Let Us Strive for Our Great State’s Prosperity and Development and Our People’s Wellbeing

Report on the 4th Plenary Meeting of 8th Central Committee 
of the Workers’ Party of Korea
The 4th Plenary Meeting of the 8th Central Committee of the Workers’ Party of Korea (WPK) was held at the office building of the Party Central Committee between December 27 and 31, Juche 110 (2021) to review a great year of struggle and lay down new guideline on development amid the great interest and expectation of all the Party members and people across the country.
The plenary meeting was convened in the historic period when the entire Party, the whole country and all the people confidently move toward the next-stage struggle for the comprehensive development of socialist construction after adorning the first year of implementing the five-year plan with praiseworthy victory true to the grand strategic idea and practical programme set forth at the 8th Congress of the Party.
The Political Bureau of the Party Central Committee authorized Kim Jong Un to preside over the plenary meeting.
Kim Jong Un made an analysis and appraisal of the Party Central Committee on the Party and state work for 2021, the first year for implementing the decisions of the historic 8th Congress of the Party, referring to the main purpose of the convocation of the plenary meeting, its significance and importance.
Saying that in fulfilling the five-year plan for development and change set forth at the Party Congress, the work done year after year holds vital and important significance both in the light of the developmental stage of socialist construction and the realistic conditions and situation of our Party and state, the General Secretary noted that through the plenary meeting we all will face heavy yet responsible agony while becoming aware of the strategic importance of the next year’s work which will just be as huge and important as this year’s.
The General Secretary said that this year’s struggle endowed us with more clear predictability about subjective and objective conditions and environment of the revolution at present and in the future, adding that therefore, we came to know what we can do and to have clear vision about our possibility and self-confidence.
He said that only when we correctly understand and judge the present external and internal situation and make a right stride along the correct orientation with accurate fighting policies, can we move to the next stage with a practical change for development.
Noting that at the point of reviewing the year’s work with pride, we should first analyze with subtlety what could be lessons, he said that the main purpose of the convocation of the plenary meeting is to make some lessons learned by us an engine further supplementing and completing the revolutionary policies and raise our bigger potentiality for development. He added that herein lies the great practical significance of revolutionary development.
The Party Central Committee admitted that this year’s successes and experiences should actively be promoted and amplified as they represent precious lessons and devoted efforts and as they require full display of unusual responsibility and strenuous efforts, and that the comprehensive development of socialist construction should be hastened with greater successes and victory by discharging heavy responsibility and generating maximum creativity in discussing the plan for the new year.

