Degrading Environment

Bhavishya paudel, Deep boarding school- Class -8 :---

Nepal is one of the richest countries of the world in terms of natural resources. Being such a small country, our natural diversity is very diverse and unique. 
Here in Nepal, many people praise and worship environment as their divine, supreme lords and even conduct pooja to improve the quality of environment.50 years ago, Nepal was considered one of the safe heaven for clean environment and isolation from increasing global pollution. But now, per capita wise, Nepal ranks one of the poorest in terms of environment quality index. Our forests are being cut down, sold for timber illegally. While our forest percent rate was around 44% in 1980s, it rapidly decreases to just 22% in 2000s. It would have disappeared completely had the community forest act not been passed. Still, the forest coverage percent and shrub percent is shrinking rapidly. Our majestic country is a hotspot for tourism industry but our government wants to change it to mining industry. Little does our government realize, Kazakhstan and Madagascar are far bigger countries who wanted to change their topography for monetary purposes and now have no aspects of tourism at all. They are now known as worst country with no natural beauty. The GoN wants to mine those common and cheap resources from forests, rivers, even hills. The Nepalese tomorrow won't be shocked to hear that our government will sell ice from our majestic mountains. 
This year had one of the worst air quality that smogged the country for weeks. This year reported fivteen percent more forest fire compared to 2020.  Mainly in rural and mountainous areas of the country, where people often have no ventilation in the home due to cold outdoor temperatures, they tend to use solid and biomass fuel. Almost 64% of indoor cooking is done with firewood, and 10% of households burn cow dung due to lack of improved stoves, gas for cooking, and better ventilation. This is a major problem to cause environmental health issues like conjunctivitis, upper respiratory irritation, and acute respiratory infection. In Kathmandu, ambient air pollution due to construction projects, the high population which results in an increased number of vehicles, and bad conditions of the road lead to hazardous pollution. While Nepal is on the road of development, normal people's livelihood from rural Nepal haven't yet come across the train of improved lifestyle like that of urban areas. The government claims and deceives to improve these lifestyle but those fake promises are yet to be fulfilled after the rise of democracy in Nepal. 
I,as a student and a young man, am carefully taking this the bad governance accountable for the rising trend of degradation. Because it is those people with power and influence who can truly change and direct their followers for a better future. Maybe I am being biased but the current governmental authorities are totally neglecting what they are voted for,kept in their chair for. I, especially us, vow to change this.

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