DPRK's system for nursing and upbringing the children

In the Democratic People's Republic of Korea(DPRK), all the pre-school aged children are brought up at the expense of the state and society.       

"The DPRK Law on the Nursing and Upbringing of Children" stipulates the principles arising in the work of nursing and upbringing children and its management. One of the principles is that all the children shall be brought up in nursery schools and kindergartens at the expense of the state and society. In the law, the issues on building nursery schools and kindergartens and on supplying food, clothes, shoes and infants goods to children and other state and social benefits for the children are codified. And the issues on special protection of mothers who have young children; on ensuring good nutrition in children and providing them with medical health care; on treatment of nursery school and kindergarten teachers; on management and administration of nursery schools, kindergartens, orphanages and baby homes and other points are codified in a comprehensive and detailed way.

According to this law, the DPRK regards it as a principle to give the best things the children.

In every part of the country, the children are provided with toys which are good for developing their intellectual powers while satisfying the children's feelings and highly nutrient foodstuff in the nursery schools and kindergartens.

All the cities and counties have got supply stores of goods for children of nursery schools and kindergartens, which are in charge of supplying healthy food including milk, meat, eggs, fruits, vegetables, confectionery, etc.

Apart from that, the nursery schools and kindergartens are providing education aimed at developing the children's intellectual powers, deep emotion and artistic aptitude, and physical strength systematically.

The DPRK also has got weekly nursery schools and kindergartens to help women who are very busy with their jobs such as journalists, professors and teachers, artists, doctors and so on. Factories, enterprises and cooperative farms have got nursery schools and kindergartens for the children of their stuff, which minimizes the difficulties possible to arise in their productive and social activities.      

After visiting the DPRK, an Irish woman wrote in her record of impression that the Korean socialist system, in which the women can participate actively in social life free from all kinds of worries and get provided with every condition by the state, is a dreamland for the Western women. She added that if she could be born again in this world, she would like to be born as a Korean woman.

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