General Secretary Kim Jong Un made an important conclusion “On the Orientation of the Work of the Party and State in 2022” on the first agenda item.
He first analyzed and reviewed the work of the Party and the state in the first year for implementing the decisions made at the Party’s Congress.
  It is the general assessment of the Party Central Committee that 2021, in which all the Korean people waged tense and worthwhile struggle true to the new practical programme of socialist construction set forth at the Party Congress, is a year of great victory that opened up a prelude to the great change toward the comprehensive development of socialist construction despite severe trials.
  It was the general goal and desire of the Party Central Committee in its work for this year to bring about practical changes and substantial achievements waited for and welcomed by the people by fulfilling the tasks set forth at the Second Plenary Meeting of the Eighth Central Committee of the Party without fail. 
  When assigning and propelling the work for this year, the Party Central Committee paid special attention to ensuring the purposefulness of development, perseverance and scientific accuracy in working out the plan and establishing the trait of unconditionally, thoroughly and correctly implementing it, and awakened officials to exert themselves and took measures for solving pending problems in developing the economy and improving the people’s living standard in time.
Achievements worthy of appraisal and evident stride forward hardening self-confidence were made in the agricultural field to which the Party gives top priority.
What is important is that we became confident in doing safe farming under any condition by adopting scientific methods of responsively reacting to disastrous climates and obstacles though they used to decide good or bad crop, and this is the valuable fruition the credit of which is to the rare patriotism and indomitable efforts of our agricultural workers.
  Kim Jong Un courteously proposed to the plenary meeting sending thanks in the name of the Party Central Committee to the exemplary agricultural officials, workers, scientists and technologists who greatly contributed to doing farming well despite the unfavorable conditions this year.
  The plenary meeting fully supported and approved his proposal.
  The main success the Party Central Committee presented to the people this year is that it greatly demonstrated the development and potential power of our-style socialism making a leap forward by dynamically pushing ahead with huge construction projects planned by it.
  The construction of 10 000 flats in the areas of Songsin and Songhwa nearing completion as another massive residential area is the first eye-opening event that showed in actuality the prospect for the perfect settlement of housing problem in the capital city in the period of five-year plan.
  The completion of the third-stage Samjiyon city project produced an ideal and valid experience for confidently pushing ahead with the long-term grand construction to transform local areas across the country.
  The construction of 5 000 dwelling houses in the area of Komdok made successful headway, the rehabilitation from flood damage was satisfactorily conducted in South Hamgyong Province and North Hamgyong Province and new architectural shapes were introduced and new ideas were created in lots of projects including the construction of modern terraced residential district. This indicated that our architecture has leapt one step higher and the era of great prosperity in construction keeps flourishing.
  The electric power and coal industrial sectors responsible for supplying power to the national economy conducted an effective production campaign to powerfully haul the overall economy. The building-materials, machine, mining, forestry and land, marine and rail transport fields supported the nationwide construction and production surge. All these meant an improvement of one step forward in implementing the plan for this year.
The Party Central Committee assessed that the desire to bring about fresh innovation, bold creation and steady progress was vividly manifested in the work for this year and a turn was effected in establishing the Party climate, like strengthening the organizational discipline of the Party and carrying out the Party’s decisions.
The national defence industrial sector developed one ultra-modern weapon system after another under its correct plan, thus demonstrating the advancement and modernity of our military force. This is one of the very important achievements made this year.
  This year when the Party congress was held, many young people volunteered to work in difficult and labor-consuming fields and did good deeds, which moved the people. It is a remarkable political success that the spirit of young people became very high.
  Praising this year’s successes, the Party Central Committee estimated that ways of stabilizing the economy and subsisting by dint of self-reliance defying extremely severe environment have been positively found out and applied and that it is progress made in the economic development and this process precisely means the dynamic advance of the Korean-style socialism towards the comprehensive development of the state.
  The General Secretary said that great praiseworthy achievements were made in this year’s work as all the people turned out as one with the zeal of loyalty to resolutely defend the authority of the Party congress and dedicated their patriotic sweat to the implementation of the tasks for the first year of the five-year plan, overcoming all the difficulties. He, on behalf of the Party Central Committee, highly praised all the Party members, working people and the service personnel for making indomitable and strenuous efforts to glorify 2021 as a year of proud victory to be specially recorded in the history of socialist construction, and sent warm greetings to them.
  Indicating the main orientation of the work of the Party and the state for 2022, the General Secretary clarified the principled issues and the struggle policy for a fresh development of socialist construction.
  The main task facing our Party and people next year is to provide a sure guarantee for the implementation of the five-year plan and bring about a remarkable change in the state development and the people’s standard of living so as to record a noteworthy page in the history of the country.
  The economic sector, the main front of socialist construction, should concentrate all its efforts on putting the country’s economy on the growth orbit and providing the stabilized and improved living to the people by reenergizing the production and pushing ahead with the adjustment and improvement.

  The conclusion advanced an important task for making radical progress in solving the food, clothing and housing problem for the people.
  The entire Party and the whole country should concentrate efforts on the farming and give manpower and material support to the rural communities. And the agricultural sector should increase the grain production by doing all the farm works in a sci-tech way and positively use farming machines now that the area to grow wheat and barley has been expanded.
  In the economic work, capital construction should be prioritized and new construction revolution for fundamentally changing the living environments of the people should be made so as to continue to usher in the heyday of the capital city construction including the building of 10 000 flats planned for 2022 and open an era when the local areas will change.
  Saying that the supply of school uniforms and things to the students across the country at the state’s expense is a consistent policy of the Party and the state, the General Secretary set forth a task for supplying all the students with quality uniforms and bags of new forms without exception and took an important measure of the Party Central Committee for implementing it.

