Let Us Strive for Our Great State’s Prosperity and Development and Our People’s Wellbeing

Report on the 4th Plenary Meeting of 8th Central Committee 
of the Workers’ Party of Korea
The 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) was held at the office building of the Party Central Committee between December 27 and 31, Juche 110 (2021) to review a great year of struggle and lay down new guideline on development amid the great interest and expectation of all the Party members and people across the country.
The plenary meeting was convened in the historic period when the entire Party, the whole country and all the people confidently move toward the next-stage struggle for the comprehensive development of socialist construction after adorning the first year of implementing the five-year plan with praiseworthy victory true to the grand strategic idea and practical programme set forth at the 8th Congress of the Party.
The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee authorized Kim Jong Un to preside over the plenary meeting.

The meeting discussed the third agenda item “On the Immediate Tasks for the Correct Solution of the Socialist Rural Question in Our Country”.
  Kim Jong Un made a historic report “Let us open up a new great era of our style socialist rural development”.
  Reviewing the policy of our Party that attached importance to the rural question from the first period of its founding and the historic path for its materialization, the General Secretary clarified the importance and significance of the proper solution to the socialist rural question at present.
  To make drastic change of the rural communities today when it presents itself as a mature requirement to wage the struggle for the overall development of socialism becomes a very important revolutionary task in turning around the rigorous situation in favour of increasing the driving force of our own and achieving prosperity and development of the country and welfare of the people.
It is for this reason that the 8th Party Congress set forth the strategic policy to arm the agricultural workers with the Party’s policies and turn the rural communities into affluent and cultured socialist ones possessed of modern technology and civilization.
The General Secretary clarified the goal of socialist rural construction and the major task at present, calling for putting the country’s agriculture on a definite upward stage and opening up a new great era of effecting drastic development of our-style socialist countryside by pushing forward the rural development under the uplifted slogan of “For New Victory of Socialist Rural Construction!”
  Saying that our Party’s goal for the socialist rural construction is to model all the rural communities across the country on the Juche idea and make them materially affluent, he noted that targets to be attained in our-style rural development are to enhance level of ideological awareness of agricultural workers, make a rapid development of agricultural workforce and bring about fundamental change in the living environment of the countryside.
The report said that the project for attaining the goal of socialist rural construction is a gigantic and serious revolution and that it is necessary to set stages and goals on a scientific basis and wage purposeful struggle under year-on-year plan to successfully solve the rural problem that assume protracted and multilateral nature. It then set forth mid-term and long-term rural development strategies to be maintained by our Party and the state in the future.
  The major task of rural development strategy at present is to transform all the agricultural workers into revolutionary agricultural workers befitting the era of the Workers’ Party, completely solve the food problem of the country and dynamically wage the struggle for drastically changing the living environment of rural inhabitants so as to definitely put the countryside on an orbit of sustained development.
Saying that it is the most crucial task in the socialist rural construction and a key factor for its victory to make the agricultural workers main players and masters of the rural revolution, the General Secretary stressed that it is of paramount importance to put priority efforts into transforming the thought of agricultural workers and enhancing their political awareness so as to firmly prepare all of them to be rural revolutionaries upholding the Party’s idea of socialist rural construction with loyalty.
He set it as the basic task of rural development strategy to increase the agricultural production and completely solve the food problem of the country, and specified the goals of grain output and production of animal products, fruit, vegetables, industrial crops and sericulture to be attained phase by phase in the coming 10 years.
The report suggested the dynamic struggle of sprucing up farm villages across the country as a task to which special emphasis should be put in rural development strategy.
To build all the farm villages in the country so that they would preserve the characteristics of socialism and the peculiar features of relevant regions is a crucial strategic plan which the Party gives a top priority to and which it is determined to realize under whatever conditions, in order to provide rural inhabitants with wonderful living environment with nothing to envy in the world and to achieve the overall development of the country.
A guarantee for the successful implementation of this plan is powerful state support, activation of a powerful state guidance system and the enhancement of the roles of cities and counties directly responsible for the local construction.
  The General Secretary underscored the need to powerfully speed up rural revolution with confidence and optimism, turn all the farms in the country into socialist paradise wonderful enough to be proud of in the world and realize centuries-old desire and ideal of the people as soon as possible, clarifying detailed tasks and ways for doing so.
