The message of 'Kashmir Files' is to provoke riots

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Nepal wants peace and harmony in South Asia. The film against this wish has been made public - Kashmir Files. Spreading provocative sentiments among Hindus and Muslims has a detrimental effect not only in South Asia but all over the world. The Indian government did not pay attention to this. Analysts have accused the ruling Modi government of looking only at its own political gain.

The Muslim-Hindu conflict in India which split in 1947, has not been resolved for 75 years. The film 'Kashmir Files' has been released in India to aggravate the already existing divide in Indian society which has been witnessed in recent past in shape of attacks on Muslims and Christians. The recent film is seen as a threat to Hindu-Muslim harmony. 

Kashmir is an attractive natural site for Bollywood filming. Kashmir is the geography where Bollywood has filmed the most love songs in the film after Hollywood. Meanwhile, Kashmir Files has been working to add fuel to the fire that has not been extinguished since 1947 to provoke ethnic violence. It is unfortunate from a humanitarian point of view that even the Indian government is trying to divert the natural blood of Kashmir.

The cast of the film is Anupam Kher and the director is Vivek Agnihotri. He has tried to heal the wounds of Kashmir.

With the support and cooperation of the BJP government and RSS in this endeavor, it is clear that the BJP and its sister organization RSS will not hesitate to win the elections in India by inciting Hindu sentiments and poisoning Muslims. RSS led government is following radical Hindutva ideology which is harmful for not only India but for the region. The spill over effects are likely to affect the neighborhood specially Nepal.

The film tells the story of Kashmiri Hindu  Pandit who were forced to live as refugees in their own land after being targeted by some miscreants in the early 90's. The film is seems to be a success for earning money. The success of this film is due to the BJP and Hindutva organizations. Analysts say the BJP has linked its ideology with the Kashmir agenda. Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself and his successors have also promoted the film. The film has received tax breaks in the BJP-ruled provinces. Those who watched the film and submitted tickets have been given leave in the BJP-ruled state. But the storm of malice that the film has spread among Hindus and Muslims by spreading communal hatred is inciting deep violence.

Earlier, the Modi government and BJP leaders had also supported the issue of 'Uri Surgical Strike'. At present, ethnic riots have supported the provocative film. The film seems to incite patronage of Hindutva and hatred against the Muslim community. If there is bloodshed between Hindus and Muslims due to the Kashmir Files film, the Modi government will be responsible for it. Looking at the social media, it is known that Hindu viewers used to express anti-Muslim sentiments after watching the film. The film manages to entertain as well as inform. If social harmony is broken, the result will be unfortunate for humanity.

The Narendra Modi government not only included Kalapani, Limpiyadhura and Lipulek of Nepal on the Indian map, but also annexed the disputed territory to India by repealing Article 370 recognizing Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir as a special state. It is being said that Kashmir Files film is less, Modi government's propaganda is more.

Displaced lives of Kashmiri Pandits are shown in Kashmir files. Serious analysts say that this film is not a complete reality but fabricated stories also included. The film does not show why Kashmir is in turmoil. The purpose of the film is to show that there is a threat to the Hindu minority from the majority Muslim community. The film aims to show that the Muslim community is chasing away Hindus. At that time not only Hindus but also Muslims were killed. That is not shown in the film. Therefore, the film is one-sided. History says that the first political assassination took place on August 31, 1989. They belonged to National Conference leader Mohammad Yusuf Halwai. Earlier, terrorists attacks were also carried out on Muslims. Kashmir's Inspector General of Police GMA Batali narrowly escaped, but his bodyguards were killed. A few days later, GMA Batali's brother Gulshan Batali was killed by terrorists.

During the partition of 1947, many Hindus came to India, many Muslims went to Pakistan. More than two million Hindus and Muslims were killed in the riots. Even after that, the killing spree continued. More than a million people have been killed in Kashmir. Kashmir has become a riot zone due to Indian military intervention. The main reason for the riots was whether it was pro-India or not. The film depicts the assassination of a Hindu former judge. Why was the assassination of 80-year-old Maulana Masudi not shown at the same time? The former minister of the Muslim community of the National Conference, MP was killed. These scenes are suppressed in the film. The film is silent about the fact that many Muslim journalists were killed by the terrorists. Not only Hindus but also Muslims have been standing on the side of India. Nothing is seen in the film.

Kashmir Files digs history, digs unilaterally. Which is a crime to distort history. Such films disturb the peace, helping to destabilize South Asia for a long time to come. This film upsets the society, confuses the society. People increase the differences between people

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