Flora, Fauna and The Government

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school- Class -8 :---
As we know that Nepal is a diverse country. We are infact, one of the most diverse country of the world. Our country has all kinds of diversity that is seen as very vast relative to other countries. 
Being a country so small, our wildlife, environment, and surroundings is amazing to even think of. Many countries as big as ukraine in africa are mostly nothing but a wasteland of sand and humid environment. But, in our Nepal, we can see hot/warm, warm/cold and cold/freezing cold climatic regions divided all across the nation namely in Terai, Pahad and Himal. We can see one horned rhinos, royal begal tiger, asian elephant, south asian leopard, pangolin,etc in the lowlands. Animals like brown bear, boar, Danphe, leopards, spiny babbler and also animals like red panda, snow leopard, himalayan tahr, blue sheep, Tibetan foxes, jackals etc are found in Pahad and Himal respectively. Our country's natural beauty is so bewildering that we can match world's largest countries in terms of species diversity per capita. Species diversity particularly beta diversity is very high in Nepal The country occupies about 0.1 percent of global area, but harbors 3.2 percent and 1.1 percent of the world's known flora and fauna, respectively. Diversity of birds, bryophytes, mammals, and butterflies is especially high. Our country has thousands of medicinal herbs and plants, trees, animals where we can't find anywhere else in the world. We are so rich in flora and fauna, that while travelling in Nepal, you will forget what plants, animals, lands, you saw before 2 hr of travelling. In terms of environmental resources like water, we are very rich in it. Many people like to mock our education system for teaching us that Nepal stands at 2nd richest country in water resources but actually 43rd but what they don't realize is that Nepal actually stands IN second place in water resources if we calculate it by per capita volume. Nepal being so rich in water, yet government can't even supply safe drinking water it to every household. But, that's a topic for another time. Let's get back to water. Nepal has all of this massive water sources all laying around because of the himalayan glaciers. Nepal is situated at the foot of Himalayan glaciers which provide plentiful water and other minerals. 
The government bating an eye to this resources sees these resources and beauty as a source of trade surplus, profit and money, not as a pride. Nepal's locals and environment has paid a hefty price by the increasing environmental degradation and deforestation of lands. We saw our forest percent area shrink by from 43% to 28% within 2 decades. If we put that in a chart, the line would drop harder and below than Mariana trench. While our government has always failed any major policy, the community forest act has actually shown its promising result putting the drop of forests to a halt, until recently. During the budget speech of 2078, the government announced promoting the local mining business of sand, rocks limestones and other construction materials to develop the covid-hit economy. The mining industry won't develop Nepal rather make Nepal a resource cursed nation because the mines and construction natural resources don't look or give a promising future. So, it's upon us to decide to save our nation or loose our once most boasted pride, our diversity.

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