  Powerfully expediting the three revolutions–ideological, technological and cultural–in the countryside is the most important task arising in settling the socialist rural question.
  It is proven by the history of socialist rural construction in our country and also the present situation  that only when the three revolutions are effectively waged in the countryside, will it be possible to bring about a fundamental change in the aspects of political and ideological awareness, technological knowledge and cultural life of the agricultural workers.
Important here is to educate the agricultural workers to let them work faithfully with high class awareness while firmly arming them with the revolutionary idea and policy of our Party and with the fighting spirit displayed by hero farmers and patriotic farmers in the different annals of the revolution, helping them grasp the greatness and gratitude for the Party, state and the social system and making collectivism dominate their thinking and life. 
  The report called for conducting dynamic technological revolution in the farms to make the agricultural workers intelligent ones.
  When they are prepared politically, ideologically and culturally and also possessed of advanced science and technology, they can fulfill their roles as masters of the socialist farms and accelerate rural development in the new era, the report said, and continued:
To this end, it is necessary to conduct brisk agricultural sci-tech study and advanced farming technology dissemination to broaden the knowledge of agricultural workers and enhance their technical ability as required by the drive of making all the people well versed in science and technology and developing ours into a talented nation. What is also necessary is to send lots of university graduates to farms, further increase technological ability of farms in reliance on their pivotal role and thoroughly get rid of such incidence as distancing oneself from science and technology and resorting to old experience in farms.
It is also important to establish a revolutionary, healthy and civilized way of life in the farms while raising the cultural awareness level of agricultural workers in order to bring about drastic improvement in accomplishing the cultural revolution in farms.
In the historic report, the General Secretary set it forth as an important task that is urgent in settling the rural problem at present to increase agricultural production of the country in a sustained way.
The report called for consistently maintaining the scientific farming-first principle in successfully implementing this urgent task the solution to which is most waited for by the people.
It is our Party’s view on strategic development to convert the agriculture of the country into the advanced one and bring about stable and sustained growth of agricultural production with the science and technology as the major driving force of the agricultural development.
To this end, it is imperative to powerfully spur the revolution in seed selection, establish scientific farming system and method to cope with disastrous abnormal climate and ensure rapidity, scientific accuracy and correctness in agricultural meteorological forecast. 
What our Party gives priority in developing the agricultural production at present is to change the grain production structure of the country and powerfully propel rice and wheat farming.
The General Secretary in the report expressed once again the determination and will of our Party to realize the cherished desire of our people in the near future without fail and clarified the methodological issues in orientating the country’s agricultural production to shifting the dietary culture of our people to the one with rice and flour food as staple food. 
In the agricultural field, the work of expanding the area under cultivation necessary for meeting the nation’s demand for rice and wheat should be pushed forward in a planned way, advanced cultivation method should be introduced, mechanical means should be actively introduced to farming work, dehydration facilities should be set up and wheat processing capacity should be expanded by a large margin.
  The report stressed the need to kindle once again the hot wind for bean and potato farming on a nationwide scale.
The report set forth it as an important task for making the people’s life plentiful to develop stock-breeding and increase fruit, vegetable and industrial crop production. 
  It is necessary to renovate the existing stock-breeding bases, turn the counties with favorable conditions for the development of stock-breeding into stock-breeding counties so as to considerably increase the production of meat, eggs and milk, and widely spread high-yielding fruit species and establish advanced cultivation technology to supply our children and people with fresh fruits and various processed fruits all the year round.
The report importantly referred to the task of strengthening the scientific and technological force of the agricultural field.
Clarified in detail were the issue for agricultural science and technology institutions and universities in agricultural field to fulfill their roles in putting the agricultural production on a scientific, IT and intensive basis to meet the trend of the worldwide agricultural development, the issue of studying farming technology and methods favorable for relieving farmers of their hard labor and for realizing mechanization as well as increasing productivity, the issue of putting all the agricultural scientific research bases on an ultra-modern basis and training a large number of competent agricultural technical talents and the issue of timely disseminating advanced agricultural science and technology and farming methods to farms, work-teams and farmers.
  The General Secretary in his historic report clarified the revolutionary policies and measures for increasing the state investment in agriculture and radically consolidating the material and technological foundation of the rural economy.
