Why did MCC become a roundabout? Why is Nepal's attempting to play Geopolitics ?

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Why is the nationality of Nepal, which believes that truth triumphs over untruth, progress over misfortune, progress against regression and harmony triumphs over malice a broken? Why is Nepal's nationality being healed?
No assistance in diplomacy is free. This is a truth that everyone must understand. They also have strategies within MCC, BRI or Indian financial assistance. No other country is saying that Nepal should not take the help given by any friendly country. Nepal has to decide for itself whether to take the help of any friend or not.
It would be suicidal for Nepal to adopt a double standard to intimidate China, to address the United States, to appease China or India. Everyone's support is essential for Nepal. The question is, how can the acceptance help be in the interest of Nepal and Nepalies? Sovereign Nepalis should analyze Nepal's development projects.
The impulse seen by one leader to subdue another, one party to subdue another, is never in the national interest, not democratic.
Democracy has come, but Nepal has not been able to stand firm by formulating a clear internal and external policy to keep Nepal's geopolitical focal point for the West, North and South. Nepal is involved under the influence of BRI of China, MCC of USA and India. Why is MCC so controversial now? 
Nepal is facing the daunting question that if crime and opportunism enter politics, change will be colorless and colorless.
In 2013, a request was made through the Maoist finance minister that the US need an MCC. Since then, six types of government have been formed. All governments were positive towards MCC. On the orders of the then Prime Minister Deuba, Finance Minister Gyanendra Bahadur Karki arrived in the United States on September 29, 2017 and signed the agreement with MCC Chief Jonathan Nass. The government registered the MCC project in the Parliament Secretariat on 15 July 2019, saying that energy and infrastructure development is needed. But even in two and a half years, the Speaker did not submit this proposal for decision. The MCC proposal is now controversial, Nepal doesnot need to play geopolitics, Survival and development are important.
On behalf of the Speaker, his press expert says that the proposal was never discussed in the Business Advisory Committee. No one asked us to submit it to Parliament for a decision. After the current Deuba-led five-party coalition government became active in passing the resolution, the speaker said that the resolution could not be passed. The Rastriya Janamorcha, which has joined the government, is silent.
CPN-Maoist and CPN-Socialist presidents Prachanda and Madhav Kumar are saying that Nepal should be passed only after making amendments.
Finally, the Prime Minister has asked both of them to write down what should be amended.
The Prime Minister had tried to pass it on January 30. Prachanda and Madhav Nepal have asked the speaker to adjourn the meeting till February 9, citing Corona. 
The Cabinet on Feb 8, decided to hold local polls to the 753 local levels on May 13. then, On September 29, Prime Minister Deuba and former Prime Minister Prachanda wrote a letter asking for five months and assurance that the MCC would be passed. The last day is February 28. MCC headquarters made it public. The debate over whether to pass the MCC has escalated. Now look, can the government pass the MCC by imposing a ban? Speaker Agni Sapkota, who has become an obstacle, has softened. The Maoists have softened.
The MCC is now at a critical juncture. The possibility of passing has become strong.
Smaller parties are organizing continuous street protests against the MCC. CP Gajurel of the Revolutionary Maoists has issued a statement calling for a 22-party protest regularly. In this protest 1. CPN (Revolutionary Maoist) CPN (Masala) 3. CPN (Male) 4. Communist Party of Nepal 5. Rashtriya Janamorcha 6. Patriotic People's Democratic Front, Nepal 7. Communist Party of Nepal, 8. CPN (Maoist Center Socialist) 9. CPN (Maoist Front) 10. Rashtriya Jagran Manch 11. Jana Samajwadi Party 12. CPN (United) 13. National Awakening Council, Nepal 14. Scientific Socialist Communist Party 15. CPN (Bolshevik) 16. M.C.C. Rejection Campaign 17. Pushpalal Adhyayan Samaj 18. Proletarian Communist Party (Maoist) Marxist Unity Campaign 20. CPN (Marxist) 21. CPN-Marxist (Pushpalal) 22. Socialist National Forum, Nepal will join. People are going to take to the streets to protest against MCC.
Parliament officials say the government has a majority of 165 members. The resolution may be passed by a simple majority. But it is unclear if the agreement will be passed by a two-thirds majority.
The problem is the obstruction of the main opposition. Parliament is not allowed to function. Opposition groups called for the beleagured PM to resign. However, the budget and other bills and ordinances were forcibly passed despite the opposition's obstruction. There is a dispute within the ruling party in MCC, the opposition is waiting for the opinion of the ruling party. At the grassroots level, MCC has been called a traitor. The Prime Minister, ministers, leaders, party, MCC Nepal officials, civil society and intellectuals have not come forward to explain to the people that MCC is necessary for Nepal.
