India is the real loser in Taliban’s Afghanistan takeover

India is the real loser in Taliban’s Afghanistan takeoverN. P. Upadhyaya- - - - - Kathmandu: India’s desperation is real pertaining to what has unfolded in Afghanistan since August 15, 2021. India is in a shock when Ghani fled the country on PM Modi’s early instructions. Corrupt Ghani and PM Modi had become almost synonymous which earned the Talibani hatred for both.

The Indian exasperation was expected in that the Afghanistan which was ruled by corrupt economist Ashraf Ghani-a proxy of Indian Prime Minister Modi who have had to flee the country for fear of being executed by the advancing Talibs who around August 14 (last month) were approaching Kabul-the seat of the Afghani government.

The Talibs seized Kabul on August 15 without facing any resistance of sort from the government forces.

Corrupt Ghani saved his life and fled to Arab Emirates-the UAE.

The general Afghani population openly admit that Ghani’s regime was the most dishonest and unethical regime in South Asia and beyond.

One of the prime reasons for the abject failure of the Ghani set up in Kabul could be attributed to the Himalayan bribery associated with fraudulent behavior which was at all levels of the bureaucracy and also of the Army.

Clearly speaking, Ghani’s fraudulent practices and his excessive dependence on the Indian regime led and controlled by the gang of four (Modi-Doval, Sah-Shankar) made the Afghani population to determine that Afghanistan was being ruled by the notorious Indian clique which is taken still as the South Asian menace.

Afghanistan came to the fold of the coercive Indian regime only when the country was lobbied by the South Asian scoundrel for a respected membership in the South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation-the SAARC by the Italy born Indian queen Mrs. Sonia Gandhi who was ruling the Indian Union through her Proxy Dr. Man Mohan Singh as Indian Prime Minister.

Dr. Singh was tip to toe an Indian national serving the Italian queen.

After a long and a meaningless fight with the Nepal King Gyanendra, the Sonia’s substitute was able to bring in Afghanistan as a distinguished member of the SAARC regional body.

The downward slide of the SAARC began. 

SAARC stands killed by Hindutva gang of India.

The Nepal King’s contention was that since Afghanistan was having foreign forces in its soil, thus Afghanistan perhaps have had no morale in joining the SAARC body.

It was this conflict between Dr. M.M Singh and King Gyanendra which is what forced the King to abdicate the Nepali throne.

Some Indian pimps in Nepal still assure the deposed King that he would be “restored” by Indian Prime Minister Modi on Hindu religion grounds.

This is all farce say those who have concluded that PM Modi is number one South Asian fraud and that he is no more no less than a South Asian menace.

Now back to the point:

Why is the Indian nervousness increasing with Talibs now all set to steer the Afghani government in their own preferred way?

The anxiety is all about the “lost political space” that India had in Afghanistan.

This is not all.

If the political space has been lost for India with the almost lightning speed with which the Talibs captured Kabul, then the crux of the matter is that rival Pakistan has occupied the space that had for two decades or so been dominated or say accommodated by the Indian regime.

Indian diplomatic failure is definitely the net gain for Pakistan.

It was this heavy “engagement” of the Indian regime which added fuel to the fire which is what compelled the domestic population to make an effort to do away with the Indian proxy regime which was led by the Ashraf Ghani.

Indian wheezing is all but losing absolute control of the Afghanistan which has now gone to the fold of those whom the “people” of Afghanistan have preferred for their administration in political, economic and social affairs.

Good or bad, Talibs are Afghani choice.

Indian gasping now in Afghanistan is due to the fact that with the advent of the Talibanis, India will have now insurmountable difficulties in carrying out the activities that were the hallmarks of the Indian regime against its equally competent rival and challenger: Pakistan.

Now Kul Bhushan Yadavs will have hard times in penetrating Pakistan from the Afghani soil.

Indian asphyxiation is genuine in that the new set up in Afghanistan will forbid India to destabilize Pakistan from inside the Afghani territory.

Senior economist Ghani was a handy tool for the Indian regime for decades and decades to pounce upon or say infiltrate in Pakistan through the long porous border that Afghanistan shared. 

International relations expert even claimed that the Indian consulates or say diplomatic offices were deliberately established almost close to the Pakistani border in Afghanistan.

If one were to believe what the Associated Press of Pakistan says in its reporting September 11, 2021, then what becomes clear and evident as to why India is so panicky with the advent of the Taliban(s) in Afghanistan which has replaced corrupt Ghani’s regime only the last month.