  Underscoring the need to increase the state investment in agricultural field purposefully, unaffected by the given environment and conditions, the General Secretary called on the Cabinet and other state economic institutions and relevant units to systematically increase the share of investment in agricultural field and set up a strict system and order by which equipment, materials and fund are unconditionally provided as planned.
  The report analyzed in detail the state investment in realizing the irrigation, mechanization, chemicalization and electrification of the rural economy and referred to details of basic ways for settlement.
It is imperative to adjust and reinforce the irrigation system of the country in general and further complete it so as to ensure safe farming, despite whatever drought and flood, to sufficiently supply to the countryside nitrogen fertilizer, phosphatic fertilizer and potassic fertilizer and various other fertilizers and efficient chemicals necessary for the growth of crops, send more power equipment and electrical machines to improve the conditions of production and cultural life in the farms and to continuously expand areas under cultivation with nationwide efforts concentrated on the campaign to bring more land under cultivation and on tideland reclamation.
Saying that it is the plan and determination of our Party to create new picture of socialist farm in which modern farm machines made by us cover the farms of the whole country and agricultural workers enjoy farming with the help of machines, the General Secretary noted that to accelerate this process, this issue was deeply studied based on overall analysis of the situation in the existing farm machine factories.
He said that the plan of the Party Central Committee is to concentrate investment in major farm machine factories and farm machine study field while developing the Kumsong Tractor Factory into a general factory capable of producing various efficient farm machines as well as high horsepower tractors so as to completely update the farm machine industry of the country. He took special crucial measure for its realization.
He said that an emphasis should be put on South Hwanghae Province, the biggest agricultural province in the country, underlining the need to put the Party and state efforts on the province in the period of five-year plan so that it would take the lead in agricultural production in the country.
Making a detailed analysis of general financial situation of cooperative farms now under difficult condition, he declared a favored measure to completely release cooperative farms from the arrears of state loans as part of important measures to let the rural communities stand on their own and consolidate their economic foundations.
The General Secretary advanced it as a task of utmost importance in socialist rural construction to drastically transform the appearance and environment of farms.
It is the policy of rural construction of our Party to turn all rural villages in the country into rich and cultured socialist ideal villages at the level similar to those in Samjiyon City in the near future.
To realize this plan and policy are people-oriented work wished for and welcomed by all the people and political work for effecting new socialist rural civilization in our era, the new world where the local areas change, and for effecting change in local areas, the work for the social progress and prosperity and the historic work for achieving the overall development of our Republic.
  Calling for changing the living conditions of all the rural villages in the country by actively promoting and expanding advantageous experiences accumulated in the construction of Samjiyon City, and stepping up the construction of civilized society in that course, the General Secretary specified the task for preferentially supplying cement necessary for rural construction to all cities and counties, the task for strengthening designing and construction force and procuring necessary construction equipment, the task of pushing forward rural construction with preference given to dwelling construction, the task of setting up powerful guidance system for guiding the farm construction as Party and state work and the task of ensuring state provision of major materials and finishing building materials and the task of creating building material production bases in local areas.
Those crucial measures taken for the rapid development of farms across the country at a time when economic work is being done under difficult conditions and when there present big tasks for socialist construction become an expression of the revolutionary farm construction policy of our Party and the state, and they mean great favor and consideration shown for millions of agricultural workers.
The General Secretary expressed conviction that sure victory is in store for the historic work to certainly put the country’s agriculture on the orbit of steady development and bring about great changes of rural communities as long as there are the rightful guidance of the Party, the most correct programme for rural construction and the loyalty and patriotic enthusiasm of Party members and other working people.
The report made by Kim Jong Un, which unfolded a bright prospect and blueprint for the settlement of socialist rural question, comes to be a great fighting programme heralding in a new era of socialist rural development in our country and an expression of the WPK’s strong will and determination to build a proud socialist paradise with our own might, wisdom and efforts.
The new programme for socialist rural construction is a further development of the great Theses on the Socialist Rural Question which comes to be a monumental document of important epoch-making significance in accelerating the comprehensive prosperity of socialism by kindling the fierce flames of rural revolution and materializing the century-old desire of our people at an early date.

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