It set forth important tasks for promoting the overall development of socialist construction by making innovation in the work of the field of culture including science, education and public health.
At present, a major task facing the field of science is to clearly specify the scientific and technical measure for developing the overall affairs of the country including the economy in a balanced and simultaneous way.
The educational sector should set it as the main objective of educational revolution in the new century to train all the school children as genuine revolutionary talents, competent and creative talents and reserves of socialism by developing our education into the most advanced and ideal one to which we can entrust our future.
The main direction of the public health for next year should be set as providing a sure guarantee for further raising the quality of the medical service for the people, and all efforts should be concentrated on further strengthening the material and technical foundations of the public health sector.
The conclusion stressed once again that the emergency epidemic prevention work should be made a top priority in the state work and it is the most important work to be powerfully conducted with no allowance given to slight slackness, pores and drawback.
  The work should be positively pushed forward for reinforcing and completing the means and forces needed for switching our epidemic prevention into advanced and people-oriented one by surely putting the country’s foundation of epidemic prevention on a scientific foundation and firmly preparing the material and technological foundation of the epidemic prevention sector.
  The General Secretary set forth militant tasks facing the national defence sector.
  The military environment of the Korean peninsula and the trend of the international situation getting instable day after day demand that bolstering the state defence capability be further powerfully propelled without a moment’s delay.
  The People’s Army should steadily intensify the work of modeling the whole army on the revolutionary idea of the Party Central Committee and developing it into the revolutionary army of the Party that remains faithful and obedient to the guidance of the Party Central Committee, and direct all efforts to maintaining the training-first principle and putting weapons and equipment on a regular readiness and establishing the firm military discipline.
  The munitions industrial field should dynamically push ahead with the production of the powerful equipment corresponding with the modern warfare while steadily expanding the achievements made true to the decisions of the 8th Party Congress, powerfully fuel the qualitative change of the national defence capacity and attain the goal of putting the defence industry on a Juche, modern and scientific basis in a planned way.
  It is necessary to take a decisive measure for bolstering the capability of the militia defence force as required by the modern warfare, and increase the military qualifications and commanding capability of the commanding officers of the Worker-Peasant Red Guards and the practical ability of the militia force by effecting drastic turn in the training.
   The conclusion set forth principled issues and a series of tactical orientation, all of which should be maintained by the sectors of the north-south relations and external affairs to cope with the rapidly changing international political situation and the circumstances in the surroundings.
  Saying that the struggle in 2022 is a great life-and-death, urgent struggle to be vigorously waged successfully for sure for the overall development of socialist construction, our great people and beloved posterity, the General Secretary affirmed that as there are the great people who are possessed of firm faith and strong power to overcome all difficulties by rallying around the Party in one mind and precious experiences with which great successes were made in the spirit of self-reliance despite such harsh situation as this year, our Party and people will achieve a proud victory once again.
Finishing the concluding speech, he ardently called upon the entire Party and all the people to vigorously accelerate the overall development of the socialist construction by putting spurs to the spirit of courageous advance, and thus make the next year a year of great revolutionary event to be significantly recorded in the history of the country and another watershed in the great struggle advancing toward the bright future.
Kim Jong Un’s concluding speech is a precious practical programme and an invincible militant banner encouraging the struggle for 2022 for bringing earlier the overall development of the Korean-style socialism and the happiness of the people as it reviewed with pride the year 2021 in which the Party Congress was held as a year of proud victory to be specially recorded in the history of prosperity of the country and indicated a new guideline for bringing about prosperity of the country.

The 4th plenary meeting of the 8th WPK Central Committee that lasted five days amid revolutionary enthusiasm finished its work with a solemn pledge of invariable loyalty to the revolutionary idea and cause of President Kim Il Sung and Chairman Kim Jong Il.
The plenary meeting will be significantly recorded in the history of the Juche revolution as a historic one which declared the start of an all-people grand march to glorify the hopeful new year 2022 as a great turning-point of the developing revolution under the invincible guidance of the great Party and advanced strategic policies that will dynamically propel the overall development of our own-style socialist construction.

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