Why the Nepalese government administration is failing.

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school- Class -8 :---

(I don't mean to be very political here, but since it's a burning issue right now.) 
Whenever we think of Nepal, as Nepalese, the first thing that comes in most's mind is the government. It is failing the first image of Nepal whenever or wherever it is thought of. It particularly has a reason for failing too. 
Nepal is considered a capitalist country with a influx of socialism. Not communism, the socialism type. While our legislature and judiciary and executive functions as a deomcratic government, the people inside the legislature and executive and judiciary as well not very diverse. What I mean by this is the major sectors of organs of government is "dictated" nearly by the one party system type in china. For eg, there is lack of diversity in the governmental rule when being called a democratic. The national head, the prime minister, the president, the speaker of house of representatives all come from the same party. That means with an absolute majority in the parliament, the current government can abuse this power to oblivion. The current pm KP Oli reinstated the parliament for two times when he was facing difficulty in running the country and executive partially-totally against the constitution of Nepal 2072. The head and opposition are now playing a game of cats and mouse where one blames and runs after other. While the minority cannot take control, they keep pushing for "reforms" for their grasp of more power and the majority simply plays with power they have. The parliament is totally in the air ignoring the people in the ground. Yet, people keep voting for the same tiring "representatives" when shown luxury and greed. 

Another reason for the failing government is the question many ask, why so many fingers in the pies. Like in the aviation industry, the rise of capitalistic and free market ideas has allowed rise in private companies rising up. So, why is the government still involved in handling Nepal airline despite the lack of compatibilty and competence there. Himalaya Airlines, Buddha Airlines has shown how it's done. And why is the government still involved in managing the banking sectors. Can't the government just focus on education, health, transportation, and supply of water, electricty and the defence? Sure the government should control the monoply/regulate the dominance over the market but not handle every sector to the point where you transfer from Monarchy to Democracy to Authoritarian and Socialist? Isn't this a joke to people who sacrificed their life for the greater good i.e Democracy? The government while it can't even handle its own administration wants to control cyber laws and has blocked the way for any way for privatization of those sectors. I am not saying socialism is bad, we can take Singapore and China as a good example of it, but that was only successful because they allowed private companies to handle the remaining sectors except healthcare and education. We can take Norway, Sweden as an example parallel with what Nepal is doing now.

These are only my views regarding my research and opinions. Instead of putting hands in all the pots, the government should keep many pots hands-free.

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