Is America Ready ?

The first state visit to the USA was made in 27–30 April 1960 . King Mahendra was accompanied by the Queen Ratna . They were received by President Dwight D . Eisenhower . He addressed the joint session of the U .S . Congress in April 28 In the meeting between the President and the King, they discussed about lasting peace and international justice . And both agreed to strengthen the bilateral relationship . The second visit was made in 1–3 November 1967 . The royal couple was greeted by the President Lyndon B Johnson and Mrs . Johnson in Washington DC in 1967 . The royal couple of Nepal was greeted with the ‘guard of honor’ . The king and the president discussed about the foreign affairs and agreed to support the efforts of the United Nations . 
Nepal’s King Birendra and Queen Aiswarya in their 1983 State visit to the United States, with the then President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy Reagan . The President spoke at 10:10 a .m . on the South Lawn of the White House, where King Birendra was accorded a formal welcome with full military honors . Following the ceremony, the President and the King met in the Oval Office . They were then joined by U .S . and Nepalese officials for further discussions .
This was the foundation of the historic relationship between Nepal and the United States . The interventionist politics of Nepal’s neighbors has tried to disrupt the 75-year old historical relationship, can it be saved?
Attempts were made by visibly India and invisibly China-communists to destroy this foundation . Which is unfortunate Because MCC, SPP was not imposed on Nepal .
Nepal request for MCC, USA gave . Nepal asked for SPP, USA gave . The communists had a great quarrel over the MCC . The United States builds an army base in Nepal . US army robs Women . Carries out anti-China activities from Nepali territory . Spread many misinformation . Nepalis took Nepalis to the streets and made them fight . USA was insulted . In the end, these same parties passed the MCC from the parliament . Accepted .
The SPP was also accused of insulting the United States . The dispute has been stopped after the government said it would not implement it immediately . The question is, they are the ones who run the government, they are the ones who have demanded it . It was the leadership’s inability to blame the United States .
The result of all these activities is not far-sighted in Nepali leaders . They cannot decide for themselves . By the neighbors, they jump up and down, squealing loudly . They don’t even discuss what is needed for Nepal . Leadership incompetence had disrupted the relationship for nearly 75 years .
Nepal-US relationship is deep, deep .
However, Nepal’s economy, which is among the big giants, is dependent on India and China . China and India are also at the center of politics and diplomacy . The world diplomatic heights developed by the kings have been destroyed by these leaders . The world used to listen to what Nepal said in the time of the king, but today that situation has deteriorated . Therefore, whatever our leaders say in the future, their close ties are based on India or China . The internal status of our leadership is very weak . They make mistakes on their own and do not hesitate to blame their friends . Anti-American sentiment is a leadership mistake .
If Nepal is to be freed from unnecessary pressure from the North and South, and if Nepal is understood to be the oldest non-aligned nation, the United States can re-support Nepal’s peace zone proposal by encouraging Nepal . Nepal can get rid of foreign policy instability . There will be historic support for Nepal . When Nepal becomes non-aligned, our friendship may deepen . Nepal’s policy will continue to be defined by India and China will end .
Nepal is an old nation . Every Nepali has Nepaliness . The US wants democracy, human rights, development in Nepal, not military disguise . If USA respect Nepal’s geopolitics,, it should be said that the backbone of Nepal’s foreign policy is the zone of peace . It should be said that there is no goal to build a military camp . then all the anti-American rumors will die . China, India will be defeated . Long live America in Nepal .
Then Nepalis will understand the importance of MCC and SPP in Nepal . What is the significance of the huge assistance provided by USAID? What is the weight of the corona vaccine and other development partnerships? How Nepalis became one on the map of Nepal, Nepalis will be one in the same way from the American point of view .
It is not easy for any nation to honor Nepal in such a way that the United States has the opportunity . Now the abusive party, the leader and the youth will start praising America . If that happens, Nepal’s big neighbors will not be able to do politics . Terrorism and communism will fall like iron rust .
Is America ready? 


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