Russia's invasion and Ukraine's response could be an education for Nepal

By Rajan Karki - - -

On 24 February, Vladimir Putin invaded Ukraine. Despite half-baked rationales for war, the world largely sees the invasion for what it is: a land-grab by a power-hungry autocrat.

Perhaps that is why the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in The Hague has ordered Russia to immediately suspend its invasion of Ukraine. This is a binding order. This is the order of 13 out of 15 judges. Russia's foreign ministry said in a statement that it had no evidence that Russia had carried out the attack. Two judges from Russia and China have given their opinions.

Analysts have said that illegitimate is illegitimate. Among the lies produced by Russian President Vladimir Putin to justify an attack on Ukraine is the bizarre claim of "eliminating the Nazis" from Ukraine and its leadership. Putin called the attack on Ukraine "a way to protect people from persecution and genocide." Putin said Russia would work to disarm Ukraine and eliminate the Nazis. World War I of 1941 had another cause. The German army was hailed as "Hell Hitler" in Kiev, Ukraine. Soon after, 34,000 Jews and dissidents were driven out of the city and killed. Which is still considered inhumane today as 'Holocaust by Bullets'. Russia's attack on Ukraine also targeted hospitals, children and the elderly. It looks like a mass grave in Ukraine. Why not condemn 'Holocaust by Bullets'?
To prove it, they damaged human civilization by firing missiles and dropping bombs. Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky is Jewish and his family members were killed in World War II. Calling Jalensi a Nazi is Putin's war frenzy. It is an expression of revenge.
This period should be the period of humanity. Russia has launched a military offensive to stifle the voice of humanity. Russia must be strong, was it necessary for such a massacre to be strong? The reprehensible use of Russian force is a disgrace to the modern age.
Punishing Ukrainians is a crime against humanity. How can a Ukrainian parliamentarian or a Russian leader or anyone else call genocide the brightest time in human history? Could this century be so ugly? Didn't everyone see who the Nazis were, as the Russian president bombed and set fire to Ukrainian civilians?

In 2014, Putin occupied Crimea. In 2018, US aid to Ukraine was banned from being used by the neo-Nazi "Azov Battalion" for military purposes. In any case, the firing of weapons on the Ukrainian people is not justified. Residents of Odessa, Kharkiv and the eastern region are terrified of Putin. As a result of the war, more than 2.5 million Ukrainians are fleeing the country.

Russia's attack on Ukraine is the most frightening fact in history. Those who are humanitarians must stand up for Ukraine.

The powers-that-be fear that Russia will be able to use chemical and biological weapons if it is difficult to defeat Ukraine. The same is true of the White House. Spokeswoman Jane Psaki called for restraint. She has denied Russia's claims that Russia is developing chemical weapons (small-scale nuclear weapons) in Ukraine. Russia is lying more. It is noteworthy that chemical weapons were used in Syria because of its involvement with Russia. Russia is not ashamed of such a huge humanitarian loss.

Nepal's geopolitical significance is different. Nepal's geography has placed it between two rising superpowers, China and India, who will lead the world into this new era. Will these juggernauts choose take the world back to a time of conquest, where "might is right", or will they help us find a better way? The answer to this question may depend on whether China and India underwrite Putin's land-grab.

For Nepal, Russia's attack and Ukraine's response will be education. Nepal does not hesitate to make mature political and diplomatic decisions on where to stand, how to stand and survive.

About Russia's invasion of Ukraine, China and India's early response to the war has been disheartening. China signed a major bilateral agreement with Russia as it eyes the island of Taiwan. For its part, India took a callous view, signaling it is more interested in buying Russian weapons that standing up for Ukrainian women and children, who are being murdered by the these same weapons.

Nepalis must watch China and India's next steps closely. will they eventually stand-up for Ukraine, thereby leading the nations of the world to an era of peace? or will our sons and grandsons be forced to defend Nepali soil in an era of conquest?

