Abdullah Yameen leads Crusade against ‘Indian Occupation” in Maldives

Abdullah Yameen leads Crusade against ‘Indian Occupation” in Maldives

# Male City Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh has stated, December 20, that the people of Maldives will end the “Indian Military Occupation”.

# Police Report on 2018 Presidential Election leaked Number of voters and ballots cast does not match “very daringly writes that,” MNN.

# The government has invited this trouble to our shores. We are not against the people of India. Our people just want the Indian military to leave,” said Mohamed Saeed, the deputy leader of the opposition People’s National Congress (PNC).

# Is it then a “geo-political battle” in between Delhi and Beijing?

Needless to say, India’s loss is surely China’s gains and vice versa.


N. P. Upadhyaya

Kathmandu: The Maldives is already a sinking nation in South Asia.

The coercive neighbor-the regional scoundrel (read India) has almost ruined the Maldivian land.

That is why India is widely and rightfully taken as “South Asian menace” to which the Indian scholars close to the establishment disagree.

The Indian mindset is “Right or wrong, My India”.

The manner Afghanistan was “politically, socially, culturally and economically” damaged by India should be taken as a lesson by the smaller South Asian countries as to how it (she) can damage a full-fledged nation and bring it to the footpath.

People in Afghanistan in this winter are starving at the moment with no clothes and foods to eat.

On August 15, 2021, the sitting President of Afghanistan have had to flee his country for fear of being killed by the Talibs who soon after his escaping took over the entire Afghani administration.
President Ashraf Ghani was India’s henchman, it was and is widely believed.

President Ghani left Kabul mysteriously and he is learnt to have taken with him millions and millions of Dollars which he is presumed to have drained from the State Coffers.

After coercing Nepal, Bangladesh, and the Bhutanese King (the king is more Indian than Prime Minister Modi, it is widely taken in South Asian capitals), Indian ill eyes were centered on Maldives and the process of ruining the Maldivian nation is almost complete.

India has some “posted” agents in Pakistan as well who shield India at times.

This means that even Pakistan is not free from the RAW evil.

Thanks former President Abdullah Yameen, the Indian highhandedness has come to public. India thus is a proven rogue.

Had there been no Yameen, Maldives would have already accepted the status of a “protectorate” like baby Bhutan through the kind courtesy of incumbent President Solih-who too also gives an impression that he was more Indian that Pundit Nehru.

The story runs like this:

President Ibrahim Mohamed Solih’s unwarranted and excessive hobnob with the intimidating Indian regime is what has been ailing and paining the tiny archipelago-a distinguished member of the South Asian Association for regional cooperation-the SAARC.

Needless to say, the SAARC has been killed by Indian Prime Minister Modi and the main reason of the killing the regional body was “isolating Pakistan” which instead made known to the entire world that India stands as the regional villain.

President Joe Biden perhaps understands it but yet keeping silence for some “strategic political” reasons.

That the entire political parties save the parties that thrive with the perceptible Indian financial largesse and the “Indian High Commission controlled” Maldivian media reportedly too were in the payroll has already come to the knowledge of the world through the kind courtesy of “now agitating” former President Abdullah Yameen which has been mentioned in our previous articles in the portal.

To recall, Yameen at one time in the recent past was very close to PM Modi.

The “equation” perhaps has become redundant.

The former President Yameen upon his release from the prison in the recent months has apparently vowed to work against those Maldivian leaders and media men alike who were more interested in serving the “prime interests” of the Indian regime as against their own.

Yameen is on record to have stated at a large gathering in the recent weeks that “some media in Male prefer not to annoy the Indian establishment” for fear of the financial gains may be cut or withdrawn.

This should speak how the nationalists in Male may have been feeling with the naked Indian intervention which now equals to “running the Maldivian administration”.

The Maldivian phenomenon to a greater extent is copied in Nepal as well.

In Nepal, RAW candidate wins the election and by the same token the one who loses the election too is being decided by the Indian RAW as to why he has to lose.
Nepal is no better than the Maldives, let’s admit this fact.

Bangladesh scholar Zainal Abedin almost cries that his country too is a victim of the Indian RAW agency that, it is said, selects ministers even for Sheikh Hasina’s Cabinet.
However, this remains to be substantiated.

Back to Maldives:

This is horrible but yet a fact that has so forcefully been ventilated by Abdulla Yameen who once commanded the Maldivian State authority does tell the RAW’s deep penetration in the tiny Maldivian nation.

SAARC was killed by PM Modi perhaps for reasons like this which now bars the SAARC members to discuss the Indian hegemony.

No SAARC, no discussion which gives a free hand to the established regional bully-India.

