DPRK and "Mother's Birthday"

Dear Friends,
Korea-Asia Pacific Exchange sends warm greetins to all friends of Asia-Pacific region who are trying for world peace, security and justice.

And, we'd like to express our deep thanks to you who have conducted the various friendship and solidarity acitivities always supporting our people's just cause despite the continuous worldwide health crisis.

Our Korean people will celebrate the 76Th founding anniversary of the Workers' Party of Korea in the near future.

We call this day "Mother's Birthday" and celebrate with much enthusiasm each year.

The international community praise the Worker’s Party of Korea for winning unqualified support and trust of the people. The ruling party in the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea owes such an enviable reputation to its faithful service for the benefit of the people; since it was founded on October 10, 1945, the party has been steadfast in taking responsibility for their destiny and defending their interests.

Right after Korea’s liberation from Japanese military occupation (1905-1945), it initiated agrarian reform with a view to realizing the Korean peasants’ centuries-old desire for tilling their own land. Subsequently, it enforced a series of democratic policies-adoption of the law on sex equality for the empowerment of women and their emancipation, promulgation of the labour law providing for the eight-hour workday and prohibition of child labour, nationalization of major industries, etc.

It also strove to give the population free access to medical treatment and schooling. The country’s advantageous universal free medical care system dates back to the grim days of the Korean war(1950-1953), when all human and material resources had to be mobilized in the struggle to defeat the invaders. Its education system has gone through several stages of development with the acceleration of socialist construction: universal compulsory primary education in 1956, the year when the country was in the throes of postwar rehabilitation , which was the first of its kind in the East; universal compulsory secondary education in 1958; and universal free education in 1959. Now the universal 12-year compulsory education system is in force across the country.

Under its leadership the people have led an independent and creative life, deeply conscious of how precious their party is to them.

Today, upholding the people-first principle, the party is leading the effort to build a powerful socialist country in order to realize the people’s dreams and ideals.

We are sure that you will send the continuous support and solidarity to the just struggle of our Korean people as in the past.

Yours faithfully,
Korea-Asia Pacific Exchange
September 28, 2021

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