Dr. Farooq Abdullah’s Kashmir resonates in UNGA and United Kingdom….

Dr. Farooq Abdullah’s Kashmir resonates in UNGA and United Kingdom….N. P. Upadhyaya - - - - Today Kashmiris do not feel Indian and do not want to be Indian … They are slaves … They would rather have the Chinese rule them … every Kashmiri believes the new domicile laws are intended to create a Hindu majority … the gap between Kashmiris and the rest of the country is wider than ever before and growing … Modi deliberately deceived me in August 2019 but I will fight to restore the dignity of Kashmiris till my last breath” …. Abdullah further said, “Jinnah was right” that he created Pakistan and on the contrary, I was a damn fool not to have toed the Jinnah’s line of the correct political choice he made then”. (Dr. Farooq Abdullah, former Jammu and Kashmir Chief Minister talks with Karan Thapar (September 23/24, The WIRE, India).



The story begins.

Kathmandu: The entire Muslim world scattered across the globe need to salute from the core of the heart the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as he is the single Muslim leader who has made it a point to raise the issue of the oppressed and dehumanized Kashmiri population who have been since decades and decades reeling under the military’s killing machine of the Indian regime.

Erdogan needs an international platform; Kashmiri plight is recalled.

The tyranny of the Indian ruthless regime has doubled since August 5, 2019 when the fascist state-the mother of entire worldly evils-changed the original status of Kashmir.

The world is silent save a few leaders across the world who raise the Kashmir issue just as a matter of formality-for example the Muslims of the Arab world do it so in order not to annoy the Islamophobic Indian regime now controlled by the most nauseating Hindu-Prime Minister Modi of the country of the former slaves of the Mughals and the British India Company.

The world community more so the United Nations Security Council and the developed Western nations have acquired a furtive silence when it comes to finding a peaceful solution to the seven decades long haunting issue of the Kashmiris residing in the India’s illegally occupied territory.

Bewildering is the complete ignoring of the “predicament of the Kashmiris” by the world’s largest and strongest democracies like, for example, the United States and its allies in Europe e.g France, Germany, UK and etc.

The Security Council which has made some historical resolutions in the past on Kashmir issue too appears in shelving the burning issue once and for all.

Is the UNSC an ornament only for a show?

Or the Muslim world, Pakistan included, perhaps were not pressing the Council as it should have been. Pakistan too speaks on Kashmir just to keep the issue alive. That’s it.

Thanks persons like the Turkish President Erdogan who keep on reminding the world’s “so called” democratic leaders that there is a place in South Asian landmass called Kashmir where the local population (the Kashmiris) have been kept hostage by the fascist Indian regime-controlled by the former Tea seller.

Many say that Kashmir is the world’s largest “open air prison” that unfortunately is under the Indian establishment now being ruled by Hindutva’s Gang of Four leaders of India: Modi, Doval, Sah and Shankar.

The cabal of four is equivalent to South Asian menace.

It is these four Islamophobic Indian leaders who have made the South Asian region as a living hell wherein the smaller countries that unfortunately border India are the worst victim of the regime that primarily survived for centuries and centuries serving the Mughals and very freshly the British India Company.

The Turkish president, a close ally of Pakistan, had repeatedly raised the issue of Kashmir in his address to the high-level General Debate at the UN in the past.

President Erdogan while delivering his speech at the United Nations General Assembly on September 21, 2021, once again as in the previous year referred to the issue of Kashmir.

To recall, reacting to Erdogan’s remarks on Kashmir, the Indian side had termed the President’s comments as “completely unacceptable”, saying Turkey should learn to respect the sovereignty of other nations and reflect on its own policies more deeply.

What India is, Nepal knows it better. In fact, India controls Nepal’s political administration since 2005/6.

The forced ouster of Nepali Monarchy was to keep Nepal under India’s tight control.

Undeterred by the Indian erratic rejoinder, the Turkish President Erdogan-the de facto leader of the Muslim world-nearly blasted that “We maintain our stance in favor of solving the ongoing problem in Kashmir for 74 years, through dialogue between the parties and within the framework of relevant United Nations resolutions.”

After Erdogan, yet another strong voice in favor of the India plagued Kashmiris, emanated from Britain when a Labor MP for Bradford East (Britain) said that Britain must act on the world stage to help end Human Rights abuses by what the MP called a “brutal occupying force” in Kashmir, reports the Evening Standard dated September 23, 2021.

