निबुवा -तांखुवा जलाधार व्यवस्थापन योजना [Nibuwa-Tankhuwa Watershed Management Plan]

ICIMOD- - - - This watershed management plan aims to ensure watershed-friendly development activities in the Nibuwa-Tankhuwa Watershed in the Koshi River basin to sustain water sources and ensure the quality of water in downstream regions. The watershed, which is rich in natural resources and provides ecosystem services vital to the wellbeing of communities living in the basin, faces multiple challenges from both climatic and socio-economic drives. 

The current plan is a step towards balancing conservation and development in the watershed. With a particular focus on gender and social inclusion, it contributes to the Framework of Cooperation between ICIMOD and the Department of Forests and Social Conservation on strengthening integrated river basin management. 

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