The APP claims in its report which mentions that India had been using Afghani soil against Pakistan since 2001 by investing about $3 billion on infrastructure, training of the Afghani forces and on other projects to establish a network for its permanent foothold and to achieve its overt and covert designs”.

The APP report which has been published by The Express Tribune, Pakistan says further that ” According to experts, by sponsoring terrorism against Pakistan from the Afghani territory, India had violated various articles of the United Nations Charter including Article 2 (4), Article 41 (3) of the Vienna Convention, and paras 2 and 5 of the UN security Council resolutions 1373 of 2001. 

Nepal’s political observers have abundant reasons to believe as to what has been illustrated by the APP dated September 12 only because it was India which had granted shelter and protection to the Nepal Maoists in Delhi who waged an all-front-war on mother Nepal with the clear assistance and funding from the enemy Indian regime.

For the Nepal Maoists, mother India was supreme. 

The Nepal Maoists’ so called fake People’s War was nothing more than a war designed and sponsored by the Indian regime.

So it is easy to understand as to what the Indian regime may have been doing against Pakistan from the Afghani soil.

The Indian pet Nepal Maoists later invaded Nepal to the extent that the entire political set up was under their control which was equivalent to Indian control that unfortunately remains intact even as of today.

As India ruled Afghanistan through Corrupt President Ghani, so is the case with Nepal which is being politically administered by the Indian hooligans like Chouthaiwala and their proxies scattered in various local parties in Nepal.

Nepal is a classic case of plagued by continued Indian domination. 

Thanks Afghanistan, good or bad, is now being ruled by the people of Afghanistan but not by the Indian proxies as is now in Nepal.

India’s shedding tears was inevitable as the people too concluded that to be ruled by Indian proxy or by a genuine Afghani population, they wisely opted to be best government by the Afghani Talibs which were comfortably better than the Indian scoundrels and its proxies.

However, the Talibs also are demanded that they behave with the female folks in a manner that the changing times would suggest.

Fortunate would be Nepal if and when the Nepali Talibs overthrow the Indian proxies from the political spectrum that has been polluted by the servants and shepherd of the Indian regime who are not even competent enough to be a district chief.

Indian gasping is real in that, as the luck would have it, the Indians have been replaced comfortably by the Pakistanis who share a long porous border with the Afghanis.

Pakistan has genuine concerns, as next door neighbor, in maintaining peace and stability in Afghanistan as any political hubbub in Afghanistan is sure to pose a security threat to Pakistan and thus seriousness of Pakistan on the unfolding events in Afghanistan is more than genuine.

And perhaps guided by this ground regional need for stability, General Faiz Hamid of Pakistan have had to land in Kabul to understand the political situation that had advanced since the coming of the Talibs to power in Kabul.

General Hamid was taken as the first foreign (neighboring) dignitary to have been invited by the new Afghani set up.

General Faiz must have visited Kabul to understand the political gravity of the unfolding situation and to study the impact of the Talibs gaining power in Kabul on the overall politico-regional security problems in the regional countries.

Had it been the Ghani’s regime intact in Kabul, Ajit Doval, the national Security Advisor of the Indian Prime Minister would have made a sudden dash to Kabul.


Notably, any political instability in Afghanistan is sure to shake the fragile security situation in and among the neighboring regional countries such as the countries of the Central Asian nations that happen to border with the troubled Afghanistan.

General Faiz had visited Kabul on September 4, 2021, which was a time when the Talibs too have had no grip in power of Kabul.

The Indian nefarious designs for Pakistan from Afghanistan were best revealed by a Pakistani General on August 28 (last month) at a hurriedly summoned Press conference in Rawalpindi wherein a high official of the country’s military man said that India has “no love lost” for the Afghan population and accused India that its actions were solely intended to harm/hurt Pakistan, as stated in the earlier paragraphs.

The Pakistani authority said that “India’s role in the war-torn country was “extremely negative.

“Whatever investment they (read India) made in Afghanistan and the kind of political clout they have had developed, it was all done with one-point agenda-that being to harm Pakistan.

International media sources claim that India’s Research Analysis Wing (RAW) in close collaboration with the Afghani National Directorate(NDS) had extended adequate helps and assistance to noted “terrorist organizations” like the Tehrik-i-Taliban (TTP) and Daesh (Islamic State, among others to conspire its potential regional Rival-Pakistan which by this time has already become a regional Super Power at par with the Indian regime.

