DPRK Foreign Ministry Official Lashes at G7 Summit

Jo Chol Su, director general of the Department of International Organizations of the DPRK Foreign Ministry, Saturday gave the following answer to a question put by the KCNA over the fact that the G7 summit released a joint statement finding fault with the DPRK’s self-defensive measures:
Shortly ago, the G7, a group representing the interests of a small number of states including the U.S. and Japan, took issue with the DPRK for no ground.
The G7 is not qualified for behaving itself as “defender of international order” and “guardian of human rights” in any respect.
Among the G7 is a country that has massively developed, deployed and sold lethal weapons for aggression with investment of huge funds, as the world’s biggest nuclear weapons state, and does not hesitate to proliferate even the nuclear technology for realization of its ambition for hegemony.
And included in it are a country that killed many innocent civilians while engaging itself in aggression against sovereign states in wanton violation of the international laws including the UN Charter and a country that has fished in troubled waters by inciting confrontation and conflicts among other countries.
Among it, there are also the typical countries that have failed to prevent the global pandemic, causing the worldwide “lack of vaccine” and claiming many human losses due to poor reaction to the crisis, but only seeking their own interests.
Such G7 now finds fault with other countries for no ground and admonishes them, setting double standards for its narrow-mindedness and unjustifiable interests and temper. This behavior itself is a mockery and insult to the world community.
Our step for bolstering up the self-defensive military capability is a reasonable and legitimate exercise of the right to self-defence to defend our state’s rights and interests from the threat of the U.S., the world biggest nuclear weapons state and wrecker to world peace and security. So, anyone has no right to blame it
We will never stand back on the road of justice for defending the dignity and sovereignty of our state whatever words from others.
The G7 is little short of a “group of nobles” that makes desperate efforts to recover their old position while lamenting over their fate destined to sink like the setting sun. It has neither ability nor justification to lead the world community and moreover, no right to admonish others.



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