Historical and Cultural Linkages between Pakistan and Nepal

Lahore Centre of South Asian Studies (LCSAS), hold a webinar on December 18, 2021 on the theme “Historical and Cultural Linkages between Pakistan and Nepal” to discuss possible arenas which both countries can utilized to enhance centuries old relations between both countries.
?Nepali speakers, Professor Om Charan Amatya, and Retired Brigadier General Suresh Sharma, and Pakistani speakers, Doctor Atif Khalid Butt, and Doctor Ghazala Tabassum highlighted friendly relations between both countries which are based on mutual trust, respect to sovereignty and non-interferences and emphasized to enhance these relations through various ways and means.
?While speaking, Dr. Atif Khalid Butt expressed that Pakistan & Nepal are physically apart but are linked geo-culturally as both share Himalayan range and belong to same language family of Indo-Aryan languages. Retired Brigadier General Suresh Sharma highlighted  that People of Pakistan have admirable valves and are peace loving people. The recruitment of Gorkhas in British Army has made Lahore a part of Nepalese vocabulary as it was here that Gorkhas used to go for induction and were called Lahure in Nepalese language. Ever since, this term was later used for all Gorkhas who are recruited in Foreign armies. Taxila is also a reference of similarity. The great Buddhist civilisation has its markers there to which the Nepalese people can relate.
Dr. Ghazala Tabassum discussed the cross lines of history and culture that provide similarities between Women of Pakistan & Nepal. She termed as “shifting of horizons” the changes that are gradually being seen with regard to wellbeing of feminine gender. These changes have been brought both through the measures and legislations undertaken by respective governments as well as setting of personal examples by outstanding ladies in various fields including Politics, Science and even Armed Forces.
?While speaking at the event, Mr. Om Charan Amatya highlighted Buddhist heritage linkages between the two countries and referred to Padmasambhava’s stay in Kathmandu’s vicinity. He further emphasized the need for air link’s restoration between Kathmandu and Karachi. Also mentioned that Pakistan TV serials were quite popular in Nepal’s middle class families.

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