Imran Hussain, the Labor MP in a fervent speech which was critical of India, as described by the Evening Standard, said the United Kingdom and other likeminded countries needed to speak to and take up the issue at the earliest.

Imran Hussain

“For over 70 years they have had their rights eroded, had their freedoms stripped away and has their self-determination denied”, said Imran Hussain.

Needless to say, Kashmir has long been a flash point between India and Pakistan and the Indo-Pak tussle on Kashmir also threatens the peace and stability of the entire South Asian region which has now been mercilessly coerced by the fascist Indian regime ruled by the Hindu gang of four taken as the terror machine in the South Asian political landscape.

Speaking during a debate on human rights in Kashmir, Mr. Hussain told the House of Commons that “For over 70 years, the sons and daughters of Kashmir have been subjected to persecution, oppression, injustice in the most brutal manner”.

For over 70 years they (the Kashmiris) have been butchered, maimed and killed at the hands of an occupying Indian military operating under the draconian Armed Forces (Special Powers) Act.

“And for over 70 years they have had their rights eroded, had their freedoms stripped away and has their self-determination denied” MP Hussain informed the House.

President Erdogan’s fresh speech in the UNGA appears to have jolted the conscience of some Muslims more so in the United Kingdom.

Similarly, yet another British MP, Paul Bristow said just the other day, September 23, 2021, that ” If you care about Human Rights, you care about Kashmir. What happens in Kashmir matters in Peterborough”?

This British MP had said last year that “the decision by the Indian Government to revoke Article 370 of the Indian constitution, which allows Muslim-majority Jammu and Kashmir limited autonomy, can only be seen as a retrograde step”.

Paul had added then that ” in Peterborough, there are many residents of Kashmiri origin. Our concern is understandably with everyone who has family and friends in the region.

Stability, peace and respect for human rights has to be the main focus for everyone concerned with Kashmir”.

This young and energetic British MP Paul Bristow is takes as a political man who is ever vocal highlighting Human Rights abuses in Kashmir by the Indian Occupying forces-the mother of the entire worldly ills.

Observers in Nepal-a protectorate country that is in total Indian control since 2006, claim that “it was the right time for the responsible International bodies to speak against Indian brutality and crimes in occupied Kashmir”.

In the meanwhile, the previous President of Azad Jammu and Kashmir Masood Khan, September 24, 2021, has urged the office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights to break its silence and hold India accountable for Human Rights and committing crime against Humanity”.

Giving a befitting political twist/rejoinder to the Indian claim that Kashmir was its integral part, Nznn Ahmed (B’desh) Tweeted, dated September 25, 2021, that ” Kashmir was never a part of India and it will never be.

The fact is India also knows the truth. That’s why, they have been using the controversial law as a tool against Kashmiri people along with their leader to suppress their freedom movement”.

Notably, the Pakistani Foreign Minister S. M. Qureshi who met the UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres on September 25, 2021, reminded the UNSG of the Pakistani current priorities which included, for example, equitable socio-economic development, stabilization of Afghanistan and the judicious resolution of the Jammu and Kashmir overly stretched dispute”.

FM Qureshi hoped that the United nations shall play a central role in addressing and overcoming these challenges.
But will the UN ever take up the Kashmir issue? Will it prefer to open the pages of its own resolutions taken decades and decades back on Kashmir?

A rough estimate available in the Internet tells the gory tale of the Indian brutality in occupied Kashmir which is as follows:

“The breakdown of the sad events as received discloses that since 1989, the extra judicial killings in Kashmir stood at 96, 000; Children orphaned 108, 000; Women widowed 23, 000; Arbitrary arrests and torture stood at 162, 000; and pellet gun injuries totaled 25, 000”.

The statistics presented here should in all honesty jolt the International community who have vowed not to speak even a single word against fascist India.

But President Biden this time hinted PM Modi in the USA to learn the art of tolerance. Clearly, Modi’s Islamophobic attitude got exposed.

Coinciding with this, the Pakistan government too has recently added one more dossier on facts about Kashmir, September 13, 2021, which reveals that “the Indian forces run about 239 Torture Cells in Indian Illegally Occupied J&K.
This revelation must ring alarm bells in the “Democratic” World scattered in the world.

