Nepal: Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan and China-US tension

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Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan was a big bang, the world saw it all.

The war between Russia and Ukraine spread to Taiwan.  Pelosi's visit on August 2 has more heated up Asia.  The tide of high-voltage conflict has risen between the US, the world power, and China, which is in the race to become the world power.  Its heat have been experienced all over the world.

 Speaker of the US House of Representatives since 2019, Pelosi is considered a hard-hitting high-profile politician.  She is a critic of former President Donald Trump.  She is also a strict leader who says that there are no human rights and democracy in China.

 China considers Taiwan as its own, Pelocy considers it independent and sovereign.  This is what Pelosi's visit and debate is all about.  President Joe Biden didn't want the visit, but the tough-tempered Pelosi did.  China was also provoked to conduct military exercises for this reason.  There was also a threat of a world war.  According to the 1972 Shanghai Agreement, the US recognizes one China and reaffirms its interest in a peaceful solution to the Taiwan issue.  At that time, Richard Nixon was the president, he reached China and gave this speech.  Since then, the US-China formal relationship has now reached a state of shipwreck.  The conflict between the two economic and strategic powers has greatly increased.

 There are many disputes.  Westerners see Russia's invasion of Ukraine, China's hegemony in Tibet, Taiwan and China's growing inhumanity as different from the Chinese regime.

 Pelosi's visit was taken by China as an unnatural intervention, which has brought the polarized world to the stage of dangerous polarization.  This is the reason for the danger of confrontation.  Pelosi's adventure is more than a headache for China and the US president.

 The Ukrainian issue is leading the world towards economic chaos.  Now, Pelosi's visit has put America in a bigger competition with Russia and China.

 America thinks of human rights and democracy, China and Russia think of communism.  Everyone should think that this fire should not burn.

 While the world was raging in controversy, the Chinese ambassador to Nepal, Hou Yanchi, met the party leaders of Nepal, the foreign minister was called to China and was made to say once again that Nepal is committed to the 'one China policy'.  After reaching China, Nepal government said - Nepal always supports one China policy.  Both Nepal and China have been respecting each other's sovereignty, geographical integrity and national independence.  Nepal is in favor of continuous peace and stability in this region.  After passing the MCC, China was afraid - Nepal will change its policy, won't it?  Now China is confident.

China did not speak when multi-party came to Nepal, when there was a palace massacre, when the monarchy was overthrown, when federalism was imposed, when India ate the territory of Nepal. How did China prepare to trade with India from Nepal's Lipulekh? Why is China closing the border with Nepal unannounced after the earthquake? These are profound questions for Nepal.

Now,  Nepal has already accepted the cooperation by passing the MCC, everyone believes that the SPP has been implemented.  Of course, everyone is interested in Nepal's inclination towards America.

 It is to be remembered that Nepal does not want to exclude either North-South or West.  Yes, there has definitely been a decline in Nepali diplomatic ability.  America may have been hurt by Nepal's expression, but America has understood - it has understood the terrible geopolitical situation of Nepal, which is like a Yam  between two stones.  The rise of communists in Nepal is due to poverty, Nepalese consider democracy as a way of life.  America has understood that India is a bare sword for Nepal, China is only a partner for her interests and benefits.  Nepal needs democracy, good governance, human rights, infrastructure and employment.

Everyone understands – Nepali leaders play a dual role. They are incompetent and unaccountable.  They have many tongues, their tunics change according to the season.  As Nepal's monarchy was abolished by Delhi's 12-point agreement.  Federalism was brought in without the people asking for it.  They used to say that we will throw away autocracy, and became a representative character of autocracy.  Even leftist leaders Narayanman Bijukche and Jhalnath Khanal became Delhi supporters.  Now they have become the branches of Beijing.  Oli, Prachanda speaks according to their own interests and takes decisions.  Congress is spread from Delhi to Washington.  The original question is many, who is the plaintiff in Nepal?  In 15 years of system change, a king was thrown, many kings came.  Those who seem to be swimming in the pool of corruption.  People are poor, forced to worship fake coins.

 Nepal seems like a protectorate of India.  As Nepali territories like Kalapani and Lipulek were transferred to the Indian map, there is a suspicion that Nepal will not be transferred in the same way.  The leadership of Nepal and the leadership of Sikkim in 1975 seem to be the same.  The danger of such an announcement from the parliament has increased.  Recently, the RAW (research and analysis wing- India) passed the Citizenship Bill from the Parliament of Nepal.  There are many Indian citizens in Nepal's parliament.  They played the role of changing the name and flag of Nepal during the making of the constitution, but failed by 2 votes.  There is no one as powerful as RAW in Nepal.  China has started to appear transparent, with the entry of the US, China and India can be felt in a state of shock.

 On August 4, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres spoke about Pelosi's visit to Taiwan.  He says that according to the resolution 2758 of the General Assembly passed in 1971, Taipei does not recognize China.  South Korean President Yoon Suk-Yeol, who will become a geopolitical power, has also been discussed about Pelosi's visit.  It is clear that Korea has been close to America for decades.  He is far away from Chinese anger. But, Pelosi interacted with the Korean parliamentarian.

 What is India?  India is a cheating partner in relation to the Quad and the US.  Because they have gone to Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Germany, Pakistan, Arab Emirates, Afghanistan, Myanmar with the support of China.

 Speaking to CGTN on August 5, renowned journalist Robert Lawrence Kuhn said - After 25 years, a high-ranking American official visited Taiwan.  It was a tacit encouragement of semi-independence.  Because Taiwan hates China.

 He says - Pelosi went with the intention of recognizing Taiwan as an independent country.

 Even now, it is a matter of international interest - if the US believes in a one-China policy, why did Pelosi visit Taiwan?  America should understand that Pelosi's visit has increased sympathy for China.

 Taiwan has dared to challenge China.  America was in favor of it.  What if there is a war between emerging power China and strong America?

 America and China should maintain harmony for world peace and humanity.

 Questions with America and China?

 America is not a policeman, but a guardian of democracy.  China should not put restrictions on democracy and human rights.

 This is the truth that the world wants.

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