Tibetan Youth Congress stage protest in New Delhi against Beijing Winter Olympics

February 4, 2022

NEW DELHI: Tibetan Youth Congress (TYC) on Friday staged a protest at Teen Murti Marg Chowk against Beijing Winter Olympics.

Slogans were chanted by the TYC against Beijing’s perceived human rights violation in Tibet and in other parts of China. The TYC also welcomed the US and other democratic countries which decided to diplomatically boycott Beijing’s Winter Olympics.

Further, the TYC demanded International Olympic Committee to ban the present Beijing Winter Olympics owing to the ongoing human rights violation in China. The TYC members carried placards “No Beijing 2022.”

The TYC also protested against China’s People’s Liberation Army’s regimental commander who had suffered severe injuries during the Galwan clash and became the torchbearer at the Beijing 2022 Olympics Torch Relay on Wednesday.

Further, the TYC reaffirmed their patriotic spirit towards India and the cause of Tibet as a part of their protest. The TYC represents the cause of Tibetans in international forums. (ANI)


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