Who is Happy with a Divided Korean Nation?

The “Joint Declaration of South and North Korea on the Denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula” was signed by South and North Korea thirty years ago on 19th February 1992.
Three decades on the South and North still yearn for peace and a denuclearized peninsula - as confirmed in the April 2018 ‘Panmunjeom Declaration for Peace, Prosperity and Unification of the Korean Peninsula’ and the September 2018 ‘Pyongyang Joint Declaration’. These, in effect,  outline the Korean Nation’s desired roadmap for peace.
President Moon Jae-in’s approval rating skyrocketed to 80% each time he met with Chairman Kim Jong-un and signed these 2018 declarations. 
The South Korean public know they have everything to gain and nothing to lose from  rapprochement and  a nuclear-free status. 
Our New Zealand populace demanded and achieved a nuclear-free status in less than a decade. Why has the Korean populace been unable to achieve the same?
Let’s follow the money and see if that gives us an answer.
Despite North Korea repeatedly stating that they will only ever use their military capabilities in self-defence, the United States  successfully mis-represents them as a threat to global peace.
South Korea and Japan are said to be especially at risk, and are strong-armed into believing that that they must bolster their military strength. 
This turns out to mean buying huge quantities of overpriced  hardware from the United States military-industrial-congress complex. They are conned into believing that this is necessary for their peace and security.
The United States Defense Security Cooperation Agency has notified Congress of $9.2billion worth of major arms sales to South Korea and Japan on average every year for the past five years. 
The armaments manufacturers do not sell peace and security. 
They are merchants of misery.
The Korean Nation of 76million lives in emotional anguish. For 5,000 years they lived as one. For the past 70 years they have been forced to live in two separate countries. 10 million families are split apart unable to enjoy each other’s company.
They are unhappy.
But apparently that does not matter. 
The United States’ merchants of misery are very happy.

NZ DPRK Society   19th February 2022

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