Overall, the recent US debate has made the following clear.

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Co-opration SoceityFearing further controversy over the SPP while staying in Nepal, army chief Sharma has gone on a long visit. During this visit, the Nepal Army seems to have to give a clear answer to the United States regarding the SPP. Therefore, Prime Minister Deuba seems to be in further controversy along with army chief Sharma over the issue of SPP. To avoid this controversy, Prime Minister Deuba’s visit to the United States may be postponed due to election reasons. The government may announce federal and state elections in the first week of Mansir on Asar 25. Since the government will be care taker only after the announcement of the election, the government has no right to do anything other than what it has to do. Overall, the recent US debate has made the following clear.

1. The United States is preparing to sign a strategic agreement with Nepal at any cost. Sooner or later, the US military presence in Nepal seems certain.

2. The Nepali Congress has reached an acceptable position whatever the US says. In the current situation, if the UML can be managed, the desire of the United States in Nepal will be easily fulfilled.

3. The Nepal Army is getting closer to the United States than the Nepalese government. In other words, the army seems to be exercising its own government.

4. In difficult times, the United States has great expectations with the Nepal Army, not with the political parties. In other words, the Nepal Army has reached in the training of Indo-Pacific Command.

5. Stopping the SPP means dissolving Deuba’s government before the US visit. Fearing the dissolution of the government, Deuba has not announced the date of his visit to the United States. Deuba’s visit is automatically postponed if the government is dissolved.

6. By announcing the general election, Prime Minister Deuba may postpone his visit to the United States himself. This is the best option for Prime Minister Deuba to stop the SPP from making election agenda in the upcoming elections.

7. During his visit to the United States, Deuba will share the platform with Taiwanese rights activists. Probably representatives of the independent Tibetan government will also attend the event along with Deuba. In such a scenario, Prime Minister Deuba’s visit to the US may be postponed to avoid further pressure from China.

8. There is a possibility of signing the SOFA by interpreting it as a program of mutual support. The then Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai had tried unsuccessfully to reach on SOFA agreement with the United States.

9. Prime Minister Deuba may be interested in China, especially in the case of BRI, to avoid the accusation of working in the US only. The Prime Minister seems to be equally active in paving the way for not only advancing some projects for BRI but also facilitating Chinese projects in Nepal.

10. In such a situation, the construction work of Budhi Gandaki Hydropower Project may again go into the hands of Chinese company. By signing an agreement with China on a mega project, trying to find a way to get rid of the accusation that he only in favour of America, he may be freed from the accusation of making foreign relations one way as well.


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