Some presume that the former President of Maldives, Abdullah Yameen was sent to imprisonment “for money laundering” through the tacit machination of the Research and Analysis Wing popularly known and taken as the South Asian hazard which is the creation of the Indian establishment.

If so then President Yameen has proper logic and reason to fight back with the RAW agency that not only damaged his political career but also has been eating the Maldivian nation like a moth.

The sitting President Ibrahim Solih who ascended the Maldivian throne in 2018 had assured the countrymen that he will have “zero tolerance” on corrupt practices.

However, reports from the domestic media claim that the corruption level is so high that even minister associated with health ministry made a grand secret deal with a Dubai based Company while importing Ventilators for the Covid-19 pandemic.

The corruption in Maldives under President Solih runs in millions and billions Maldivian currency.

The opposition cries but President Solih and his ministers turn deaf ears to those cries.

The fact is that President Solih is blessed by the Indian Prime Minister Modi who wants to capture Maldivian natural resources by luring the Indo-pendent President Solih.
Of late India has been smuggling “white Maldivian Sand” in volumes.

But Abdullah Yameen remains undeterred. His mission is both to damage the political credentials of President Solih and also to expose the RAW’s deep infiltration in the Maldivian body politics.

A fresh report published in the Maldivian News Network dated December 12, almost authentically claims that “in October President Abdullah Yameen challenged the outcome of the election in Supreme Court of Maldives, raising accusations and possible use of vanishing ink.

The MNN further writes that “while the Supreme Court of Maldives rejected the appeal and ruled to uphold the results of the election, the opposition progressive party of Maldives has since maintained that the election was fully “rigged” with the backing of the Indian High Commission based in Male.

This could be close to true as in Nepal, the Indian Ambassador is no less than Lord Mountbatten of the India’s slave era-prior to the conditional independence as per the film actress senile Kangana Ranawat.

Some intellectuals even accuse India stating that “this further raised allegations of collusion with India by the senior officials of the current administration in manipulating the 2018 Presidential election that elected President Solih-the presumed man yes man of the Indian regime backed by the RAW.

RAW backed Solih the Maldivian President ship.

Sources who have had watched the 2018 Presidential elections opine that Indian diplomats posted in Male were seen maneuvering the election through the effective use of the “diplomatic immunity” provided to them through the Vienna convention that grants some extra diplomatic immunities to the diplomats posted in other countries.

Such breach of diplomatic immunities are also being openly carried out by the Kathmandu based diplomats from the South Asian menace embassy-which India is.

One former Indian Ambassador has just visited Kathmandu and met the “India bend” leaders in a Hotel where he was stationed.

His visit presumably was to tame the already tamed Nepali leaders.

Guess who is he? 

In yet another news, December 12, 2021, carried by the Maldivian News Network (the MNN) in an article titled ” Police Report on 2018 Presidential Election leaked Number of voters and ballots cast does not match “very daringly writes that,” MNN has received a leaked copy of a police report made following the investigation into the possible fraud involved in the 2018 Presidential election.

The Report, writes the MNN, “which has the official letterhead and seal of the MPS) Maldivian Police Service) is alleged to have been made by Maldives Police Service and noted 52 irregularities in the 2018 Presidential Election.

The daddy of them all fraud came to light when it was noticed that “yet another irregularity noted by the Maldives police was that there were multiple instances where they noted that there were no security features on the ballot papers when observed under Ultra Violet (UV) light.

Beginning this December, 2021, Abdullah Yameen has been giving a SOS call to his countrymen to come out into the streets demanding the “out and out removal of the Military presence” from the Maldivian soil.
“How can Maldives claim to be a sovereign nation when Indian military have a heavy presence in the country”, say informed citizenry in Maldives.

Abdullah Yameen’s call has attracted the due attention of the citizenry who have of late come to the streets demanding a probe into the irregularities of President Solih and also for the immediate removal of the Indian military men from the Maldivian soil.

The Indian highhandedness is so high that strong nationalists in Maldives have been using these days a Red vests that says “India Out”.

Former President could be seen with this “India Out” Red vest.

The hatred against India is so high that even the Speaker of the Maldivian Parliament Mohamed Nasheed have had to state this, “U can fool all the peoples some of the time and some of the people all the time”.

Speaker Nasheed then Tweets stating that “whether to call Indian military out or India Out”.

He then strongly demands that “Maldives is not a military backyard of anyone! Indian Military must go”.

A month earlier, “The government has invited this trouble to our shores. We are not against the people of India. Our people just want the Indian military to leave,” said Mohamed Saeed, the deputy leader of the opposition People’s National Congress (PNC).

“We are a very fragile country. We cannot afford to have any military presence of another country here,” he tells TRT World.

