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As for the correct and accurate definition of poverty, UN defines poverty as  "The denial of choices and opportunities, a violation of human dignity is poverty. It means lack of basic. capacity to participate effectively in society." We are quite familiar with poverty because we hear about it almost daily. The severity and effect of poverty in human society is very deep. It effects every factor of the people under extreme poverty. Almost 10% of the population of the world live under poverty. In Nepal alone, 17.4% of the total population live under poverty and for a country of 30 million, that is a huge fraction and this impacts the life of not only only those people but also the whole nation economically and socioeconomically. Thus, poverty creates more social problems worldwide. 
For a developing country like Nepal, it is beneficial to have copious manpower working within the country to boost the country's growth. However it is also necessary for the manpower to be healthy and adequate earning to ensure their personal and kin's growth. Healthy and experienced manpower harbour not only short term progress of the nation but also long term development. But, this is not the case in Nepal. This is only a utopia for us. Many of our citizens live under poverty mainly because of the governmental instability. Frequent change of government isn't new topic for us. When one government in power creates a new policy, it is unable to be implemented properly because of the instability and another government in power creates another policy. This puts the citizens and businesses in a state of limbo and unemployment rises and poverty increases Another main cause is heavy pressure of population. The Terai region of Nepal, is home to almost half of the population but only contributes to 23.1% of the total area. This creates a huge population pressure in the area and directly contributes to unemployment and deprivation of proper resources of growth of the citizens. Likewise, inequities including gender or ethnic discrimination, poor governance, conflict and patriarchal society also are major causes of poverty. 
Poverty has various effects upon human society or an individual. The people under poverty earn very little to even nourish and care for their own prosperity so they can barely afford basic necessities. Even the most basic necessities like education, health, food, clothes, shelter, security deem beyond imagination for them. There are cases of malnourishment among kids growing in family with insufficient earnings. Likewise, poverty directly leads to absence of education and lack of awareness among family members. Datas show that in families living under poverty, there were more than 3 children due to lack of awareness regarding overpopulation. When there is poverty, there is rise in crime rate within communities as a last resort for earning. Almost all the burglars or money related crimimals in Nepal involve in the immoral activities because of the destitution they suffer from. That's why poverty also leads to homelessness. Poverty also causes other various social problems that lead to deterioration of the nation and economy. While Nepali economy is somewhat developing over the course of few years, it is because of the remittance sent by Nepalese working abroad. The number of people working outside our country is at least 2.2 million. That's a huge portion of our working aged youths. This maybe look like our economical growth but in reality, there is no development in human resources and society within the nation. That's like putting a band-aid to a leg fracture. After the citizens are back from foreign employment, the lack of proper human resource development here creates an environment that is unable to help the citizens live above poverty. Thats huge problem that must be  While we have discussed about the poverty in our country, it is equally important to discuss about its solution too. Both the government and we citizens play indistinguishable role to alleviate poverty. The government can conduct human resource development programmes to make the citizens independent. Also education and awareness must be spread stiffly. Basic needs of citizens should be subsidized by the government itself inorder to ensure access for all. Government should be regular and stable through the support of its nationals. Tax reforms should be brought upon for small and medium scaled businesses. Eradication of corruption is one of the best way to alleviate poverty from our nation. As citizens, complying with the governmental rules for betterment of the nation is the best role we play. We must also be the primary source of spreading awareness in our surroundings. Then only we can alleviate poverty from our nation and benefit from prosperity.

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