, strive to accomplish the revolutionary cause of Juche by maintaining the tradition of the DIU and by holding high the banner of Juche idea and independence, thereby building up a socialist power on this land where people’s dream and ideals have been translated into reality.


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