Capital Punishment for Criminals : Good or Bad?

We don't live in a utopia. Our world is full of crimes and misery. Every person has commited at least one minor or major crime. In fact, due to the excessive of such bad crimes, capital punishment was first enacted by King Hammurabi of Babylon in the Eighteenth century under certain conditions. Capital punishment is a state-sanctioned practice of killing a person for a crime. It is also known as death penalty. However, modern capital punishments or else the development of the same is vastly different from its origin. Currently, fifty-four countries retain death penalty constitutionally while twenty-seven countries are abolitionist in retention. This is a very difficult topic for discussion, so I will present one as well as the other side of the topic.

Capital Punishment had, has and will have reduced the number of crimes to make the society a better place. It does take a toll in people psychologically for some time. But, this doesn't change the fact that the effective implementation of death penalty of criminals sanitizes the society. Countries like Saudi Arabia still practice death penalty for serious crimes like rape, murder, gang violence and even anti-Islamic activities. This supports the reduction of murder cases there. Another perfect example is death penalty of an Indonesian teacher who raped 13 students in a Islamic school. Though not acknowledged officially, this news has probably stopped future rape cases there because of butterfly effect. So many people here in Nepal too support the idea of death penalty for rapists and murderers even though the constitution prohibits any such sentence under article 16 sub-article 2. However, there is a provision of life imprisonment for extreme cases.

However we are in the 21st century, the main feature of the present age is civil liberty, equity and dignity. People have started to realize that capital punishment is such a medieval practice so many countries abolished the practice at the end of 20th century as a way of keeping up. There are many questions for this practice, "Who makes sure who is right and wrong?" They aren't wrong either. If capital punishment sanitizes the society, then why isn't our society clean yet?Who has the right to decide the existence of another human being either? We can take the French revolution as an example. The guillotine was introduced by the revolutionaries as a method to eliminate the criminal until the revolutionaries started killing each other for their own power. There was mass execution of the public here and there. "You don't agree with me? Head to the guillotine..." all until the leader of the revolution were executed themselves. Capital punishment is bad because how can we ensure that a person is innocent or not? Isn't playing with literal life over an accusation that too in the mercy of corrupted hands? Also, why do we let criminals a free exit from their evil path? Let them rot in hell. 

Capital punishment to me is bad. Why do people even argue over the implementation of such inhumane law seeing the example of other countries that too countries like Saudi Arabia and Iran, countries where the public and the government is openly racist, sexist and discriminatory. Death penalty violates an individual's basic human rights. Being social creature, aren't we smart enough to understand that people have certain conditions and not everyone is the same. However, I don't mean to let dirty little criminals roam free. I mean to let them rot inside prison forever all while following amnesty codes. Mahatma Gandhi  famously quoted," An eye for an eye leaves the whole world blind." What ensures that capital punishment prevents anarchy when the anarchists themselves chop, slice or shoot others. Capital punishment is only the bandage for a wound, not the medicine, so betting our whole social structure and social security in it is like making an house of cards, it is inevitable that it will fall apart.

I want to conclude the article saying that living in a dystopian society, there is no permanent solution to free our society from evils but certainly there isn't lack of effective solutions. Alternatively, if we can reach the moon and aim for the stars, perhaps we can close this debate forever with a better antidote.

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