According to the TRT World dated November 22, 2021, “the opposition accuses the government of President Ibrahim Solih of signing secret deals with New Delhi that will allow Indian troops to be permanently stationed in the Maldives”.

In a more fresh news emanating from Indian capital, Delhi, Meera Sri Nivasan writes for the Hindu Daily (India) dated December 20, 2021, that India-Maldives relations deteriorated considerably when the Yameen administration was in power from 2013 to 2018.

She further writes that “tensions rose over Mr. Yameen’s abrupt ultimatum to New Delhi to withdraw two Indian helicopters from the strategically important Laamu and Addu atolls.

Critics say that the former President have had “open preference” for Saudi Arabia and China while he was the President of the Maldives.

That he is a China man appears to have been disseminated by the Indian media and the paid scholars that serves to the greater interests of the Delhi establishment.

Is it then a “geo-political battle” in between Delhi and Beijing?

Needless to say, India’s loss is surely China’s gains and vice versa.

India apparently has become nervous with Yameen’s hatred against Delhi and the latter feels that with its ouster from Maldives, China will smoothly enter.
China is the declared enemy of India.

Mr. Yameen’s Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM) said the leader would travel to the atolls to step up the ongoing campaign resisting “Indian boots on the ground” in the Indian Ocean Archipelago, even as the ruling administration denies any Indian military presence.

Images of Mr. Yameen and his supporters, attired in a red t-shirt with ‘India Out’ printed in bold font, are circulating on social media, along with the ‘#IndiaOut’ hashtag.

In a fresh development in Maldives, writes Ibrahim Adam for the Maldives journal dated December 18, 2021, which says in part that “Abdullah Yameen called upon President Solih to hold a referendum on whether the Maldivian public approved of an Indian military presence in the country”.

The former President Yameen is hoping against hope, opine the Nepali intellectuals who have been closely monitoring the Maldivian crisis since early this month.

“India is continuously interfering in the internal affairs of the Maldives which should not be the actions of a friendly neighbor”, said Yameen writes Ibrahim Adam” in his Journal.

In the meanwhile, Mr. Mohamed Saeed, the opposition parliamentarian and PPM vice-president slammed the Government, writes Meera Srinivasan, “over its Uthuru Thila Falhu (UTF) harbor development deal with India that was signed in February 2021.

Saeed then accuses the Solih administration that, “there is no transparency, and the government is reluctant to reveal the terms of the agreement in Parliament, despite having a majority in the House. The BJP leadership in India and the [ruling] MDP are messing up bilateral ties. We are not on the right course.”

Mr. Saeed, was Minister of Economic Development in Mr. Yameen’s Government, it is learnt.

Indian military’s presence in Maldives is since 1988 when some “India trained” militants threatened the Maldivian nation and the Indian military swiftly entered Male much the same way the Indian peace keeping Force, the IPKF, made an entry into the Island nation-Sri Lanka.

The Tamil militants of Sri Lanka were the brainchild of the Indian establishment like the Nepal Maoists who were provided with shelter by Indian establishment and in lieu the Maoists were told to damage Nepal.

Very freshly, the Male City Deputy Mayor Ahmed Nareesh has stated, December 20, that the people4 of Maldives will end the “Indian Military Occupation”.

In a tweet made on December 20, The Deputy mayor Nareesh stated that India has illegally stationed their military personnel in the Maldives and that the people of Maldives will not relent and that they will end the alien military occupation.

What was surprising is that, as per Pakistani Scholar Dr. Manzoor Naazer who strongly believes that “India creates problems in the neighborhood and then in the name of establishing peace and security, the Indian machinations come into action and seek political concessions”.

This is what has already happened in Nepal. Recall the Delhi drafted 12 point agreement that brought to power the Indian trained and indoctrinated Nepal Maoists.

The same happened with Colombo, Kathmandu and now Male.

(See Dr. Manzoor Naazer’s articles in the website).

No surprise at all for those who understand how India twists the arms of the smaller neighbors.

Scholar Manzoor explains in details.

Who else better understands India than Nepal?

Great going Abdullah Yameen.

Entire Nepali nationals (not in the RAW payroll) are with you. Keep the nationalist tempo intact until Indian military leaves Male voluntarily much the same way it had to vacate Nepal in the late sixties. Thanks late King Mahendra and his Prime Minister late Kirti Nidhi Bista.

And for the Road: The co-founder of Dhiyares online portal, Ahmed Azaan, writes in his Tweet dated December 21 that “The Indian Prime Minister is ruling the Maldives through his proxy. We should end this administration by all means possible. We owe it to this generation and the next”.

Needless to say, the use of the word “proxy” is for President Solih who is considered by the informed Maldivians as the one who has been installed by Delhi’s administration.

God bless The Maldives.

That’s all.


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