27 years have passed since the demise of President KIM IL SUNG

27 years have passed since the demise of President KIM IL SUNG (1912-1994), father of socialist Korea. However, his image as a great man of the century remains etched deep in the memory of many people around the world.

He was a peerlessly great man who authored the guiding ideology of the era of independence and thus illumined the way for mankind to take.

He created the original man-centered Juche idea, the first of its kind in the human history of ideology, and provided mankind with an ideological basis for carving out their destiny.

The Juche idea holds that man is the master of everything and decides everything, that is, the masses of the people are the masters and the driving force of the revolution and construction. The evolution of this idea ushered in a new era, the era of independence, in which the working masses, who had been treated as the mere object of domination and oppression, emerged in the historical arena as the masters of the world and powerful force for carving out their own independent destiny.

By applying the Juche idea in the revolutionary practice, he liberated the Korean people from the colonial yoke of the Japanese imperialists and founded a people's democratic state for the first time in the East. He defeated the US imperialists in the Korean war(1950-1953) by enlisting the invincible might of the soldiers and people who had become the masters of their own destiny, and thus defended the freedom and independence of the country. He also built a powerful socialist country, independent, self-sufficient and self-reliant in national defense, on the war debris by giving free rein to the inexhaustible creative ability of the masses.

Because of its originality, truthfulness and scientific accuracy the Juche idea gripped the hearts of many people around the world. The International Institute of the Juche Idea and continental institutes of the idea were established. And over 1 100 organizations for the study and dissemination of the Juche idea are now active in more than 100 countries.

Forever will shine the exploits of KIM IL SUNG who provided mankind with a beacon throwing light on their struggle for independence and progress.

He was also a veteran statesman who had made an undying contribution to the cause of global independence by means of his outstanding leadership. Because he steered the movement for global independence at the helm while leading Korea and its people for nearly half a century, the cause of independence for mankind could develop along its right track without the slightest deviation. When socialism collapsed in several countries between the late 1980s and the early 1990s, he led the Korean people to unwaveringly hold fast to the banner of socialism. The reality of Korea defending socialism as ever, bearing the full brunt of the anti-socialist offensive of the imperialist allied forces, was the beacon of hope and encouragement to the world's progressive people who turned out in the struggle for the revival of socialism and its fresh progress.

He ensured that this country extended firm international solidarity to all the countries aspiring after independence and offered unstinted material and spiritual assistance to non-aligned and other developing countries in their revolution and construction. The Great Anti-Imperialist Revolutionary Cause of the Asian, African and Latin-American Peoples is Invincible, The Peoples of the Third World Advancing under the Uplifted Banner of Independence Will Certainly Win Their Revolutionary Cause, Let Us Shatter Imperialist Moves towards Aggression and War and Safeguard Peace and Independence and his many other works greatly encouraged the countries and their peoples that turned out in the struggle for the building of a new society and for anti-imperialist independence.

During his lifetime he met more than 70 000 foreigners from political, social and other circles and gave wise analysis of and solutions to numerous problems related to events and political issues of international significance, thus throwing light on the road for the world's progressive people to follow.

The exploits he performed as the pioneer, leader and defender of the cause of global independence will remain forever in the human history.

President KIM IL SUNG was a peerlessly great man who enjoyed admiration from all the people for his noble personality.

Numerous foreigners, irrespective of ideology, political view, nationality, religious belief, race and language, were fascinated by his warm love of mankind, great magnanimity, unexcelled wisdom and outstanding strategy. Jimmy Carter, former US President, said that President KIM IL SUNG was as great as George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Abraham Lincoln, the most illustrious early US presidents, all combined. And Luise Rinser, a German woman writer, said that he was a godlike man whether he liked it or not.

President KIM IL SUNG was, indeed, like the sun. Just as the sun is immortal, he will always be with mankind. Even though he has long been dead, he is praised as the eternal President of Korea and a great leader of the cause of global independence and presented with gifts from many foreign figures and awarded orders and honorary titles of foreign countries. April 15, his birthday, is observed as the Day of the Sun. The April Spring Friendship Art Festival involving many foreign artistes is held on a regular basis to mark the day.

Many things have been named after him-Kimilsungia and International KIM IL SUNG Prize-which shows that his august name commands the admiration and respect of the world's people. There is a constant stream of visitors to the Kumsusan Palace of the Sun where he is preserved in his lifetime appearance.

Now in many countries including Indonesia the Committees in Memory of President KIM IL SUNG were organized and decided to launch activities in various forms. Hopefully, you are able to post articles about the undying achievements made by President KIM IL SUNG on websites, facebook, and organize events in memory of him as suited to the conditions.

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