It is possible only in DPRK's Socialism based on popular masses

Unfortunately the waves of Corona entered into the land of DPRK, which was unknown to this land for three years when entire world was heavily suffering from it and the world lost more than 6 million people from Pandemic Covid-19.

          The waves of Covid variant was seen in the land of DPR Korea on May 12 and notably increased 3days regularly until May 15 when 260000 cases were recorded and then from May 16 it began to decrease day by day, and now it is completely under the control.

           What a miracle?

          The same day when it is found,  His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN, President of the State Affairs of DPRK took rapid action and called on Polit-bureau meeting where all immediate measures were decided to control the increasing viruses.  Noting that today's epidemic prevention campaign is the one for the people and the one whose masters are the people, he repeatedly called on all the officials to make selfless, devoted efforts for the good of the people with the mindset that they would bear full responsibility for the safety of the country and the well-being of the people.

Saying that redoubled efforts should be made to stabilize the people's life, he stressed the need to more scrupulously organize the work for providing the living conditions and the supply of daily necessities and make every effort to meet the inhabitants' demand for medical treatment and ensure the conditions for it as much as possible.

The military doctors and health workers were mobilized with necessary medicines all areas of urgent need.  The mobilization of the Korean People's Army to fight the epidemic was a decisive and resolute measure.

          Second day, in a emergency meeting of the Workers' Party of Korea, Marshal KIM JONG UN handed all the medicines kept in his residence for emergency purposes to distribute the affected people and instructed all the Central Committee Members and party workers to help with the medicines and other necessary requirements to the needy people and behave them like one's own family member.

          Party members started to implement the kind advice and instructions by their respected Leader and share their medicines, food whatever they had extra in their houses from the next day to the virus-affected people around them  and  took care with love and affection.

          His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN also visited medical shops and acquired information of the availability of the medicines and other necessary goods to completely control the variant of the Covid.

          He affirmed that he would arouse the whole Party like active volcano once again under the state emergency situation to make the tested leadership peculiar to the Workers` Party of Korea proven before the history and times and fulfill its responsibility and thus defend the wellbeing of the country and the people without fail and demonstrate to the whole world the strength and the spirit of heroic Korea once again.

          These are some of the notable prompt activities of the Leader, Party and the Armed Forces of Korea which made possible to control it within a notable period without witnessing any heavy damage to the people and the nation.

          The news that People's Korea is winning victory in the great epidemic war is very encouraging. The containment of the virus in  People's  Korea is due to the effective measures taken by the Party and government of the DPRK led by His Excellency Marshal KIM JONG UN.

          All these facts are testimony to the superiority of the socialist system and the vitality of the Juche Idea.

          - This can be seen only in the people based Socialism in DPR of Korea!

          - This can happen   only in Korea, where Workers' Party of Korea led by H.E. Marshal KIM JONG UN and based on the popular masses is seen as the Savior of the nation!

- PR  Pant

Nepal-Korea Friendship Association


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