On the occasion of the 74th Founding Anniversary (National Day) of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 74 Years of Progress and Prosperity under the Banner of Juche Idea

Twenty seven years have already passed since President KIM IL SUNG, a great man of the 20th century, passed away (July 8,1994) and  ten  years have passed since Leader Comrade KIM JONG IL, the bright star of  Korea, passed away (December 17, 2011) The progressive mankind of the world who treasure peace and justice looks back upon the exploits they made for realizing the cause of global independence and then  the struggle they performed for progress and prosperity under the banner of Juche Idea and Songun policy. 
The whole history of Korea is the life history of President KIM IL SUNG. So without mentioning his greatness, achievements, his  politics of love and trust to the people , the article will be incomplete.
President KIM IL SUNG, founder of socialist Korea, literally means the Sun in the sky. As the Sun shines forever, so does the august name of great leader President KIM IL SUNG. Great Leader President KIM IL SUNG is symbolic of the national liberation struggle and the era of independence.
Generalissimo President KIM IL SUNG liberated Korea after waging 15-year-long anti-Japanese armed struggle and established the people’s country. He defeated the United States that prided itself on being the world’s “strongest” in the Korean War (1950-1953), for the first time in history and safeguarded national sovereignty and dignity with credit and he led to victory the post-war rehabilitation, socialist revolution and the several stages of socialist construction. Thus, President KIM IL SUNG set a world’s example in the struggle for accomplishing the cause of independence of the masses.
The Father of the nation, President KIM IL SUNG on the way to liberating Korea from the Japanese colonial rule, founded the Juche idea and illuminated the road of struggle to shape the destiny of the popular masses, thereby ushering in a new era of human love in the world history of politics. The Juche idea is based on the philosophical principle that man is the master of everything and decides everything. In other words, it holds people as the most precious and powerful being in the world. They are the masters and motive force in the revolution and construction. The President kept this idea as the philosophy of his politics and consistently reflected it in practice. 
Leader KIM JOING IL said that President KIM IL SUNG is the great thinker and theoretician who founded the immortal Juche Idea which takes the highest and most brilliant position in the history of human thought. President KIM IL SUNG was the peerlessly great thinker whose Juche idea clarifies the philosophical principle, socio-historical principle and the guiding principles of the revolution and construction. His Juche idea and Songun idea are likened to the light of the Sun that illumines the way to be followed by mankind, while his virtue and moral obligation are to the heat of the Sun that gives life to all organisms. 
In the liberated country, great leader Comrade KIM IL SUNG promulgated the laws on agrarian reform, on the nationalization of major industries, on sex equality, on labour and others, making the people genuine masters of land, factories and their own destiny. Furthermore, he had democratic elections held in Korea for the first time in its history, getting the ordinary people to take part in state and political affairs. The People’s Assembly of North Korea, the first supreme organ of state power established in February 1947, was composed of 237 deputies in total, among whom 52 were workers, 62 were peasants, 31 were businessmen, tradesmen, handicraftsmen and religious people, and not a few intellectuals and women. The present Supreme People’s Assembly of the DPRK is also represented by representatives of all walks of life, including workers and peasants, who play important roles in policy-making of the state. 
 Farsighted President KIM IL SUNG fast forwarded the position in developing the country’s economy and culture. In December 1956 the steel-making industry of Korea was faced with a heavy task of producing 10,000 more tons of steel. Officials of the then Kangson Steel Plant, bearing the brunt of the task, were at loss to find its solution.  After the President  met the workers and encouraged them to increased production,  the workers worked a miracle of rolling  120.000 tons of steel using a blooming mill with a 60,000-ton capacity. In the course of this, the torch of Chollima Movement was kindled and spread all over the country, developing Korea, once a backward agricultural state, into a powerful socialist industrial one in a short period of only 14 years.
Freedom fighter President KIM IL SUNG also  set forth the slogan “People of the Whole World Aspiring after Independence, Unite!” and clarified the orientation and ways for opposing imperialist and dominationist forces, abolishing the outdated international order of domination and subordination and establishing a new, fair one. He also provided active support to the anti-imperialist, anti-fascist struggle of the people in foreign countries. The non-aligned movement, a powerful anti-imperialist and independent force in the 20th century, is associated with deep concern and energetic efforts of President KIM IL SUNG.
When socialism was frustrated in several countries and it led many people to ideological uncertainty and disorder between the end of the 1980s and the early 1990s,  great thinker President KIM IL SUNG met figures of the political and social circles from many countries, inspiring them to cherish a firm conviction in socialism and advance to cause of independence without giving it up halfway and Pyongyang Declaration was adopted in April, 1992 titled -” Let Us Defend and Advance the Cause of Socialism, which was signed by the leaders and representatives of tens of progressive political parties from around the world. His name and the exploits he achieved for the cause of global independence have been engraved in the hearts of mankind and will shine forever!