Giving a surprising political twist to the unfolding events in Afghanistan, says a leading South Asian strategic expert that “India is the worst loser in the Taliban takeover of Afghanistan with Pakistan and China as the principal gainers”.

She is C. Christine Fair who, according to the “Money Control” news portal, is an American political scientist who further says that “India will be left with the least favorable options as Russia and China are sure to recognize the Talibs soon”.

Christine is blunt in her statement who accuses that Pakistan had supported the Talibs in gaining power in Kabul.

Christine’s blunt depiction of Pakistani support to the Taliban could be a matter to be contested by the academic circle, however, her claim that India is the prime loser is correct.

The apartment which was occupied by India previously has now been housed by Pakistan.

No wonder. In diplomacy such events do happen at times.

In politics and diplomacy, such political drama take place as a recurring phenomenon.

Needless to say, Pakistan now has a greater say in Afghani affairs to which used to be the special prerogative of the South Asian Hooligan-India.

The political tilt is on Islamabad’s side.

India’s increased melancholy is real: 

Apart from what has been best admitted by the American political scientist Christine Fair, a fresh political bomb, albeit an artificial one, exploded in Delhi’s ruling quarters when on September 11, 2021, Pakistan hosted a grand regional conference of the “regional countries” to assess the Afghani situation as it obtained after August 15.

It was a “key security meet” held in Islamabad which brought the “Spy Masters” of the neighboring countries of Afghanistan for arriving at a “common regional strategy” on Afghanistan and also aimed at on how to contain the security issues in and around the region.

The Countries that participated in the said regional conference of the Spy masters were namely, Russia, China, Iran, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, and Kazakhstan.

Needless to say the participating countries from Central Asia and the others are the ones which get affected as and when any political fracas hits neighboring Afghanistan.

Dmitry Medvedev-the Russian Security Council’s Deputy Chairman recently said that “tens of thousands IS militants were based in Afghanistani provinces that border the Central Asian countries”.

So the meet of the Spy Masters organized by Islamabad was of high importance to the countries that participated in the said interaction.

A few days ahead of the Spy masters meet, the CIA Chief William Burns too had met with the Pakistani Army Chief Qamar Bajwa and General Faiz September 8, 2021, which assumes significance as political developments take place in Afghanistan-such as the formation of new council of ministers led by the Talibs.

During the meeting, Pakistan assured the US visiting CIA Chief Williams that it remains committed to cooperate with its international partners for peace in the region and ensuring a stable and prosperous future for the Afghani people”.

William Burns appreciated Pakistani role in evacuating operations.

Concurrently with the Spy Masters meet hosted by Islamabad, New Delhi too hosted the CIA Chief William Burns, Nikolai Patrushev-the Russian Intelligence Chief and Richard Moore, then British Intelligence chief.

India also hosted the meet of the Australian Foreign Minister Marise Payne and Defense minister Peter Dutton in New Delhi.

India and Australia insisted Afghanistan soil must not become a safe haven for terrorists or be used for attacks on other nations, even as they called for steps to ensure an inclusive governing structure in Kabul and the safe departure of people wishing to leave the War-torn country.

While issuing this statement, India shamelessly forgets as to how it used and overused Kabul set up under Ashraf Ghani to destabilize Pakistan.

For teasing Pakistan from the Afghani soil, different Indian consulates were established along the Pakistan-Afghan border, controlled and used by the Indian intelligence agencies, as launching pads for terrorist’s activities inside Pakistan.

This pattern of Indian infiltration reminds Nepal’s own gory tales of the Maoists era when the Delhi trained and indoctrinated Maoists (sheltered in Delhi) used to damage the Nepali establishments.

India planned terrorists attack like Lahore Blast, Gwadar Attack to discredit Pakistan and tried to harm Pak’s relations with China, writes the Express Tribune, dated September 11, 2021. 

A Bangladeshi Twiterrati, Nznn Ahmed writes, 12 September, in her account that” As India was not invited to attend the “Spy masters” meeting, the intelligence Chief of India is going to the Summit of Mount Everest to play the role of spectator”. 

This clearly explain the Bangladeshi hatred towards India. Dhaka is infested with the RAW-the India manufactured Indian virus which has damaged the entire social and political fabric of the South Asian nations.

Fortunately, Male too is full of hatred against India as is Kathmandu.

Now it remains to be seen how the Talibs take up the Indian occupied Kashmir issue?

That’s all.

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