There is confusion, there is chaos. No one is willing to talk responsibly about whether MCC is needed or not. The whole democratic politics seems to be at stake in the MCC.
Earlier, KP Oli was the head of government. Oli called for MCC to pass but did not give business to Parliament. The current Sher Bahadur Deuba is leading to pass anyway. Problem Before, Maoist leader Krishna Bahadur Mahara was the speaker and became an obstacle. At present, Maoist leader Agni Prasad Sapkota is the speaker and is standing in opposition. Leader Prachanda is decisive, he is not clear about MCC. His party says, "Let's amend and pass." In other words, the ruling party and the opposition are not clear about MCC. Now the Maoists are on the defensive.
Why MCC is necessary, why it is not necessary? It is up to the government and the people's representatives to explain to the people. Being a leader of the people, being a government does not show incompetence. If you can't, you have to give up the responsibility.
First, the people's representatives, civil society and intellectuals should understand the information and the truth. Nepal may need BRI, MCC, Indian financial assistance and harmony for infrastructure development. Because of us, an environment has been created where China will not take MCC through diplomatic maneuvering or the US will keep Nepal away from BRI and India will support the US silently by expressing bitterness towards China.
The democratic side must be able to withstand such a roundabout situation. Failure to meet the test of diplomatic capability has increased the risk that these same leaders could put Nepal in an existential crisis. Therefore, the solution to this national dispute should not be found in the dark room of the coalition or the opposition, but in the sitting of the parliament. Let it be clearly explained to the people.
Prime Minister Deuba and UCPN (Maoist) Central Committee Chairman Prachanda had sent a letter to the MCC on September 29, 2021 stating that it would be passed by the parliament within five months by February 28. The agreement was signed on September 14, 2017. According to second man of MCC Fatima Sumar, this infrastructure and power project will have a positive impact on the lives of 23 million Nepali people. He also believes that the project will raise public awareness. Sumar said that the board has the right to dismiss the bill without the approval of the parliament, adding that the board could end the cooperation between Nepal and MCC.
If the MCC is not passed, Nepal-US relations will be affected. But Sumar said that whether or not the MCC is passed, the 75-year-old historic friendship will not be broken, and the US commitment to the Nepalese people will remain. She reiterated her belief that the agreement, which was tabled in Parliament on July 15, 2019, would be passed.
The agreement study task force of CPN-Samajwadi Party's Jhala Nath Khanal, Maoist's Narayan Kaji Shrestha and Minister Gyanendra Bahadur Karki has not given a report. Khanal and Shrestha have stated that it cannot be passed.
Gopal Khanal, a member of MCC Nepal, has written that Nepal is in danger of an accident if it does not adopt a balanced foreign policy by giving priority to the North and the South.
The two priorities of this government are elections and MCC. The outcome of the MCC's negative debate looks dire. The government says that we have implemented the constitution.  But the government has nothing to show for its achievements. He can't even talk about the geography of Nepal like Lipulek and Kalapani region. Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh inaugurated Lipulek Road on May 8, 2020. On December 30, 2021, Prime Minister Narendra Modi announced that the Lipulek Road to Mansarovar in Tibet was being widened. It can be understood that the government has remained silent and supported India. On 2021 July 31, Jaisingh Dhami was killed by Indian security forces. Govinda Gautam was killed four years ago. No party protested. Are they Nepali or Indian?  Communists do not say why China is closing the northern border. Communists are Nepali or Chinese? In this five-party alliance, they amend the constitution through ordinances, and when the interests are fulfilled, they restore the constitution to its previous state. In this alliance, revenge seems to be more with UML Chairman KP Oli. 
After the formation of this government, China raised the issue of border crossing, but did not do so when recommending ambassador to India. China is being irritated. Nepal has started fighting slippery from the principle of non-alignment and equilibrium. The tendency to beg and swing the MCC has led to questions about Nepal-US relations and Nepal's credibility.
The former government also brought terrorist-oriented CK Raut and Biplob into the mainstream. Minister Renu Yadav Madheswadi of this government threatened to kill the people of CK Raut just like he killed 27 Maoists in 2006. The coalition government does not speak at all. There is no method, no credibility. Can such a government be democratic? Can such a government face the challenges facing the nation? Can such a government increase friendship with allies? They say that they are democratic, but their character looks like the Yaduvanshi of Mahabharata is suicidal.
It is being heard from within the ruling party that the impeachment against the Chief Justice has been brought for this purpose. Isn't the impeachment show started to divert the election and MCC issue?

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