After the sad demise of beloved President KIM IL SUNG, the Great Leader Comrade  KIM JONG IL, the true successor of the Korean revolution completed remarkable achievements as guardian of  Juche idea, Socialism and Justice. He conducted energetic activities for the victory of socialist cause, global peace and stability and friendship and solidarity among peoples under the uplifted banner of independence against imperialism thus raising the international position and prestige of the DPRK and making immortal contribution to the human cause of independence. Comrade    KIM JONG IL’s contributions and achievements will remain in golden letters in the history of mankind.
“Socialism is a Science!” “Abusing Socialism is intolerable!” - said dear leader Comrade KIM JONG IL and protected, the dear socialism of the Korean people in high dignity through his brilliant and practical line of Songun politics in his life time. Comrade KIM JONG IL’s 47-years long leadership is memorable among the entire Korean people and the progressive people of the world, because he gave importance in Comradeship and believed in the Politics of Love and Trust which was the weapon of his victory. Leader KIM JONG IL used to say - “People are teachers and creators of all things. If there is an almighty being in the world, it is none other than the people. Therefore, the leader and the party should serve the people.”
Much loved great thinker Comrade KIM JONG IL will be in our hearts always for his immortal contributions for independent and peaceful reunification of Korea and tireless efforts to conclude June 15, 2000 Joint North-South Pyongyang Declaration by inviting South Korean President Mr. Kim Dae-jong in Pyongyang and was a historical success to be remembered. Inter-Korea Summit and the August 04, 1997 North-South joint statement on 3 principles of national reunification and 10-points program for achieving great national unity of entire nation, By Our Nation itself! And the proposal of Democratic Confederal Republic of Koryo (DCRK) was the historic achievements to be remembered.
After June 15 new era of reunification, the DPRK-USA joint communiqué, US State Secretary Visit to DPRK, Japanese Prime Minister’s visit to Pyongyang were also historical events on the way to develop mutual understanding among the nations concern and on the way to achieve independent and peaceful reunification of Korea. These all became possible only through his practical implementation of farsighted Songun policy.
 Dear Leader KIM JONG IL’s  practical steps to strengthen the Juche and Songun policy along with the lunching of  the August 31st 1998 Artificial Satellite Kwang Gong Song-1 ; October 09, 2006 first Nuclear Test of the DPRK;  lunching of April 05, 2009 Kwanggong Song 2nd; May 25, 2009 second nuclear test  are some of the great achievements of his brilliant Songun leadership, the world history has mentioned  them in golden letters.
Thanks to the great men of Mt. Paektu  eternal President great leader respected Comrade KIM IL SUNG and eternal dear great leader Comrade KIM JONG IL, today, the idea of self reliance and army -first politics are developed in all fields of the Korean people’s live. Therefore, Korea has become a strong and powerful socialist country, independent in ideology, self-reliance in economy and capable in defending the sovereignty of the country. Korean people are enjoying happy life receiving basic needs of their life free and compulsory education, free medical care, and above all love and affection from the great leaders and Korea is now free from pollution, free from any kind of tax system, free from any dangerous diseases AIDS  and Covid -19 pandemic and its variants among other. These all became possible only through the implication of the policy of self-reliance and Songun and trusting and loving the people with fatherly care by President  KIM IL SUNG, dear leader Comrade                KIM JONG IL and  now are being defended wisely by the great leader His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK, General Secretary of the Workers’ party of Korea and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces of the DPRK.
Lastly, I cannot conclude my article without mentioning  that the greatest contribution of leader KIM JONG IL was to handover the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, which he had received from President KIM IL SUNG, to the  true successor of the Korean revolution His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN raising it in still strong, self reliant Songun Korea. 
Availing of this opportunity I wish to extend my best wishes to His Excellency. Marshal KIM JONG UN, President of the State Affairs of the DPRK for good health and happiness to lead the Worker’s Party of Korea, Armed forces of the DPRK and the Korean people’s just struggle to achieve independent and peaceful reunification of Korea and to build a prosperous socialist nation under Marshal KIM JONG UN’s superb Songun revolutionary leadership, which were the lifelong aspiration of respected President KIM IL SUNG and dear Comrade KIM JONG IL
-Phanindra Raj Pant
General Secretary, Nepal-Korea Friendship Association
EXBU Member, Asia-Pacific Regional Committee
for Peaceful reunification of Korea (APRCPRK) - 

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