Yameen led India’s RAW hatred campaign heightens in Maldives

Thursday, December 9, 2021

Yameen led India’s RAW hatred campaign heightens in Maldives

N. P. Upadhyaya

Kathmandu: India’s infamous infiltrating agency, the Research and Analysis Wing-the RAW stands exposed.

Madame Indira Gandhi’s sibling is being condemned all over the South Asian nations.

The crusade to uncover the heinous wrong doings of this divisive agency in South Asia earnestly began from Bangladesh- a country that was calculatedly created by the Indira Gandhi led Indian establishment in order to weaken the Pakistani State further so that a weak Pakistan henceforth will be no match to the elephantine Indian regime.

However, that didn’t happen and the things didn’t go as per the wishes of the regional hooligan -India.

In fact, after the designed bifurcation of Pakistan into two halves (east and West), the latter within a short span of time acquired the much needed Nuclear capabilities which not only assured the smaller South Asian nations for obvious political reasons but the Islamic nation became a nuclear deterrent to the Indian hegemony.

Great relief to the small South Asian nations for understandable reasons.

Credit must go to Julfikar Ali Bhutto for his avowal that his country will be a nuclear one in no matter of time and Pakistan acquired this competency.

When Pakistan equipped itself with Nuclear weapons for “peaceful purposes“, the rival neighboring regime, India, have had to think twice before planning some sort of attack across the border.

IN fact, India would have done greater damage to Pakistan had the latter been with no nuclear advantage.

India’s calculation of splitting Pakistan in the early seventies too appear to have backfired to the regime which almost game birth to the new South Asian Nation-Bangladesh which soon became allergic to India at the people’s level.

Here goes the story:

Looking at the manner the Bangladeshis greeted Pakistani leader Julfikar Ali Bhutto during his first ever Dhaka trip, the then Indian High Commissioner J. N. Dixit (Jyotindra Nath Dixit) concluded rightly and recorded in his book ” My South Block Years” that India now has “two Pakistan in its neighborhood”.

Yes, the Foreign Policy veteran of India, Dixit, spoke correct as his predictions came to true verbatim in the later years.

The recent China’s entrance into the “developmental efforts” in Dhaka too is the net result of how India had twisted the arms of the new South Asian country.

That Pakistan had a new brother in South Asia got proved in the recent years when Indian Prime Minister Modi began to lose his popularity to the extent that his effigies too were burnt to the utter dismay of the sitting Indian High Commissioners in Dhaka and the “British trained Babus” in Delhi.

To recall, the present day India used to be a near and dear Colony of the occupiers-the British East India Company.

Things even took worst turn when the sitting Bangladeshi Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina exhibited her “distaste” in meeting Mrs. Riva das Ganguly-the Indian High Commissioner in Dhaka in the recent years last year 2020.
Prime Minister Hasina thus kept Mrs. Riva Das waiting for some good four months which shocked the Delhi’s South Block.

The unexpected had happened in Dhaka.

Mrs. Riva out of humiliation left Dhaka for some days and kept some fresh “Oxygen” in the Dhaka suburbs.

Her insult was a deliberate one which came soon after India enacted the new Citizenship bill which, Dhaka felt, hurt the national sentiment for some political reasons.

Yet another jolt made India to conclude that Dhaka was not in its grip or at best Dhaka intends to detach itself from the continued “captivity” of the Delhi’s iron fist.

It was during these Dhaka-Delhi rough and tough days, Beijing made its smooth entrance in Dhaka much to the discomfort of the Delhi’s South Block.

Madame High Commissioners’ humiliation followed the arrival of the new Indian Foreign Secretary Harsh Shringla (a Nepali speaking Indian diplomat) to Dhaka in a chartered plane.

To Shringla’s deep anguish and frustration, no one from Dhaka’s foreign ministry greeted the Indian diplomat (viceroy) at the Airport.

Perhaps Dhaka wished to send some “signals” to Delhi to learn and act accordingly.

That Bangladesh hates India and its spy agency-the RAW was best articulated by a Bangladeshi scholar Zainal Abedin in 2020 while participating in an International seminar held in Islamabad wherein the scholar of international repute appealed the attending colleagues from different Muslim countries to keep a comfortable distance from the Indian machinations more so with the India’s most dishonorable spy agency RAW (Research Analysis Wing).

Scholar Abedin made known to the attending equals during the seminar that the “permeation and invasion” of the RAW agency in his country Bangladesh was so high that “the entire politics of Bangladesh appears to have been in the firm grips of the RAW agents and the RAW agency.

Many journalists and diplomats (including the retired ones) in Dhaka were in the payroll of the Indian High Commission, it is believed with high confidence.

Strong rumors have it that some diplomatic think tanks in Dhaka run with the funding of the Indian High Commission.

When a scholar of the stature of Zainal Abedin makes a clarion call to remain observant and attentive from the RAW menace then it becomes urgent to trust the learned man and act accordingly.

Are the Nepali leaders and the “vibrant” Nepali media listening?

Zainal’s passionate call apparently has approached the South Asian Island archipelago-the Maldives.

Of late, the sensible and responsible Maldivians, it could be concluded now, have begun to notice the unwarranted intrusion of the RAW agents in the Maldivian body politics and also in the local media in Male.

In fact, the Maldivians came to the street in July this year (2020) Male demanding the outright removal of the ad nauseating presence of the Indian military.

The intellectuals in Male opine that how can Maldives claim itself to be a sovereign and Independent nation in the presence of the Indian military men in its soil?

The Maldivian opinion has logic.

Reports emanating from the Maldivian capital claim that this time around the tiny South Asian country, a member of the Modi killed SAARC, has tentatively undertook to expose the Indian RAW agency and its agents in Male.

