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Mr Gurung - - -   Pakistan’s MOIB Digital Media Wing has launched a "Deep Analytics Report" on "Anti-State Trends" which exposed Afghan and Indian accounts are being used to malign Pakistan. It has analytics or reviews of all the hash tags that were trendered by various actors. The focus was to analyze all the hash tags and the players behind those hash tags.

Targeted, deliberate and conscious disinformation campaign is being constantly run by accounts in India and Afghanistan in order to defame Pakistan in international arena. Hash tags run by local elements were aimed at maligning and ridiculing Pakistan by propagating fake news in collaboration with hostile foreign powers in a concerted organized manner.

Indian NIA always helps PTM trends by actively engaging with and using their hashtags.

Afghanistan have begun a massive anti-Pakistan campaign to protest against their meddling in the war-torn country.

Indian NIA gives hands-on support to anti-Pakistan trends.

Team of Wikipedia admins (mostly Indians) who are actively working to do image building for notable PTM members by publishing their profiles.

Indian Admins actively document events that PTM term as “state atrocities'.

The proof of such activity was shown in EU Disinfo Lab's report titled 'Indian Chronicles' that exposed 845 websites created to propagate disinformation about Pakistan.

Prime targets while trending an anti-state narrative are Judiciary and AFs of Pakistan.

Indian joined Afghan accounts which use to trend hostile hashtags against Pakistan which gives boost and credence to a certain hashtag/propaganda news item.

It is a concerted effort by Afghan intelligentsia based inside and outside Afghanistan including Journalists working for international publications with full Afghan state patronage supported by Indian accounts.

Pakistan government teams has analyzed Twitter trends from June 2019 to August 2021 and "it transpired that India led the top trends against Pakistan and the biggest player which helped India was PTM and its activists.

Afghan accounts were using Indian IPs who helped to facilitate initial boost to anti-Pakistan trends.

PTM had actively supported Baloch activism, hash tag '#Balochistan Solidarity Day' was trended with massive support from India, with around 150,000 tweets posted with the hash tag by Indian activists in a day.

Noor Mukaddam murder case is a criminal one but a campaign was run on social media claiming Pakistan to be an "unsafe country for women".

Plight of minorities in India

World observes third International Day for Victims of Acts of Violence based on Religion or Belief.It is an occasion to highlight the plight of millions of Kashmiris living under brutal Indian occupation, abuse and violence, deprived of all fundamental rights and freedoms.

Reports of lynching and physical bashing of unarmed Muslims by armed and organized RSS extremists have become a usual routine in IIOJK. They are subjected to extreme oppression and tyranny at the hands of Indian authorities.

Modi’s fascist government has created a culture of impunity for nationwide campaigns of harassment and violence against religious minorities. Hindutva extremism is an important source of violence in contemporary India. Anti-Muslims hatred has touched new heights in IIOJK. International community should prosecute Indian civil and military personnel for “worst form of state terrorism and serious crimes against humanity” in IIOJK.

Since 1990, Indian army has martyred over 100,000 Kashmiris, widowed 22,000 women, orphaned 108,000 children and raped more than 11,000 women. India has “intensified” its “state terrorism” after launching a “military siege” on 5th Aug. last year.

Human rights activist from India, TeestaSetalvad, said that violence against Muslims further exacerbates their socio-economic conditions. 2020 Report on International Religious Freedom highlighted that there were reports of religiously motivated killings, assaults, riots, discrimination, vandalism, and actions restricting the right of individuals to practice and speak about their religious beliefs.

Indian writer Arundhati Roy accused Delhi for using social unrest during the COVID-19 crisis to encourage genocidal behaviour towards Muslims. 

India is actively engaged in gerrymandering to reduce Muslim representation in the state legislature of IIOJK. The international rights bodies must come forward to save the Kashmiri Muslims from Hindu fascism. Indian army has killed over fifty Kashmiris this year in fake encounters in the name of security operations against the innocent Kashmiri civilians.

Modi-led communal regime has turned IIOJK into hell. Non-Hindu communities are living in a perpetual state of fear on account of the discriminatory policies of PM Modi’s administration and tolerance of religious violence by Hindu-supremacists against vulnerable minorities at the state level.

Successive Indian governments have unleashed a hell of deprivations, siege, torture, humiliation, mass and gang rapes, forced disappearances and extra-judicial killing of Muslim Kashmiri youth while in custody.

Indian army has killed over fifty Kashmiris this year in fake encounters in the name of security operations against innocent Kashmiri civilians.

India in violation of international laws had been practically implementing its nefarious agenda of changing the Muslim majority status of J&K.

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