Open Indian intervention in Nepal in action

Kathmandu: An Indian national is in town who claims to have “intimate” connections with Indian Prime Minister Modi.
This unwanted and uninvited Indian national has in his four days stay in Kathmandu has met practically all the leaders (dealers) and is learnt to have “instructed” all the contemporary Nepali leaders of what the Indian Prime Minister would want from the Nepali leaders to act.
Needless to say, the arrival of this undesirable Indian national in town is taken as a direct attack on Nepal’s internal affairs which unfortunately is not a new phenomenon beginning the India designed ouster of Nepali monarchy after the India engineered political movement of the year 2005-6.
To recall, in the year 2005, Nepal had witnessed a political movement only when the then Indian foreign secretary Mr. Shyam Saran encouraged the then Nepali leaders to overthrow the monarchy as the monarchy was not serving to the dictates of the enemy regime of India.
In lighter vein, Shyam Saran in also taken as the “father” of Nepal’s Republican order.
Unconfirmed reports claim that Mr. Saran has posted some good “informers” in Nepal whose duty is to report him of matters that are related with Nepali security.
Rumors had it that some Nepali ministers in PM Oli’s cabinet used to send the internal cabinet details to the Delhi regime and the media.
PM Oli through knew this ruffian minister but remained tight lipped thus saved the minister’s prestige.
Though PM Oli himself used to invite the RAW chief Samanta Goyal to his bed room and listened to the Indian instructions on how to preserve the Indian prime interests.
For sure, the said political movement of the year 2005-6 was calculatedly sponsored and executed by the Indian regime with the tacit assistance of late Girija Prasad Koirala and his cohorts spread then in various political parties.
The United Marxists and Leninists leader Madhav Kumar Nepal and the Delhi man Comrade Prachanda of the Nepal Maoists party had played a key role in the forced ouster of King Gyanendra-the last King for the time being.
The man who is in Kathmandu from India is Mr. Bijaya Chouthaiwala is taken as an Indian God who has landed in Kathmandu to bless the Nepal’s political leaders who are just “national burdens”.
His easy approach with the Nepali leaders does tell that Nepal in many more ways than one has accepted willingly to exist as the “protectorate” of India.
Shame on the Nepali population who have been watching their “mother Nepal” being humiliated and insulted by a political nonentity from across the border.
The crux of the matter is that it normally takes good two years for Nepal’s Ambassador in Delhi, Nilambar Acharya, to meet the Indian Prime Minister Modi.
Though unconfirmed rumors are that Mr. Acharya is taken as the ” preferred man” of the Indian Prime Minister Modi.
Modi is learnt to have pressed the Nepal government to send Acharya as Ambassador to Delhi.
It is not sure even if he could see PM Modi in two years’ time.
This gives an inkling of Nepal’s prestige in Delhi’s political quarters.
Look the ground facts and draw your own conclusions. God save mother Nepal.   – Narendra Prasad
Aug 24, 2021 (Now- PM Deauba)

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