He has already embarked on the path to uncover the most repulsive Indian spy agency that works to destabilize the neighboring countries.

Male is the fresh RAW’s target.

Former President of the Maldives Abdulla Yameen has in a resolute manner made a promise to bring the wrong doings of the RAW agency and its domestic agents to public and expose the infiltrating organization.

To recall, Abdulla Yameen has very freshly come out of the prison.

He was imprisoned for some flimsy political reasons.

His political detractors have had framed a false charge of money laundering and the Court in Male released the former President citing reasons ” lack of credible evidence against Yameen”.

Samanta Goyal:RAW Chief

After the release from the prison, Yameen is up in the streets each day educating his countrymen of the high infiltration of the RAW agency and its agents residing in Male.

Yameen accuses that most of the media outlets being currently published from the Male City were working for and in favor of the Indian establishment as against the hefty “under table” financial gains/transactions.

Yameen believes that the Maldivian media men were in the “pay roll” of the Indian High Commission.

Speaking at the opposition rally held in the carnival area, Yameen stated December 5, 2021, that “some news outlets operated in male were on the payroll of the Indian High Commission.

Yameen asserted that these media men prefer to promote Indian interests and many avoid to publish articles against Maldives.

Under table money matters.

Journalist Ibrahim Adam writes that ” many of the media outlets publish stories defending the Indian military presence in the country.

And beginning this November, 2021, the Maldivians are of the view that the Indian military’s presence in Male must come to an end once and for all.

The ongoing demonstrations organized by a coalition of opposition parties led by former President Abdulla Yameen against the Indian military presence have remained so far peaceful.

Yameen has taken the lead against the Indian Military presence in Male.

Saad Hasan, November 22, 2021, reports for the TRT world quoting Mohammad Saeed, that the Maldivians now say that “the government has invited this trouble to our shores. We are not against the people of India. Our people just want the Indian military to leave”.

Mr. Saeed is the deputy leader of the opposition People’s National Congress (PNC).

The opposition accuses the government of sitting President Ibrahim Solih of signing secret deals with New Delhi that will allow Indian troops to be permanently stationed in the Maldives.

President Solih has special “love and affection” for the Indian Prime Minister Modi.

The people in Male are in knowledge of this Maldivian and Indian love affair and hence is the deep rooted hatred against India.
Of late former President Abdulla Yameen has initiated a fresh campaign for the immediate ouster of the Indian military men from Male.

The Maldives Journal, December 4, 2021 reports that former President Abdulla Yameen has appealed the Military Generals of the nation to recall their oath while joining the military service and said that the national army must protect Islam and the nation and that the military should refrain from protecting a President who was “losing his way”.

He reminded the entire security forces of the country that they “were not responsible in implementing the illegal orders”.

On the same occasion, Abdulla Yameen forcefully called for the removal of the Indian military from Maldives and assured the large gathering that ” I will remove the Indian military from the soil of Male at any cost”.

Ibrahim Adam further writes that the angered former President Yameen made it loud and clear that “Maldives was neither an Indian town nor the people of the Maldives were o the same ethnicity as the Indians”.

Yameen, many believe that he was closer to China.

This speaks of the increasing hatred against India that is brewing in the tiny Maldives.

Yameen opined that the President of the Maldives need not to act like a governor appointed by the India.

” The present Indian attitude towards Maldives is much similar to how India was seen under the colonial British rule”

Some points to remember:

# On October 23, the Maldivians came to the streets in Male and shouted slogans like “Indian military out”.

#” The main source of public antipathy against India stems from their continued military presence in Maldives.

Under the current administration (of President Soleh.), several secret military agreements have been signed in between the Government of Maldives and India which would essentially allow India to station their military personnel with full diplomatic immunity and tax exemption”, so writes MNN (Maldives News Network) news agency dated 23 October, 2021.

# Much to the utter dismay and annoyance of the Maldivians, India has also taken the control of multiple strategic locations citing development projects such as the northern most Hanimadhoo International Airport-south of Addu wherein the Indian military presence is in comfortable numbers.

# Some senior Maldivians even suspected that the Indian gift of the two Advanced Light Helicopters in 2010 and 2015 were being used in the country for spying for India which, as per the senior citizens, marked the start of military presence in the country.

# The fact is that the Maldivians seriously demand that the agreements that have been made by Maldives with India be made transparent to which the incumbent government is denying.

India and the Maldives have had warm times but when the Maldivians felt that Indian maneuvering and interference has to be curtailed in order to save the nation, the nationals of the Island nation came to the thoroughfares and screeched slogans which were practically unexpected by the regional Hegemon-India.

# The Maldivians suspect that India has been smuggling white sand in volume to India.

” The Indian Ocean nation, comprising 1,192 islands, with a total area of 298 square kilometers, and having a population of just a little over four Lakh, has poked India in the eye, so wrote Rajeev Sharma for the Quint on December 17, 2017, almost four years ago. Sharma takes this poking as a set back to the Indian foreign policy.

# The unbridled space India enjoyed in Afghanistan after the US occupation in December 2001 provided RAW with the opportunity to dominate Afghan agency NDS and penetrate deep into Pakistani FATA, Balochistan and Karachi. Since 2014 subverting and failing CPEC and BRI has become its top priorities. (The Global Village Space, 1 December, 2020).

# Every second Nepali leader and the media is presumed to be in the payroll of the Indian RAW. It is these RAW men that prefer to avoid to criticize India as and when some issues crop up in Nepal-India bilateral ties. ”

# This time the eye poking has been led by none less than former President Abdullah Yameen.

Will there be someone from Nepal, Pakistan, Bhutan to raise the issue of RAW infiltration in their countries?

Not in my lifetime. That’s all.

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