Press Statement by Spokesperson for Korean Association for Human Rights Studies

On March 17, the European Union (EU) has submitted again a “resolution” devoted to viciously finding fault with the DPRK over its human rights situation at the 49th Session of the United Nations Human Rights Council.
Anti-DPRK “human rights resolution” brought forward by the EU every year is a document full of plots and fabrications running through with inveterate repugnance and extreme hostility towards us.
The farce of submitting anti-DPRK “human rights resolution” by the EU this time brought to light double-faced and double-dealing behaviour of the EU which is in its bid to stir up an atmosphere of confrontation while growing impatient to deny the real situation of ensuring human rights of our state as well as its policy thereon, which has the people-first principle as the core.
The standard of our human rights is people, and all our state activities are thoroughly oriented to defending and satisfying the demands and interests of our people.
It is a well-known fact to everybody that the EU, taking sides with the U.S. in its hostile policy against the DPRK, broke off the DPRK-EU human rights dialogue and cooperation which were in full swing, and has been orchestrating anti-DPRK “human rights” racket every year as if it is an annual event since it surprisingly submitted a “resolution” at the 59th Session of the UN Commission on Human Rights.
Even in the face of the worldwide catastrophe caused by the malignant pandemic, large-scale construction of dwelling houses for ordinary working people is in full progress and the Law on Childcare is adopted as the most important policy of the state to ensure more improved upbringing conditions for the growing children. No EU countries would dare to imagine or imitate this reality.
Noble benevolent politics of devotion for the people are unfolded, and all the people are exercising and enjoying to the full their genuine freedom and rights in all fields as the true masters of the country and society. This is none other than our socialist society.
It is quite ridiculous that the EU countries, where horrible acts of human rights violation such as deep-rooted racism, racial discrimination, maltreatment of refugees, police violence, murder and sexual assaults are committed one after another, are saying this and that about the ideal land of people.
It is our invariable stand to show zero tolerance for and take a tough stand to the end if anybody dares to provoke our human rights-our sovereign rights.
The EU would be well-advised to reflect upon the consequences that would arise from its reckless “human rights” racket.
Pyongyang, March 18, Juche 111 (2022)


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