Human Rights Guaranteed in DPR of Korea

Food, shelter, clothes, education, health care, voting rights to select their law-makers to take care of them and to maintain peace and security in the nation are the basic human rights and duties of the  citizen of any county, my instinct says.
It is said that “Seeing is believing!”. 
Since last three decades, I have been witnessing the DPRK’s overall development including the human rights situation in the country through my several visits in the capital city Pyongyang and other urban and rural areas of the country and had many interactions with the inhabitants of the DPR of Korea.
I was impressed, while taking with a worker in the farm who said -”We have no worries for our health, doctor visits us in our home and take care every month and refers in a nearby hospital if we need any further treatment”
The state has guaranteed food, housing, apartments, drinking water, cloths and all necessary things essential to pass the comfortable daily life.
In a visit to the Western country, some were discussing that the people are dying from starvation due to the decades long strong economic sanctions of the UN to the DPRK and closure of the border since two years and no humanitarian support to the country.
I argued with them saying that the situation in DPR Korea is not as you are discussing here based on all negative propaganda of the Western mass media. If people have died as you said in large numbers, the satellite spy net work of the Western countries would have shown the dying people thousand times.
I added - in the Pyongyang capital city, diplomats and workers of the various Western countries and privileged workers of the humanitarian International Organizations are working there. They are always watching entire situation of the country and if they see any bad or negative things of the violation of the human rights or government’s suppression on the people, it is their duty to inform and update the resident country’s overall situation to their own courtiers. We cannot find such report.
All the false and baseless news have been presented by the so called news agencies and organizations to mislead the people of the world in a unsuccessful effort to isolate the socialist country.
In this regard, I remember one anti-DPRK propaganda on its great leader Marshal KIM JONG UN by the Western mass media and YouTube channels and so many irresponsible non-sense information on the great leaders by the different unknown sources of the face book sites. The then such news sometime said that Marshal had gone through heart operation and sometime said that he was no more. They repeated the same news hundred times. 
But the same above mentioned mass Medias after 15 days broadcasted and printed the news that Marshal Kim Jong Un is seen while inaugurating factory of mass production and apartment buildings for the workers. His health is good. He was taking rest in a newly build resort for the international tourists at Kaesong area.

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