DPRK : Orphans Grow Up Cheerfully

Orphans Grow Up Cheerfully
Under the special concern of the ruling Workers’ Party of Korea and the government of the Republic, orphans in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea grow up cheerfully without feeling any worry at the institutions of learning built exclusively for them. 

Schoolchildren in New School Uniforms

In the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea all students, ranging from those of primary school to those of university, are supplied with school uniforms and other school things at state expense.
First Lesson at School
These are the first-year pupils of a primary school at the first lesson of the new school year of 2022 that started on April 1. They will receive free compulsory education for five years at primary school, three years at junior middle school and another three years at senior middle school.

Day-Care Centre for Children at Factory

Workers of the Pyongyang Kim Jong Suk Silk Mill in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea are going home with their children after a day’s work.
As every industrial enterprise in the country has a nursery, kindergarten and clinic, women workers are engaged in worthwhile labour without feeling any worry.

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