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Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school- Class -8 - - - 
We know our ancestors fought with their life on the line for a unified and sovereign Nepal. But as they went on conquering and annexing nee territories, they created new enemies too. The enemies weren't someone who would fight with swords and stones, they were someone who had the upper hand in both men and weapons/gunpowder weapons. This determined the supremacy of the enemies within our territories ruling our own country indirectly.
Our leaders struggled very hard to bring democracy but lines were definitely crossed by our leaders back in those day too. The maoist war did bring some reforms, barely any good ones. And the fact that the leader responsible for the death of thousands in that war can publicly go out in news portal and claim that the war was necessary is outrageous. There's a saying that "you either die a hero or you live long enough to see yourself become a villain" and that's exactly what has happened with democracy of Nepal. The politicians of Nepal, back in the people's struggle denounced the monarchy for their absolutist form of ruling and lack of basic human rights such as transportation,communication, education and income. But the fact is, the upbringing of democracy barely broke a stick here. There still is equal amount of unsatisfied of people with the infrastructure. The parliament in Nepal is probably the most undisciplined one in the world where one MP can denounce or roast another MP openly and get praised or clapped for it. The only positive aspect this creation demcracy and republic nation has brought is that it has made outgoing and out migration of skilled labors a lot easier. That is the reason our economy has grown after the installment of the "democratic" form of government. The current leaders are now contradicting themselves. They promised a free and fair nation for the citizens and failed to do so. For eg, our judicial system was so fair that they arrested a satirical comedian for his works. 
Our government might be the only one where the country runs by the emotions of leaders and people in charge. The freedom of speech here is so pitiful that we dropped by 6 points in 2020. There is no such thing as freedom of expression here when the police arrests someone without any chance to plead the case. Words of powerful people are enough proof for the police to beat the crap out of you. The police here is a group of organized mob when demonstrators and activists seeking justice are beaten savagely like a caveman. What change has come in the judicial system or the law enforcement compared to predemocracy when they act like someone straight out of stone age. There is a system of censorship going on currently that are parallel to those of the extreme times. The government has gone so far to black out the pre democracy times that the film censor board blocked the use of monarchical anthem in the movie panchayat as they thought it glorified those times. Is this freedom¿ Not once in the history of democracy of Nepal has any concerned authority fulfilled or timely completed their term as each leader here only starts speaking about progress and what they were going to do as a leader after they've been kicked out. The leaders here are playing a game of musical chair with each leader pulling the chair for themselves. Students here are in constant fear for their social exams as by the time they wake up and go to sleep, there is at least change of 1 or more minister's rule. Seriously not once can they remember a name and be sure about the name for even a year. This may sound funny but this is a nasty piece of work that noone has even completed their full term. 
Keep in mind as I am not a monarchist or anything and please don't point anyone as a opposition or biased if they point put any mistakes of any government when all they want is reforms promised by them. Thank you.

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