Comrade Kim Jong Un, the ever-victorious brilliant commander

Great Victory Won by Great Courage and Pluck
February 8. 2022
The entities carryingf the mighty power of the DPRK soared into the sky one after another with the blasts of the Juche-oriented weapons rending the heavens and their flames blazing down the earth.
The winter is still bitingly cold. But the hearts of all our people along with the ones of the world progressive humankind are much more warmed up by the hot wave of passion.
That is probably due to the fact that their hearts are overflowing with the pride and confidence of being a citizen of Juche Korea which is moving forward in the front row of the world powers.
From the outset of the New Year, remarkable successes have been achieved in the sacred historic work to remarkably strengthen the war deterrent of our state. These include series of successes from test launch of hypersonic missile to the evaluation test-fire of Hwasong 12-type ground-to-ground intermediate- and long-range ballistic missile. Herein lies the real profound significance that it represents the historic and heroic deed of demonstrating once again to the world the steadfast will of respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who said that he will not show a slightest pardon or mercy to those who hurt the dignity of our people even a bit.
There are more than 200 countries in the world, but only a few countries possess even H-bomb, ICBM and hypersonic missile.
Moreover, today’s world finds many countries which are reading the U.S. face and are wasting time submitting to and blindly following it. But only our state on earth stands against the U.S. saying whatever it wants to say, and sets the world atremble with a seismic amplitude from the missile test, putting the U.S. mainland in the firing range.
Now, the mass media of the whole world are competing to report the tests of the powerful missiles launched by our country. In particular, when we conducted the test-launch of hypersonic missile and the evaluation test-fire of Hwasong 12-type, they raised their voices of recognizing surely about our great military power, saying that “the countries which succeeded in developing hypersonic missiles can be counted on the fingers of one hand” and “north Korea conducted the test of powerful missiles which could strike Guam of the U.S., the major ICBMs of north Korea possess the ability to strike the U.S. mainland as they are in the type of ICBM Hwasong-15 launched in 2017.”
All these victories are the immortal feats which can be achieved only by matchless courage and pluck possessed by respected Comrade Kim Jong Un who writes up a new page of the great history of defending genuine justice and peace with the treasured sword of the Juche-oriented nuclear force.
From olden times, there is a saying that “Look at the spirit first before you fight.”
As we hold in high esteem respected Comrade Kim Jong Un, the ever-victorious brilliant commander whose spirit is good enough to strike terror into the hearts of the huge enemy and drive them into the corner, our fatherland will emerge victorious forever in the future, too.

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