Russia's passive invasion of Ukraine is a violation of the Panchsheel principle adopted by China since the time of Chou En Lai in 1950. China has the privilege of standing at its own price, not the facility to break the price. Therefore, China must provide special assistance for peace and reconstruction in Ukraine. China, for an unconditional ceasefire and peace, can provide humanitarian aid to those who survived the brutal bombing by Russia and help rebuild Ukraine's destroyed structures. Russia set fire to Ukraine, creating an extremely difficult situation. Ukraine has been a member of China's BRI since 2017. Can China be indifferent towards member nations? At a time when the West is imposing sanctions on Russia to stop Russia's aggression, only China can bring Russian ruler Putin on a humanitarian path. Therefore, China has the opportunity to extinguish the fires of war and to be an honest facilitator of conflict resolution. If China takes the lead, the war could end. Chinese President Xi Jinping also said that China should take the lead in achieving the heights of "modern socialist state" and "shared prosperity" by 2049.

Russia's war frenzy has devastated Ukraine. The heartbreaking sight of Ukrainians and people arriving in Ukraine is shocking the world. Even so, owning one is still beyond the reach of the average person.

Even if Russia annexes Ukraine, the organized rebellion will continue to be a far-reaching wound, like the Chechen rebellion. Whether Russia's invasion of Ukraine is the seed of the Cold War or of World War II, the world must pay attention to it.

Nepal stood for justice. Non-aligned Nepal has opposed the attack. What is non-attachment? The debate is going on within Nepal. Analysts say non-alignment does not mean neutrality. It is recalled that the then Foreign Minister Chuda Prasad Sharma (1957), who initiated Nepal's non-aligned foreign policy, addressed the 11th General Assembly of the United Nations. Non-aligned policy means not engaging in factions, speaking out against injustice.

Probably in line with this policy, Nepal condemned Russia's injustice done to Ukraine in the UN vote and 141 out of 193 members, including Nepal and Bhutan, voted against the Russian aggression and voted in favor of the resolution. Russia's supporters include Belarus, North Korea, Eritrea and Syria. India, China, Pakistan and Bangladesh are among the 35 non-voting nations.

Non-alignment and Panchsheel are the guiding principles of Nepal, Nepal should stand on the same principles. Nepal's unwavering stand in favor of sovereignty, independence, independence and geographical integrity cannot be disturbed. Not at all. Nepal must be free from diplomatic inferiority complex. This will ensure the future of Nepal. Ukraine, a relatively prosperous country in Europe, is rapidly turning to ashes. Russian President Vladimir Putin is trying to turn it into ashes. In the name of its national interest, the Russian leadership is using all its military might as a superpower against its neighbors millions of times smaller than itself. No one can predict how far Putin's genocidal fire will spread and last.
Although Putin has been elected president in Russia, which is intent on turning Ukraine into a graveyard and ashes, it has become a modern incarnation of Stalin and Hitler. Russia Forgets - In 1990, a storm of human rights and freedoms tore Soviet Russia to 15 pieces. Former KGB chief Putin rose to power in 1999, becoming deputy prime minister, acting president in 2000, and then president and prime minister. Putin, who has seen the rise and fall of power since he was in the KGV, considers himself powerful. Russia, which occupies a large part of the world, did not think big.

Putin wants constitutionally occupied Crimea to be recognized as part of Russia, Luhansk and Dohens to be recognized by Ukraine as an independent state, and Ukraine to secede from the Western military alliance in any case. To celebrate this, Russia is constantly attacking Ukraine with bombs, ammunition, missiles, fighter jets and tanks.

What kind of argument is this that you have to live under my umbrella? Some are dying in Ukraine. Some are injured and screaming. They are fleeing as refugees to save their lives. The heart of the child seems to be in disarray. Will the tears of old age, the compassionate cries of mothers fleeing with their little children under their arms, burn Putin or not?

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