At best, as and when countries like the US ever have dared to offer “mediation” on Kashmir issue, the Indian Union has come heavily down against the countries who talked of mediation.

For example, President Trump during his Presidency did utter about US mediation but the Indian establishment dismissed the chances of such a mediation.

Trump twice made the mediation offer.

However, this time something surprising has happened in that a country’s high official from the Gulf while being in Delhi on an official visit offered his country’s mediation if both the countries so desire.

A subdued Gulf has a voice now on Kashmir.

Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister Prince Faisal bin Farhan Al-Saud has said, as per The Express Tribune dated September 20, 2021, that “Kashmir is a disputed territory and stressed that the Saudi Kingdom was ready to play its role in resolving the issue as well as easing tensions between Pakistan and India.

Talking to Hindu Daily (India), FM Faisal said that ” there should be focus on path of dialogue between India and Pakistan to resolve issues in a way that can settle concerns permanently”.

India so far has not come heavily down against the Saudi FM Faisal as latter’s remarks on Kashmir establishes the fact that the Kashmir dispute demands third party mediation to which India has developed some sort of hatred or say allergy.

Prince Faisal also touched upon Afghanistan and said that “the Taliban has a responsibility to exercise good judgement and good governance, to be inclusive, to bring in all people in Afghanistan, and to forge a path that can lead to stability, security and prosperity’.

This means that the Captain of the Arab world too has some stances in common with Pakistan.

Hope others will follow suit.

Speaking at the ongoing UN General Assembly session, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan, September 24, 2021, in a hard hitting tone described his rival country that “the worst and most pervasive form of Islamophobia now rules India”.

He further said that “the hate-filled Hindutva ideology, propagated by the fascist RSS-BJP regime, has unleashed a reign of fear and violence against India’s 200 million-strong Muslim community”.

Under Modi, India has rescinded the autonomy of Kashmir, its only Muslim-majority region, pushed through a citizenship law that critics call discriminatory and has witnessed repeated flare-ups of religious-based violence”, PM Khan told the international gathering.

He made it known to the world assembly that “Indian actions in Indian Illegally occupied Kashmir amounted to a war crime and also could be taken as “crime against humanity”.

The Indian actions in Kashmir, says PM Khan, also violates International Human Rights and the universally accepted Humanitarian Laws, including the 4th Geneva Convention, and amount to, as stated earlier, war crimes and crimes against Humanity.

Says the fiery Indian media woman, Arfa Khanum Sherwani taking a swipe on PM Modi: “You may be the leader of the largest democracy of the world but the world now knows you for subverting this very democracy and constitution. The world knows you for shooting your own people in the chest and jumping over their dead bodies. No amount of propaganda can earn you respect.”

This speaks as how much honor PM Modi has in how own country who is talking all nonsense about India-the slave country in effect, in the US.

Yet another Twiterrati (Vengeance is mine) claims quoting M. A. Jinnah (sic), “If India will be ruled by Hindu imperialistic power, it will be great menace for the future”.

This should mean that Jinnah had already envisioned in his time the state of an India when it would be ruled by fanatic Hindu PM Modi.

Jinnah took a right decision in having a separate Pakistan for the Muslims.

Our own Nepal’s senior political analyst (now ailing) Madan Regmi says on Modi’s US visit this time, (sic), ” Joe Biden told PM Modi to remember Mahatma Gandhi’s tolerance and non-violence “.

In few words, Joe Biden hinted Modi that he knew him well and took him as “intolerant person”.

In saying so, Biden made Modi understand that he (Biden)knew of the Godhra incident wherein thousands of Muslims were burnt alive when Modi was Chief Minister of Gujrat.

After the killing spree in Godhara, Chief Minister Modi was declared PNG (persona non grata) by several countries in the West including the US.

However, with Modi as Indian PM, the West rolled carpets to the Muslim-killer of South Asia, as he is called in this part of the world.

The West stands exposed itself as well.

In saying so, Biden in an oblique manner said Modi that he knew him as a man of Donald Trump and thus no extra favor from him Modi could expect.

Regmi says that even in Quad meet held in Washington, Modi failed to seduce Biden to get support for him against China.

The US media’s complete neglect of PM Modi is what was reserved for this fundamentalist Hindu.

All in all, PM Modi’s present day arrogant attitude speaks candidly of his upbringing in the childhood. Poor Chaiwala. PM Modi admits. That’s all.

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